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Grant, Charles Alexander Rev LCL BA (1906-1989)
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Bishop Clark to Bishop Grant

Suggesting that an individual should go to Oscott or Innsbruck for "deepening". manuscript annotation by Bishop Grant - "I think Oscott - as a convert he still has a lot to learn about the Church in England"). Long explanation about why Bishop Clark circumvented his own processes to spend money on a strip of land which joins up Elmham House to the boundary of the Church and which came up a short notice. He and Fr Connelly paid for it out of income.
All this makes it more desirable to establish a management committee at Walsingham:
himself; Roland [Connelly]; Michael Ward (Solicitor, King's Lynn); Col. Cary-Elwes (Thurton); Philip Browning (Poringland); Mr Jameson (N. Elmham).
Turnover at Walsingham is too large for one man. Expenditure must include an annual repayment to the Diocese to offset the debt.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clark to Bishop Grant: Loan guarantee required

Writing to "Charles" [Bishop Grant?] As anticipate costs are rising. Donovan Purcell is trying to keep them down but there is a shortfall (despite moneys expected from Birmingham and Middlesborough). Looking for a guarantee of £4/5,000 to avoid embarrassment.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clark to Bishop Grant: Wells; Walsingham Trust; National Shrine

Letter from Gambling - Wells getting cold feet - not use them after Christmas. Walsingham Trust will be in place to ensure the Appeal is pursued. Laurie Tanner's (General Secretary of the Catenians) devastating constructive criticism has been very helpful. Can't be with you because at Lowestoft to bless the new cemetery.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clark to Bp Grant: Diocese division; Downham Market; PP changeover

Suggest Canons Burditt and Frost and Frs Philpot and Wace for Commission on the division of the [Northampton] Diocese.
Downham Market is an issue on which we must stand - "whatever the personal holiness of Ossie (and God alone is the Judge here), he is corrupting a holy thing - and this is the hidden evil." Unwavering leadership is required. Confront Ossie with the obedience he owes, and, that the Pope has formally specified the circumstances in which the rite may be celebrated.
Tony Sketch should be given Downham market as his charge and say a publicised Mass there.
PPs (Aldeburgh, Wymondham, Felixstowe and Ipswich) make change-over on October 7th.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clark to Correspondent: New Order compared to Tridentine Mass

Massive incoming post causes delay. Can debate the central point of the letter: the inadequacy of the New Order Mass compared to the Tridentine Mass. Vatican II debated extensively and profoundly and from there was promulgated the "Constitution of the Sacred Piturgy" in 1963 from which came the April 1969 Apostolic letter of Pope Paul. Fr Baker has known of the1970 Hierarchy directive and has deliberately put his Bishop in an impossible position but is following Canon Law; he could have acted summarily.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

[Bishop Clark] to Mr Zagni (KSC): Bishop Grant; Bill; Children's Holidays

Will be seeing Bishop Grant next week. In the current financial situation a few hundred pounds would be a great help. The Diocese will cover the bill for the duration. Northern Ireland Children's Holidays is beast dealt with ecumenically - suggests they start with the Suffolk Ecumenical Committee.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Lindsay to Fr Baker: No approval for Mass in Newcastle; An educated conscience?

The proposed Mass has no ecclesiastical authority - Fr Baker has not sought leave to offer Mass. Despite Fr Baker's defence of following his conscience he has overlooked the duty to educate his conscience - cites a few examples. Bishop says the Fr Baker is neglecting the guidance of Vatican II, the Pope, Bishop Grant and Bishop Clark. Even if you cannot accept these, consider deeply before leaving Downham Market to share your personal difficulties in other dioceses.

Lindsay, Hugh Rev (1927-2009)

Bishop Office to Bishop Clark: Bishop Grant's letter to Fr Baker, copy enclosed

Fr D Morgan (Bishop's Secretary) provides a copy of the letter from Bishop Grant to Fr Baker, to be hand delivered by Fr Hammond. The Bishop had hoped that time would heal (the Code does not provide for a time limit to Fr Baker to reply). However, anxious by the activities of Fr Peter Morgan and the pastoral situation seemed to offer a way out without a rumpus.

Bishop's Office

Correspondent to Bishop Clark: Challenging the Bishop's decision

Went to Downham for the Mass and stayed a week. Why do you persecute a priest because he refuses to be a heretic? 5 years ago deviant behaviours (pop masses, dancing masses...) would have resulted in excommunication on the spot. Who is right Fr Baker, or those in a free for all.
Copied to Cardinal Heenan, Apostolic Delegate, Bishop Grant


Fr Gerald Moorcraft to Fr O'Toole: Bishop Ok with proposal. Forwarding deeds for him to contact Witham Weld.

Moorcraft (Bishop's Secretary) saying Bishop is OK with the proposal and he therefore forwards the deeds for him to deal with Witham Weld. John Fennel has looked at the deeds and the question raised has been sorted out despite the deeds not being clear.

Moorcraft, Gerald William Rev (1936-2011)

Fr McCormick to Bishop Grant: Heart condition; Job Offer; Resignation; DHSS investigation

Heart condition - Fr McCormick was in hospital for a few days following a suspect coronary, which turned out to be an erratic heartbeat.
The Administrator of The Child Protection and Welfare Society requires professional people to be paid at an appropriate level and will incur significant travel and subsistence expenses. He suggests that the Bishop should consider these issues for this post and therefore Fr McCormick submits his resignation being neither trained nor experienced in this subject area. He requests a parochial position instead.
The Bishop will be aware that there is a DHSS (Department of Health and Social Security) investigation into the Society over allegations made against members of staff.

McCormick, Robert L. Rev (-2015)

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