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Witham, Weld and Co
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"A Clarification of facts re the Southwold Mary Gordon Legacy"

Page entitled "A Clarification of facts re the Southwold Mary Gordon Legacy" signed by R F P Howarth MC "I am, yours obediently in C.J." which indicates he's a clergyman.
Provided to help make the documents held in Northampton more intelligible.
Addresses of the legal organisations involved; payments associated with the will/wishes of Mr Gordon; Gates, Cope Votive candle stand all mentioned as being in the possession of Southwold mission.
Enclosures listed [not present]: 3 signature slips for Bank; 2 petitions for faculties to receive converts; letter from Gordon a/c executors; letter from solicitor Diocese Westminster; letter from Finance Board Westminster; Proof of £13 due to Mission a/c from Gordon a/c


Bishop Parker from Fr Collins - Visited Chatteris property - detailed critical assessment of its state

Letter to Bishop Parker describing state of Chatteris property which he visited "on my way home". Generally poor condition with much damp in the walls. Mr Dodds , Clerk of the Council and Secretary of the Friends Meeting Society (who are selling the chapel - valued at £250) showed him around and admitted no repairs done for 17 years. Builder in contention to buy would probably out bid the church. Canon Malone & Canon Hunting agree that they should not proceed further. So has stopped a bid and put Withams on standby. Fr Collins could not contact Fr Gaffney by telephone.

Collins, Gerard A Rev

Bishop to Fr. Provincial: draft letter: Need information for Charity Commission return regarding Diocesan properties

Draft letter believed to be from Bishop Leo Parker to the SJ Provincial [Terence Corrigan?].
Having to make a submission on Diocesan properties to the Charity Commission before the end of March to meet the needs of the new Charities Act. No records of what the Society hold. Caister Chapel and cemetery seem to be leasehold and not freehold. Also who are the owners of St Mary's parochial school? Need information from the Society by return. The Diocesan solicitors are Witham, Weld and Co of 11 Ashby Place.

Parker, Thomas Leo Rev (1887-1975)

Bishop's secretary to Fr Jolly: Deeds for Presbytery & Church

Bishop advises that deeds for presbytery (Normanhurst plots 34 & 35?) are with Withams. As is the separate deed for church plot. Good idea to have a church hall, but, all costs, etc. must go through Finance Board, which meets on 26 February. Bishop is at the Convent in Ipswich and could deal with the matter himself if it is urgent. Does Fr Jolly know anything about Mrs Spencer of Thoringham, Saxmundham? May have lunch there and might meet Fr Jolly there too.

Bishop's Office

Canon Mason to Canon Tonks: Mrs Mary Gordon deceased

Mr Weld of Witham & Co now has the written wishes and told him that the will was not clear about the beneficiaries hence the need for the document to be passed to the Archbishop. £300 to Southwold immediately with remaining £200 upon the death of Mrs Gordon's sister (Miss Murry who is very old). Fee by the Westminster Finance Board is £10 - which both himself and Mr Weld thought excessive. Mr Weld's "would not be much".

St Leger Mason, Henry Patrick Rev (-1940)

Folder Content #1 - 5 Auction Lots - Details

Page 1 - Title page + Photograph (Slipper Chapel)
Page 2-3 - Description of 5 lots; location details; general common conditions
Page 4-5 - Lot 1, Pair of Cottages, Station Road
Page 6-8 - Lot 2, Former Youth Hostel + Photograph (Existing Youth Hostel)
Page 9-11 - Lot 3, Proposed cottage
Page 12-14 - Lot 4, Proposed cottage
Page 15-17 - Lot 5, Former Convent + photograph (Former Convent)

Charles Hawkins & Sons

Fr Connelly to Fr Moorcraft: Pilgrim Club rules - response

Explanation / counter to a letter of 14 April. Does not want to be priced out of "the consideration". The purpose is to have as many pilgrims use the club; they currently do not need to be members or even guests. Welcomes advice on how to proceed if Mr Kelleher produces a new set of rules.

Connelly, Roland William Rev SM MA (1921-2004)

Fr Dennis to Bishop: Planning permission for Church in Caister; Roof problems at St Mary's

Fr Dennis informs the Bishop that the decision has been reversed and they have permission to build a church on the site in Caister. The land owner has given clear instructions about writing to Witham & Co. The local Development Fund can now go ahead with local Catholic engagement. The Church roof and its 110+ year old tiles are leaking badly - so need to be seen to before internal decoration begins. Fr Dennis hopes to do this job before he goes.

Dennis, Norman Rev SJ

Fr Gerald Moorcraft to Fr O'Toole: Bishop Ok with proposal. Forwarding deeds for him to contact Witham Weld.

Moorcraft (Bishop's Secretary) saying Bishop is OK with the proposal and he therefore forwards the deeds for him to deal with Witham Weld. John Fennel has looked at the deeds and the question raised has been sorted out despite the deeds not being clear.

Moorcraft, Gerald William Rev (1936-2011)

Fr Moorcraft to Witham Weld & Co: Charitable Trust Deeds

Proceed to draft Trust Deed. Not it will only contain the funds form the appeal. May need to vest property in the Trust. Money advanced for essential building at the Slipper Chapel ; Diocese will recover these from the appeal.

Moorcraft, Gerald William Rev (1936-2011)

Fr Moorcraft to Witham Weld & Co: Pilgrim Club rules for review

Rules for the Pilgrim Club enclosed. Thinks these are acceptable for the Diocese but could Michael Kelleher confirm this? Also is there a need for a licence to be issued to the Club for occupying part of Elmham House?

Moorcraft, Gerald William Rev (1936-2011)

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