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Parker, Thomas Leo Rev (1887-1975)
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Abbot Butler to Canon Brewer: Vacancy at Beccles; Use of building

Bishop has allowed him to see the documents relating to Beccles school. Notes that the school size is not to be reduced. Can Canon Brewer advise Fr Trafford about the vacancy and preparing the old building for its new use. Hesitates to contact Fr Trafford direct as he has not been keeping the Abbot informed, nor does the Abbot wish to interfere with the Parish Priest in his duties.

Downside Abbey

Air Ministry to Canon Marshall: Sawston Hall Chapel; RAF will not use the Chapel & it will revert to original use when (Hall) not needed

Re Sawston Hall, Cambridge. Thanks him for kind response to Dept's request. Asks him to assure Bishop Chapel will be allowed to revert to its proper function when security considerations permit, meantime RAF will put it to no other use.

Air Ministry

Bishop Parker from Fr Collins - Visited Chatteris property - detailed critical assessment of its state

Letter to Bishop Parker describing state of Chatteris property which he visited "on my way home". Generally poor condition with much damp in the walls. Mr Dodds , Clerk of the Council and Secretary of the Friends Meeting Society (who are selling the chapel - valued at £250) showed him around and admitted no repairs done for 17 years. Builder in contention to buy would probably out bid the church. Canon Malone & Canon Hunting agree that they should not proceed further. So has stopped a bid and put Withams on standby. Fr Collins could not contact Fr Gaffney by telephone.

Collins, Gerard A Rev

Bishop Parker to Fr McCormick: Motor crash; Final Christmas card

[headed notepaper for "Fox Den, Dorneywood Road, Burnham"]
Sorry to hear of Fr MvcCormick's crash - hopes insurance covers the wreckage - and that he takes proper respite and take rest here [Fox Den?]. Sends his Christmas greetings - "But please note this is my final [underlined] card, so keep for ensuing years! If I survive any!" Signed as Bishop "Emeritus"
postscript: "The Holy See ... asks retired Bishop, like me, to ignore the name of their old Diocese, as 'formerly' of it"

Parker, Thomas Leo Rev (1887-1975)

Bishop Parker to Ministry of Works: Buildings "for ecclesiastical purposes"

Mr G Webb is making a window for Slipper Chapel, Walsingham. Stated that the chapel is excluded from the Ancient Monuments Act, however, notices have been served on the Bishop that churches have been scheduled under the Town & Country Planning Act 1947, Section 7.
The Bishop explains that work needs to be done to preserve the buildings and render them useful. Asks for an "interview" to discuss the proposals for work.

Parker, Thomas Leo Rev (1887-1975)

Bishop to Fr Webb: Jesuit Ordo; Faculties transferral; Extraordinary role in Convent

Bishop was unaware of the document sent by Fr Webb. He makes 5 points: 1. Use of Jesuit Ordo in convent - does not know whether he has the power to permit its use; 2. Averse to transferal of faculties by one priest to another; 3. Not necessary in this Diocese to have Ordinary's permission to offer Mass in a Convent - matter under supervision of the Parish Priest; 4. Add extra Benediction to the pagella if required; 5. Nuns should keep their regular Extraordinary and not have deputies unless there is a real need. Willing to accommodate himself to the clergy if these rather negative answers do not satisfy.

Parker, Thomas Leo Rev (1887-1975)

Bishop to HT Argent & Son: The Top House, Aldeburgh - Chapter to be consulted

Bishop confirming that the property (also known as "The Cockerill" [sic] [aka "The Cockerhill" - see other correspondence] was not for sale whilst Mrs Simpson was alive, but, he did not imply that it would be for sale when she was dead. However, he will be consulting with his Chapter in March.

Parker, Thomas Leo Rev (1887-1975)

Bishop's Office to Canon Hunting: 37 Thoroughfare Halesworth

Canon Gerard Collins writes: Lease with Mr Stebbings. Need clarity from Fr Mossey over the intention of the tenant to pay extra rent for a renewal? Bishop concerned that offering an additional seven years at £50 per year may not be best value for money in the long term. Furthermore better not to commit when the future of Halesworth is not clear. But if Stebbings threatens to clear out then, provided the Chapter agreed, the Bishop would accept the seven years.
Typed annotation: Addressed to John [Fr Mossey] from Bill [Canon Hunting] Sending the letter onwards (please return) to save writing. Questions lease value and term - £1 p.w for a shop is not a lot.

Bishop's Office

Bishop's secretary to Fr Jolly: Deeds for Presbytery & Church

Bishop advises that deeds for presbytery (Normanhurst plots 34 & 35?) are with Withams. As is the separate deed for church plot. Good idea to have a church hall, but, all costs, etc. must go through Finance Board, which meets on 26 February. Bishop is at the Convent in Ipswich and could deal with the matter himself if it is urgent. Does Fr Jolly know anything about Mrs Spencer of Thoringham, Saxmundham? May have lunch there and might meet Fr Jolly there too.

Bishop's Office

Bishop's secretary to Fr Jolly: Resourcing missions and presbyteries

£20 for Leiston boys will come from Lenten Alms. Problems arranging for priests to cover certain areas e.g. Diss, Eye, Framlingham where there are tiny congregations. Bishop does not have enough priests to meet the needs such as a Travelling Mission, but hopes this will improve in time. The Franciscans have taken over East Bergholt and will be well used. Do not know of any house-keeper - not the only one to ask - domestic situation is getting bad.

Bishop's Office

Bishop's secretary to Fr Stratton: Query identity of Fr Kennedy SJ; Appointment of an Extraordinary

Bishop's secretary writes on behalf of the Bishop: Fr Stratton is Extraordinary Confessor for Bletchley's Thornton College nuns; the Mother Superior has asked for a different priest as Fr Stratton has been unable to attend. Is he willing to relinquish this office? Fr Kennedy is helping out at Yarmouth and following a request from the nuns at Beccles for him to give conferences and hear their confessions, the Bishop is confused over what faculties to give, if any. The Bishop believed Fr Kennedy SJ to be an Army Chaplain but asks whether he is correct in his understanding and asks for more information. Also, confirms date of Bishop's visit to Yarmouth for Confirmation - 30 May at 3.30pm.

Bishop's Office

Book of Mission - Aldeburgh

Contents from front:
1926-1930 – 2 pages of historical notes
1906 Statistics;
1907 Statistics, Bishop Riddell made first visitation & confirmation of 8 (23 April 1907);
1908 Statistics, Bishop Keating visitation & confirmation of 6;
1909 Statistics;
1910 Statistics; Bishop’s 2nd visitation& vows of Sister Mary of Sacred Heart
1911 Statistics; Bishop’s visitation – 15 for confirmation; two postulants receive the habit
1912 Statistics; collections
1913 Statistics; collections
1914 Statistics; collections; 42 Belgium refugees
1915 Statistics; collections; Bishop visit 25 for confirmation (19 were Belgian Children)
1916 Statistics; collections arrival of Fr Delaney, departure of Fr Coltee
1917 Statistics; collections; Bishop visit Sept 26; average military attendance at Mass 53
1918 Statistics; collections; average military attendance at Mass 56
1919 Statistics; collections
1920 Statistics; collections
1921 Statistics
1922 Statistics; collections
1923-1964 diary of events

Contents from Back (inverted): First Communion lists for 1907/1908/1909/1911/1912/1913 in manuscript

Book: Saint Mary's, Regent Road, Great Yarmouth, 1850-1950

Centenary Booklet
Front Cover: Title, Monochrome image St Mary's choir and altar
Back cover: External view of St Mary's, monochrome image
Inside front cover: SJ priests buried in Caister Cemetery; Priests (Superiors & Assistants) of St Mary's (1824 to 1948)
Contents: 1. The beginnings of the Parish P1g 1; 2. Don Claudio Lopez Pg7; 3. St Mary's Regent Road Pg12; 4. Growth in Nineteenth Century Pg 18; 5. Modern Times P27.

Lawrence, I St. Rev SJ

Buildings / Rent / etc.

Relating to the March Presbytery and rental properties: Letters from Fr W Clare (7), Fr L Allen(7), Canon Tonks(1), GF Stokes(1), AP Peacock(1), Ollard(2); Postcard from Fr Clare; Bills/invoices (15) from Insurance Co., Utilities & Councils; Agreements for construction and rent; Rent Account (1910 & 1911); Inventory (1941 - Fr Mortimer J Hanagan); Inventory (1948 - Rev W J Gaffney); Fr Gerard Collins to Bishop (Parker) - his critical survey of Chatteris house (11-7-1953).

Allen, Louis Rev (-1931)

Caister Road Chapel - blessing and opening for regular Sunday Mass

Sunday October 31 [1948], the Bishop [Leo Parker] is to offer Mass and open the Chapel of "Our Lady and St Michael" as a Chapel-of-Ease for Mass every Sunday. Short history about the chapel - opened September 5 1867 by Bishop of Demerara, Monsignor Etheridge. Lady Stafford laid the foundation stone ion August 15 1866. Tickets for seats only offered to Caister parishioners due to limited accommodation.

Webb, Stephen Rev SJ MC (1888-1958)

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