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Tonks, Joseph Rev (1863-1943)
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Bishop to Canon Tonks - Letter - Cheque for Eggitt - told Fr Clare off - money forthcoming

Enclose cheque for £1000 being sale price of March Presbytery & land. Asks him to send cheque to Ollard (less £450 mortgage). Suspects Canon forgot to tell Ollard about sending money to Bishop. Found by chance that new presbytery is being built. Money came promptly when Fr Clare told off ("washed his head"). Suspects Ollard overworked with his brother incapacitated.

Cary-Elwes, Dudley Charles Rev (1868-1932)

Bishop to Canon Tonks: Bishop Keating's letter re Building Fund in Aldeburgh and Ursuline donation

Bishop Cary quotes a letter to Fr Delaney dated 19/12/1919 from Bishop Keating. In it the £110 from Sr Superior (Ursulines) for 4 annual Masses and a commemorative tablet in the new [Aldeburgh] church has been invested by the Board of Finance. It is the wish of the community that £50 given to Canon Tonks last August should be added to the larger sum and used for the Endowment or Building Fund. Bishop Keating is willing for the surplus to be used as such but notes that she does not wish it to be used the temporary Oratory.
Bishop Cary directs Canon Tonks to look at the books at about or anterior to that date.

Cary-Elwes, Dudley Charles Rev (1868-1932)

Bishop to Fr Davidson: Hurry to borrow?

Returns the collections book as requested. Does not think Canon Tonks has any to lend. Is there a desperate need to hurry? Better to keep the Army Hut for entertainments. Keeping well in this rather trying muggy weather?

Cary-Elwes, Dudley Charles Rev (1868-1932)

Buildings / Rent / etc.

Relating to the March Presbytery and rental properties: Letters from Fr W Clare (7), Fr L Allen(7), Canon Tonks(1), GF Stokes(1), AP Peacock(1), Ollard(2); Postcard from Fr Clare; Bills/invoices (15) from Insurance Co., Utilities & Councils; Agreements for construction and rent; Rent Account (1910 & 1911); Inventory (1941 - Fr Mortimer J Hanagan); Inventory (1948 - Rev W J Gaffney); Fr Gerard Collins to Bishop (Parker) - his critical survey of Chatteris house (11-7-1953).

Allen, Louis Rev (-1931)

Canon Garnett to Canon Tonks: Life Insurance

Canon Garnett asks for the Life Insurance policy document held by Canon Tonks in order to endorse it for access to the bonuses. The church at Wellingborough has been repainted and he is planning to obtain new bellows for the organ. Fr Hyde is improving and will recover; is Fr Harris still alive? Canon Garnett has a very bad cold, is not fasting, has not applied for a dispensation as he may be placed on the sick list, which would not help the Diocese.

Garnett, Ernest Edmund Rev (1872-1948)

Canon Mason to Canon Tonks: Mrs Mary Gordon deceased

Mr Weld of Witham & Co now has the written wishes and told him that the will was not clear about the beneficiaries hence the need for the document to be passed to the Archbishop. £300 to Southwold immediately with remaining £200 upon the death of Mrs Gordon's sister (Miss Murry who is very old). Fee by the Westminster Finance Board is £10 - which both himself and Mr Weld thought excessive. Mr Weld's "would not be much".

St Leger Mason, Henry Patrick Rev (-1940)

Canon Peacock account with respect to Fr H Irwin SJ - supply at Aldeburgh

Page from the middle of an exercise book. Accounts for Fr Irwin's supply at "Aldeburgh cum Leiston" from 12 August to 16 September 1923. Includes sum of £7 requested by Fr Irwin for supply. Also "Charwoman for scrubbing down house on Aug 6, 7, 8th - 13/6d.
Canon Peacock owed £9.1.2 1/2 [presumably from the Bishop?]. "Accounts sent herewith... 26 September 1923." [to Canon Tonks?]

Peacock, Augustine Peter Rev (1864-1956)

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