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Keating, William Frederick Rev (1859-1928)
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Arthur Young to Bishop: Plans for Aldeburgh Church

Forwarding the sketch plans and drawings for Aldeburgh Church design. Describes the church, Gothic with Round Tower (typical of Suffolk, with flints and plan roofing tiles). Chesham Bois church has similar floor area. Rough costing £1500 to £1600 a further £500 to complete Tower and porch. Fawcett Road is cramped and not suitable, but Fr Delaney has indicated The Terrace site, which is much better and allows room for future requirements.

Arthur Young / Allan D Reid

Berthelay to Bishop: New church; £10 gift; conditions/requests re Ursuline Sisters

Image caption: [crossed out: "Monastere et Pensionnat de Religieuses Ursulines"] manuscript: "Institution St Alyre" a Clermont-Ferrand.
[Original manuscript in French.]
Given to understand that your Lordship will lay the first stone for the Catholic Church in Aldeburgh on 16 July. We thank God and are grateful to you for all the interest you have in the small mission in which we have worked so much. Enclosed is a cheque for £10 and apologies for the small sum, but cannot afford more. Allow me to remind you what was agreed with his Lordship Mgr Keating. 1st - that a small plaque of stone or metal will commemorate the stay of the Ursulines in this place; 2nd - Each year 4 masses will be said for the 4 religious who lay in the vault. You may find these conditions in the papers of the Aldeburgh Mission.
Manuscript annotation: "Answered. Thanks, very much. Do not know whether I can fix the Masses on the Parish [indecipherable] as there is no money to cover this. Will look up the agreement when I find it. (Mentioned it to Archbishop Keating in my Letter)."

Berthelay, L

Bishop of Northampton to Mr Harrington

Re Will of Mrs Ten Broeck. Enclosed letter from Mrs T. B. asking Diocese to undertake promises to Fr Allen. Gives details of her original promise, the degree of her fulfilment & amount owing Diocese. Bequest to March is generous but will not reimburse Diocese.

Keating, William Frederick Rev (1859-1928)

Bishop to Canon Tonks: Bishop Keating's letter re Building Fund in Aldeburgh and Ursuline donation

Bishop Cary quotes a letter to Fr Delaney dated 19/12/1919 from Bishop Keating. In it the £110 from Sr Superior (Ursulines) for 4 annual Masses and a commemorative tablet in the new [Aldeburgh] church has been invested by the Board of Finance. It is the wish of the community that £50 given to Canon Tonks last August should be added to the larger sum and used for the Endowment or Building Fund. Bishop Keating is willing for the surplus to be used as such but notes that she does not wish it to be used the temporary Oratory.
Bishop Cary directs Canon Tonks to look at the books at about or anterior to that date.

Cary-Elwes, Dudley Charles Rev (1868-1932)

Book of Mission - Aldeburgh

Contents from front:
1926-1930 – 2 pages of historical notes
1906 Statistics;
1907 Statistics, Bishop Riddell made first visitation & confirmation of 8 (23 April 1907);
1908 Statistics, Bishop Keating visitation & confirmation of 6;
1909 Statistics;
1910 Statistics; Bishop’s 2nd visitation& vows of Sister Mary of Sacred Heart
1911 Statistics; Bishop’s visitation – 15 for confirmation; two postulants receive the habit
1912 Statistics; collections
1913 Statistics; collections
1914 Statistics; collections; 42 Belgium refugees
1915 Statistics; collections; Bishop visit 25 for confirmation (19 were Belgian Children)
1916 Statistics; collections arrival of Fr Delaney, departure of Fr Coltee
1917 Statistics; collections; Bishop visit Sept 26; average military attendance at Mass 53
1918 Statistics; collections; average military attendance at Mass 56
1919 Statistics; collections
1920 Statistics; collections
1921 Statistics
1922 Statistics; collections
1923-1964 diary of events

Contents from Back (inverted): First Communion lists for 1907/1908/1909/1911/1912/1913 in manuscript

Canon Fitzgerald to Bishop: Wymondham offers of accommodation for a Mission Church

The Duke (Henry Fitzalan Howard 15th Duke of Norfolk) will provide aid for the Congress (3rd National Catholic Congress held in Norwich in 1912) but has advised to hold off for an application until after Christmas. £5 spent on chapel at Diss, which will be more comfortable in consequence.
Wymondham accommodation offers: 1. hotel room for £30 per annum; 2. Old brush factory - very large - £15 plus upkeep; 3. ("providential") Sketch attached - hobby build but most "ecclesiastical" - £40 (Canon prefers £35 )
Canon describes the last offer at length. An organ builder and Registrar of Births, who was most interested during the motor mission, heard of their difficulties and offered his building which is done up like a Catholic church: decent organ to be left, water stoup, capable of 60 person seating, considerable amount of oak from the old Abbey worked into it. (sketch attached). What to do? Would like to close the offer at once.
Mr Jermingham is trying to get the Beckett Memorial Chapel - but odds are against it as the vicar wants to rent it and he is on the board!

Fitzgerald, J Rev

Canon Tonks to Fr Delaney: Money associated with Leiston

A demand by Mr Yorke for £215 is incorrect. Purchase money for Leiston site was collected by Leiston people. "The nun" left £40 in your hands for purchase of land in Aldeburgh, and a further sum with the Bishop sufficient to complete the purchase of £150. You should contact Mr Yorke and explain the mistake.

Tonks, Joseph Rev (1863-1943)

Canon Tonks to Mr Christmas: Board cannot support the Bishop meeting the debt owed at Leiston

Canon Tonks has been instructed by the Board of Finance that in the light of the Bishop having already been generous towards Leiston, they cannot advise him to cover the £180 debt. Suggests Leiston congregation try to meet it themselves and if not possible then ask the Finance Board for a Loan.

Tonks, Joseph Rev (1863-1943)

Charles Russell (Solicitor) to Bishop: Mr Pauling's £500 cheque for St Ives Endowment Fund

Mr Charles Russell, solicitor, writing to the Bishop regarding a cheque for £500 from Mr George Pauling for the St Ives Endowment Fund to be added to the original £1,500. The trust deed is being requested to enable this action to be completed. "Mr Pauling would be very glad if you would kindly as suggested, have Foundation Masses arranged for Mr Pauling and deceased members of his Family".

Russell, Charles Sir (1863-1928)

Christmas to Bishop: Close account with £180 - write-off?

Mr Chas A Christmas ("Elmbank", Leiston, Suffolk) says that Fr Delaney is still unable to write. He encloses an account and asks the Bishop if he can write-off £130 debt on the church account. The opening of the church has brought great happiness and awakened a new spirit towards one another and to the priest.


(Copy of) Letter to Harrington (Lawyer) from Rt Rev FW Keating

Re Mrs Ten Broeck. Sending him completed & certified affidavit. Original promise of £125/yr made by her to Fr Allen who reported it to Bishop. 1st payments made by her in cash when resident in March. At outbreak of war Bishop paid on her behalf. Details his claim.

Keating, William Frederick Rev (1859-1928)

(Copy of) Letter to Rt Rev FW Keating from Executor (HT Kingsbury)

Re claim of Bishop against the Estate of Mrs Ten Broeck. Original promise in claim without consideration & letter of Mrs T Broeck of Aug 3rd 1914 not enough to support claim. Estate may be unable to pay legatees so Executors can't pay without it being passed by Court.

Kingsbury, Howard T (1870-1937)

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