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Sketch, Anthony E Rev ( -2012)
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Abbot Fitzgerald-Lombard to Bishop Smith: Beccles - proposed change of priests

Fr Edward's [surname?] telephone call advised him of the pressure to keep Fr Simon [Blakesley] at Beccles - cf Fr Sketch's "petition" at Deanery meeting - for a number of years yet. When proposing Fr Raphael Appleby (currently in Uganda but will supply to Bungay when Edward is away) to Bungay the Abbot recalled the agreement with Bishop Clark for Downside to take up the mission after three years. However, it seems that the parishioners quite like a secular priest and may prefer a trained priest to a monk out of cloisters. What does the Bishop think? Happy to let the current situation run indefinitely.

Fitzgerald-Lombard, James Michael Hubert Charles Rev OSB MPhil (1941-)

Bishop Clark to Bp Grant: Diocese division; Downham Market; PP changeover

Suggest Canons Burditt and Frost and Frs Philpot and Wace for Commission on the division of the [Northampton] Diocese.
Downham Market is an issue on which we must stand - "whatever the personal holiness of Ossie (and God alone is the Judge here), he is corrupting a holy thing - and this is the hidden evil." Unwavering leadership is required. Confront Ossie with the obedience he owes, and, that the Pope has formally specified the circumstances in which the rite may be celebrated.
Tony Sketch should be given Downham market as his charge and say a publicised Mass there.
PPs (Aldeburgh, Wymondham, Felixstowe and Ipswich) make change-over on October 7th.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clark to Fr Birch: letter heading; Tony Sketch; Shrine Council membership; Eucharistic Ministers

  1. Changes to standard letter head - not quite
  2. Many demands in the year hence a gap in replacing Fr Tony Sketch
  3. Muriel Phillips as a member of the Shrine Council - fine
  4. Eucharistic ministers - Sr Eileen easy to re-commission. Cannot recall Peter Whitlock but there is a wider problem in the Diocese about management of Eucharistic minsters - a register must be kept as in recent Ad Clerums

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clark to Mgr McBride: thanks for help; Lowestoft

Sure that McBride will guide a priest firmly
Anniversary was a deeply memorable affair thanks to Mgr McBride.
Fr Sketch, letter enclosed, [not present], was let off lightly - the lapse rate at Lowestoft could frighten us to death. Pouring over plans at home is not the right use of resources.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Grant to Downham Market Congregation

Compliments slip: Bishop Secretary: "Tony Sketch will arrange to deliver the enclosed - less the carbon - to all Downham Market parishioners when he distributes his invitations to the real Mass."
Page 1: letter to the congregation at Downham Market - explaining, now that the legal procedure is over, the sorrow he feels in acting against Fr Baker. Obedience to the Holy Father means accepting the changes away from the Tridentine Mass. Expects support for Fr Sketch. Notes of explanation included.
Page 2-3: Notes headed: "1. Your present position"; "2. The Missal of Pope Paul VI"; "3. The Bishop's dealings with Fr Baker"

Grant, Charles Alexander Rev LCL BA (1906-1989)

Bishop Grant to Fr Baker: Consequences of the Decree

Detailing the immediate consequences of the Decree sent on 20 November:

  1. not entitled to live in the Parish house - must be vacated without delay - contact the Bishop for support arrangements
  2. not entitled to use the Church - will not evict Fr Baker but will not tolerate him remaining
  3. not entitled to administer parochial funds - make arrangements to settle up
  4. not entitled to officiate at marriages - any married by you will be in an invalid marriage
  5. if celebrating mass in disobedience must make this clear to those attending and handle monies appropriately

Grant, Charles Alexander Rev LCL BA (1906-1989)

Bishop Grant to Press Association: Report in the Daily Telegraph

Quoting from an article in the Daily Telegraph which the Bishop indicates could mislead a reader with some untruths about Fr Sketch. Writing because "this and similar one-sided reports cause distress..." "... you will instruct your staff to present both sides of the picture, and not accept uncritically the propaganda of an interested party in the controversy."

Grant, Charles Alexander Rev LCL BA (1906-1989)

Bishop to Fr Shannon: Option for Hemsby

Option 2 recommended by the Bishop. Fr Shannon should inform the Finance Board [Diocesan Trustee] and Council of priests. Give Fr Dick Wilson and Fr Tony Sketch the facts and figures. This matter remains confidential until both bodies have replied.

Smith, Peter David Gordon Rev LLB JCD (1943-2020)

Decree: Administrative removal of Fr Baker as Parish Priest

Fr Baker's ministry is harmful being direct and open disobedience of the Holy See. A review of the documents sent by Fr Baker were considered by the Synodal Examiner and the Pro-Synodal Examiner as not a sufficient answer and his ministry was harmful. Fr Baker had refused to resign and hence the Bishop is removing him from his office as Parish Priest at Downham Market. He has to hand over to Father Sketch.

Grant, Charles Alexander Rev LCL BA (1906-1989)

Fr Birch to Bishop Clark: letter heading; Tony Sketch; Shrine Council membership; Eucharistic Ministers

  1. Changes to standard letter head - does the Bishop like them?
  2. Bishop unable to find a replacement for Tony Sketch to organise the Diocesan pilgrimage - we'll do our best
  3. Proposal that Muriel Phillips to be a member of the Shrine Council - current lack of female presence
  4. Requesting replacements (Sr Eileen, Peter Whitlock) for the Eucharistic ministers he has lost

Birch, Clive Rev SM LGSM

Fr Shannon to Bishop: Visit to Acle and Hemsby

Fr Shannon and the Dean, Fr Tony Sketch, visited St Teresa's Social Centre in Acle and St Thomas More's Chapel in Hemsby. The former should be kept to support the growing community in Acle and district. The latter is occasionally used for Mass on Holydays of Obligation. The Anglican Church is rented for Saturday evening Mass at £1100 per annum. Two options: 1. buy a bungalow for a retired priest to live in; renovate and renew chapel at some cost; cease rental of Anglican church. 2. Sell the land. Use Caister instead.
Hemsby folk may be aggravated since they did raise money to extend the chapel some years ago. With a congregation of 50-60 in the Winter rising to 100 in the Summer with holiday makers - Fr Shannon is sure they could all get to Caister (3 miles distant).

Shannon, John Rev