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Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002) File
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Centenary Committee

Committee named in Shrine Council meeting on 21-10-1992 as:
Monsignor Anthony Stark
Parish Priest of King's Lynn [Fr Anthony Shryane]
Director of the Shrine [Fr Alan Williams SM]
Vicar General [Canon McBride]
Mr D Gerrard (Walsingham Association representative)

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Chatteris desire for a Church

1979 - Fr Smith informs Bishop that the Anglican Vicar offered Catholics first refusal on mission hall in Chatteris. £3000 in kitty; perhaps could sell presbytery. Bishop suggests keeping the two issues apart and think through whether this is needed pastorally. 1981 - Bishop not for a new church in Chatteris; summary (unsigned but probably by Fr Peter Wilson) sets out position regarding loan & anonymous donation - there is friction as some in Chatteris congregation believe they were promised a Church and they were saving for it. Frank Molyneux (parishioner who does the parish accounts) supports Fr Smith's view that Chatteris retention of collection funds (as allowed by Fr Donald Hillier) did not benefit the parish as a whole. Fr Smith understands that this situation arose back in Fr Gaffney's time. Two letters from parishioners (Green & Rudd) set out the Chatteris perspective on the expectation for their own Church. Fr Smith hopes to take a shorthand writer to take notes at a meeting with parishioners in April. He will make his & the Bishop's position clear. It was a difficult meeting. Bishop asks Fr Smith to "Cool it": concentrate on Sisters' arrival and Presbytery nearing completion. Fr Peter Wilson will be brought in to aid Fr Smith. FR Smith is disappointed in the Chatteris people who cling to the desire for their own Church - but not enough to form a sustainable congregation. But at least he now knows who the agitators are. 1988 - suggestion of sharing Church with the Anglicans - this would replace the community hall they currently use in Chatteris. The vicar, Fr Myhill, will discuss it with his council and understands the Bishop makes the final call. Bishop good with the idea; there are a few considerations, but Fr Smith can explore the opportunity. The PCC meeting minutes support the idea but "no poaching by either side" and "no incense at any time"! Bishop says go ahead for a 3 to 5 year trial.

Smith, James M Rev


Correspondence relating to Diocesan communication with the media, the Diocesan Information Officer and related matters.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Finance: Income, Grants, expenditure

1977: Fr Smith needs to undertake Vatican II reforms in March; thanks for appointment - will get Bishop biting dog! 1978: Fr Smith says Parishioners not got habit of giving & resent providing for Cathedral costs. Introducing Planned Giving (manuscript note: Lord, preserve my parish from legacies!") (bishop concurs); Parishioner professional fund raiser & says 1978 £1000 for Diocese no problem - relating to Cathedral Fund; Fr Smith tells John Smith he has not yet stayed 1 night at the presbytery - commuting between March & Peterborough. Presbytery work good - consecration of Church in October? 1979: £220 from Sir Pierce Lacy Trust (grandfather of Rev Peter Wilson); 1980: thanks for visitation; plans for house vetted by parishioner civil engineer who will supervise work gratis; bishop OK with plans but worried about costings - need to speak with Peter W, sensitive about using Chatteris money; 1981: Cheque from Sir Lacy Trust, "the box"remely busy, religious practice appears on the increase. 1982: Fenland District Council unhappy about staircase in new Presbytery - served notice to fix or pull down. 1983: Fr Gus Berrell receives £536 from Sir Lacy Trust; Bob Manley very ill - spending last days in Sheringham; Bishop off to Peru and will tell John Drury all the news. 1983: set up Parish Advisory Committee; heating needs replacing. Ransom Gift of £220 - Bishop asks Fr Berrell to write a thank-you note to Mgr. Stark. Go for Gas! £560 Lacy Trust provided. 1984: Extensive Nun sick list - Sr Elizabeth has much back trouble and is in hospital. House suffering from shrinkage & cracks - concerned. 1986: "Princely sum" allocated to March (thanked Mgr. Stark). Water seepage made electric wiring dangerous. PAC writes to Bishop re proposed move of Nuns - parish upset and told Mgr. McBride so. Mgr. McBride suggested sell off presbytery & retain house - parishioners not happy. Note from Fr Berrell to Bishop re issues round house & Presbytery - parishioners upset about delay in getting back into presbytery. 1987: Ranson gift acknowledged. 5 bursts/leaks 7 ceiling collapsed plus a theft of £12 value. Agreement that Fr Berrell moves back into presbytery.

Smith, James M Rev

Slipper Chapel area development

[ = fuller AtoM record] 1. The Walsingham Project brief [for the Hierarchy]; [Bishop Clark]; 1970

  1. Professional fees; Sir Frederick Snow & Partners; 1971-3-15
  2. Progress on project – plans, architect, need for definite plan; Purcell, Miller & Tritton; 1971-5-27
  3. Requirement for fencing at site; Fr Connelly; 1972-12-15
  4. Account of fees for Sir Frederick Snow & Partners; Purcell, Miller & Tritton; 1972-12-29
  5. Permission to retain temporary building [Pilgrims shelter]; Walsingham Rural District Council, 1973-1-24
    *7. Report on Future Planning for Slipper Chapel Site; Purcell, Miller & Tritton; 1979, June
  6. Drawing – Proposed site layout; Purcell, Miller & Tritton; 1979, June
  7. Sketch view of courtyard; [Purcell, Miller & Tritton; 1979, June]
  8. Drawing – Site layout C; Purcell, Miller & Tritton; 1979-11-6
  9. Drawing – Sections and Elevations; Purcell, Miller & Tritton; 1979-11-6
  10. Drawing – Patterns of Use; Purcell, Miller & Tritton; 1979-11-7
    *13. Abort project, explore options around the outside altar; Bishop Clark; 1980-1-23
  11. Appointment of consultants for Slipper Chapel site; Purcell, Miller & Tritton; 1980-5-27
    *15. Request for financial support at the Episcopal Conference of England and Wales; [Bishop Clark]; 1980, April
  12. Plans for development of the … Slipper Chapel; Purcell, Miller & Tritton; 1980, April
  13. Report on tenders; Davis, Belfield and Everest; 1980-9-25
  14. Project meeting minutes; Purcell, Miller & Partners; 1980-10-15
  15. Site meeting #1 minutes; Purcell, Miller & Partners; 1980-12-4
  16. Site meeting #2 minutes; Purcell, Miller & Partners; 1981-1-22
  17. Agenda – Works Progress/Cashflow; David, Belfield and Everest; 1981-2-4
  18. Site meeting #3 minutes; Purcell, Miller & Partners; 1981-2-19
  19. Financial Report – Slipper Chapel Worship Centre; Davis, Belfield and Everest; 1981-3-2
  20. Fees, ceramic symbol, demolition receipts; Purcell, Miller & Partners; 1981-3-6
  21. Fees; Davis, Belfield and Everest; 1981-3-18
  22. Site meeting #4 minutes; Purcell, Miller & Partners; 1981-3-19
  23. Site meeting #5 minutes; Purcell, Miller & Partners; 1981-4-9
  24. Site meeting #6 minutes; Purcell, Miller & Partners; 1981-5-14
  25. Site meeting #7 minutes; Purcell, Miller & Partners; 1981-6-11
  26. Site meeting #8 minutes; Purcell, Miller & Partners; 1981-7-2
  27. Site meeting #9 minutes; Purcell, Miller & Partners; 1981-8-6
    *32. Comments on Fr Birch's report on future needs of the properties in Walsingham; Purcell, Miller & Tritton; 1981-8-26
  28. Site meeting #10 minutes; Purcell, Miller & Partners; 1981-9-3
  29. Site meeting #11 minutes; Purcell, Miller & Partners; 1981-10-2
  30. Site meeting #12 minutes; Purcell, Miller & Partners; 1981-10-22
  31. Estimated Project Costs summary; Davis, Belfield and Everest; 1980-10-13
  32. Letter & Sketch – base for Statue; Purcell, Miller & Partners; 1981-10-29
  33. Site meeting #13 minutes; Purcell, Miller & Partners; 1981-11-16
  34. Site meeting #14 minutes; Purcell, Miller & Partners; 1981-12-15
  35. Site meeting #15 minutes; Purcell, Miller & Partners; 1982-1-12
  36. Site meeting #16 minutes; Purcell, Miller & Partners; 1982-2-4 42. Interim Certificate, collapse of Rogers (Hunstanton) Ltd; Purcell, Miller & Partners; 1982-2-25 43. Items outside main contract, impact of Rogers' insolvency; Purcell, Miller & Partners; 1982-3-9
  37. Purchase of 2 Organs; Fr Peter Wilson; 1982-5-12
  38. Questions relating to fees, payments, VAT; Michael Ward; 1982-5-19 46. Liquidators [for Rogers], payment for Whitmores; Purcell, Miller & Partners; 1982-6-23 47. Slipper Chapel Repairs – unacceptable report; Fr Birch; 1984-7-16
    *48. S W Pietzsch: Design for Blessed Sacrament Shelf; undated

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)


Correspondence discussing Bishop's planned visits to March / Chatteris. Some contain an outline schedule for the visitation usually including an opportunity to visit (seriously) sick parishioners. Fr Smith asks bishop to consecrate the Church in 1978 (Comment: one lad said to his mother "I want to be a priest . Not a holy priest like Fr Hillier, but one like Fr Smith") (Bishop approves). 1980, Fr Smith opens discussion on papal award for a parishioner and comments that the parish is doing well. Bp secretary provides a description of process required for such awards [Bishop Clark's operation on 8-5-1980]; personal letter from Pat following a visit. Fr Bell, 2 months into the parish, invites the Bishop and to undertake confirmation for 12 children in the Summer of 1989.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Walsingham Shrine Council

Initially considered in 1974. First meeting 1978. Minutes with associated papers from January 1978 to October 1997

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)