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Bishop Office to Bishop Clark: Bishop Grant's letter to Fr Baker, copy enclosed

Fr D Morgan (Bishop's Secretary) provides a copy of the letter from Bishop Grant to Fr Baker, to be hand delivered by Fr Hammond. The Bishop had hoped that time would heal (the Code does not provide for a time limit to Fr Baker to reply). However, anxious by the activities of Fr Peter Morgan and the pastoral situation seemed to offer a way out without a rumpus.

Bishop's Office

Written wishes of Mrs Mary Gordon

Copy of Mrs Gordon's wishes for the money left in her will to the Archbishop of Westminster:
£500 is to go to Southwold Mission for completion of the High Altar - masses for her husband and herself;
For the erection on altar & tabernacle at some poor mission - our souls to be remembered;
Remainder to be divided between:
Convent of Poor Clares, Manchester;
Fr G Lester's Fund for "Our Lady's Young Priests";
Fr Berry's Homes (The Liverpool Catholic Children's Protection Society).
Trusts that the Archbishop will carry out these wishes.

Bishop's Office