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Aidan Slack to Bishop Cary-Elwes: Faculties for Gillingham

Aidan Slack, writing from Ushaw College, Durham, hopes to be ordained on Easter Monday. His first Mass will be at Mrs Kenyon's oratory at Gillingham Hall. Hopes to reconcile a lapsed Catholic there and requests faculties for Gillingham.
manuscript annotation: Gave faculties for Gillingham Hall only."


Alan Smithies to Bishop Clark: A poets view; 4 hymns

Sides 1-3: Alan Smithies (author & poet) writes following hearing the Bishop on the radio discussing the Tridentine Mass, its discontinuation by Rome and the subsequent mass protests. As an Anglo Catholic author he holds no brief for the Tridentine Mass; discusses the 1549 prayer book (a wholly Catholic Mass). Anglicans are in more disarray with their various services, with Series III replacing good English with journalese (as with your English mass). Discusses the nature of the language and its uses, the Bishops of earlier ages; modern bishops too influenced by the popular. People do want good but simple everyday English. Appends some hymns if the Bishop would like to use any of them then he'd be delighted.
Sides 5, 7, 9: "Office for Saint Bede" 5 four-line verses; "For Saint Clare" [written for the nuns of Lynton, on the Feast of St Care, 1975] 8 six-line verses; "Hymn for Saint Nicholas" 6 four-line verses; "Office Hymn for Saint Andrew" 6 four-line verses
"These hymns are written with the intention that they should be sung, wherever possible, in plainchant."


Annie Allnutt to Bishop Riddell: Bishop's visit; concern over arrangements; concern regarding fund for church

Annie Allnutt congratulates the Bishop n withholding consent to start building in Southwold. She is concerned over the low level of involvement of Mr & Mrs Crimmen in the recent visit by the Bishop, given their generosity in time and resources for the Mission. Asks the Bishop to be quite sure that Fr Mason is the right priest in the right place. Comments on his approach to certain congregation members of good standing - her own "unpardonable sin is that I advised Fr Mason some years ago to quit Southwold at once and seek a post in the Bishop's House where he would have work and supervision; he being young, full of life and animal spirits and fond of the good things in life." Comments that the building fund has not increased in years (except for the £100 donated by the Bishop) in spite of fund raising events.


Business Card: Vatican Secretary of State

printed text: "Il Card[inale] Segretario di Stato con distinti ossequi prega di rimettere a destinazione l'unita lettera, qualora la S V e nulla abbia da osservore in contrario"
rough translation: "The Cardinal Secretary of State, with distinct respects, requests that the item be returned to its destination, if the [Court?] and Reverence does not object."
manuscript annotation: "Blessings from Pope to Miss Corrine Lestrange Campbell on her book 'Old Glastonbury. Send it on please Nov 25/27 Hunstanton"


Catholic Group to Bishop Clark: Meeting of Catholics

Presented situation following the publication of the Insley Will to Catholics in the Dersingham area - 40 attended out of an estimated 160. Small committee to be formed to further development and growth of facilities for Catholics in the area. Will also compile a register. Fr Nesden will be informed.


Correspondent [Insurers?] to Fr Pritchard: Thefts

No evidence that the silver bowl and altar frontal was in fact stolen hence not reported to the police. Hence cannot consider claim under Theft Policy. Regarding the money lost from the presbytery - as the offender has been apprehended and confessed a cheque for £50 (limited by policy) will be sent as settlement of the claim.
manuscript annotation: "Copy for Fr Moorcraft"


Correspondent to Bishop Cary-Elwes: Fr Flynn not at all well

[undated, unsigned] [very shaky hand] "My Lord, I think you ought to know about Fr Flynn here. He is a very ill man and something ought to be done for him. He only has Mass on Sunday - and these looks as if he might die on the altar. Only last week he was over to take a wedding but went to bed in the hotel at once, too ill to do it. I am only a visitor here and therefore it is not my business but it is very serious I beg to remain one of your Lordships flock."


Correspondent to Bishop Clark: Challenging the Bishop's decision

Went to Downham for the Mass and stayed a week. Why do you persecute a priest because he refuses to be a heretic? 5 years ago deviant behaviours (pop masses, dancing masses...) would have resulted in excommunication on the spot. Who is right Fr Baker, or those in a free for all.
Copied to Cardinal Heenan, Apostolic Delegate, Bishop Grant


Correspondent to Bishop Clark: Dersingham - Rest/Holiday home for priests; Mass Centre

Shortage of priests / ageing priests does not obviate a compromise to bring priests back into the area. Miss Insley's house could be bought (£28,000) and used for Mass if not for a Rest/Holiday Home for priests who could also supply in the area. Desirable area close to Sandringham. Dersingham could grow into a young town in 10 to 30 years; vision is called for; an opportunity for a Mass centre. Hunstanton is 8 miles away and difficult for some to get to on a Sunday for Mass.


Correspondent to Bishop Clark: Dispute over trees

Fr Hammond and correspondent visited neighbours to discuss problem. Trees are too high and not managed, they block the light to their residence and so the church is responsible to sort it out. Observed that to correct the issue requires radical pruning which will entail significant cost - neither the Church nor the neighbours have sufficient funds. This was seen as unhelpful and the meeting ended.


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