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(1) Ten priests

Fr Henry Day SJ
Very Rev Prior Clement Tyck CRP
Rev Thomas Kelly SJ
Rev Bede Jarrett OP
Rev George Bede Cox OSB
Rev Henry Norbert Birt OSB
Rev Charles Plater SJ
Rev James Benedict McLaughlin OSB
Rev Patrick J Hayden SJ
Rev Christopher Wilmot SJ

15th Duke of Norfolk

His Grace Henry Fitzalan Howard KG PC
15th Duke of Norfolk, Earl Marshal of England, etc.
at whose sole expense St John's was built.

2 Glass Paperweights

1 paperweight; spherical; clear glass; small flat for standing; large flat with etching "Our Lady of Walsingham 1897 - 1997" plus outline of Slipper Chapel.
1 paperweight; lozenge shape; clear glass; etching on underside "Our Lady of Walsingham RAF Mildenhall UK" plus outline of Our Lady of Walsingham icon.

St John the Baptist, Cathedral Parish, Norwich

(2) Ten priests

Very Rev Dom Gilbert Higgins CRL
Very Rev Joseph P Bannin PSM
Rev Edmund Burton DD
Rev Philip Fletcher
Very Rev Canon William Pinnington
Very Rev Canon John Freeland
Rev Cecil Francis Norgate
Rev John H Filmer
Rev Thomas W Morton
Rev Thomas Wright

3 nails

3 nails; from Pieta [in SJB?]; each: rounded lead head, rusted ferrous shank

St John the Baptist, Cathedral Parish, Norwich

3 oil stock bottles in wooden box

wooden box; brass latch mechanism; 3 cylindrical holes with wax at the base (to cushion glass bottles)
3 glass bottles with silver metal screw caps. Single letter engraved in each cap: "B", "I", "C"
Label taped to front "Norwich / St John the Baptist / Parish Oil Stocks"

St John the Baptist, Cathedral Parish, Norwich

3 Oil stock bottles (metal containers)

Heavy metal (pewter?) containers with screw caps. Each cap has a single engraved letter: "I", "C", "B".
Each container has engraved letters on one face: 1. "O. INFIRM", 2. "St. CHRISMA, 3. "O. CATECH"
In each face is a verticle slot through which can be seen the glass container. Container "B"'s glass is cracked.

St John the Baptist, Cathedral Parish, Norwich

35mm slides from Sacristy Inventory, June 1990

Images were taken during the St John the Baptist 1990 Inventory. 1990 inventory listing contains image descriptions.
3 plastic 35mm Kodak slide boxes: Box 1 slides 31-34; box 2 slides 35-61; box 3 slides 61 - 101

St John the Baptist, Cathedral Parish, Norwich

9 Hymns on 5 78rpm Long Playing (LP) records

Five 78rpm records.
Times Production Limited, 3 Chester Street, Oxford Road, Manchester

Choir of St John the Baptist, Norwich and Norwich Catholic Choral Society.
Conducted by Rev. A. C. Roberts
Organist Arthur Blundell.
Hymns introduced by Rev.G. E. Roberts

TP346 - Side A: Praise to the Holiest (manuscript "1"); Side B: Sweet Saviour Bless Us (manuscript "9")
TP347 - Side A: Firmly I Believe & Truly (manuscript "2"); Side B: O God of Earth & Altar (manuscript "3")
TP348 - Side A: All Ye Who Seek a Comfort Sure (manuscript "4"); Side B: O Christ the Prince of Peace (manuscript "5")
TP349 - Side A: O Jesus Christ Remember (manuscript "6"); Side B: Daily, Daily Sing to Mary (manuscript "7")
TP350 - Side A: Lord Help the Souls that Thou Hast Made (manuscript "8"); Side B: Blank

Other copies:
TP349; smaller size, 250mm (different pressing?)
2 Audio Cassettes (C60) listed as containing the same material as on TP346 & TP349; label: "Sunday Half Hour 1951 from St John the Baptist RC Church, Norwich"; 1 cassette labelled "Master Copy"

St John the Baptist, Cathedral Parish, Norwich

"A Great Gothic Fane" - JE Dore personal copy (annotated)

"A Great Gothic Fane: The Catholic Church of St. John the Baptist, Norwich ; with Historical Retrospect of Catholicity in Norwich"; printed 1913; published by WT Pike & Co, Brighton; 310pp + illustrations.

This copy, as is seen on the flyleaf inscription, was owned by Mr John Edward Dore, son of Mr Thomas Dore "The Governor" who was Clerk of Works at the St John the Baptist Church construction project from 1906 until completed. Mr JE Dore's contribution was as his father's "right hand man" presumably from 1906 to 1912, during which time he looked after various construction tasks.

Mr JE Dore has added a number of ink annotations regarding individuals and aspects of the building of St John's.

Assorted medallions

Assorted medallions:

  1. aluminium, oval, "Remembrance of Confirmation"; red ribbon
  2. aluminium, oval, "St Patrick Pray for us" / "St Brigid pray for us", ribbon in green white & gold
  3. aluminium, round; "Ego Rex pacem meum" / "Rex sum Edo, Regrum meum autem non est de hoc murdo"
  4. (on one safety pin) (all well worn):
    a. oval, St Francis Assisi / St. Anthony
    b. oval, St. Gerrard / Madonna & Child
    c. brass, oval, madonna & child / Sacred Heart
    d. oval, Mary / Mary appearance at Lourdes[?]
    e. brass, oval, madonna & child / Sacred Heart
  5. (on safety pin):
    a. round, Mary / Mary appearance at Lourdes[?]
    b, round, "Virgo Carmel" / Sacred Heart
    c. round, "S. Bernard Priez pour N"
    d. round, chalice with host / "Souvenir First Holy Communion"
  6. oval, transparent plastic window covering image of Mary
  7. (on safety pin):
    a. round, "50 Days INdulgence. Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament have Mercy on us" / "Remembrance of First Holy Communion"
    b. (worn), oval, Mary
    c. similar to b.
    d. oval, "Sacred Heart Pray for Us", Mary / Sacred Heart fo Jesus have Mercy on us" Jesus
    e. round, Joseph & Child / Mary



Authentication document by Bishop Giuseppe Maria Pietro Raffaele Castellani, O.E.S.A.; for "... laosao ex Velo B.V. Maria ...." held in a "... theca argentea rotundae formae unico ..."


Authentication document by Bishop Giuseppe Maria Pietro Raffaele Castellani, O.E.S.A.; for "... ex Sanctibus, alind Domus Lauretand B.V. Maria, ex Pallio S. Joseph sponii, ex sepularo S. Ionnii Apos. sepulerali S Francisci Xaveni, ex sinteo S. Maria Magdelena le Passi Viv., et ex buibus SS Annae Natris, Ionnai Bapt. fracuriois, et aliorum lanctorium ...." held in a "... theca exaunchalcos aspentato ovali formae unico ..."

Authentication - B Anthony Guanella

1 authentication document signed by Sac. Aetius Cova; for "... particulam ex ossibis ejusdem Beati Aloisii Guanell ..." ; " in "... theca metallica cyrstallo clausa ..."

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