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Our Lady of Good Counsel and St Peter Parish, March
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Abbot Vosier to Bishop: Community too young to take on new building; Come to consecration of Abbey Church next year?

Regrets community too young for a foundation. Small communities never a success. Invites him to Consecration of Abbey Church on 25th August 1932 & asks him to consecrate one of 14 side altars.
Bishop annotation: accepts. Asks for later note as date long way off.

Vonier, Ascar Rev OSB

Annual Expenditure - March Mission

Balance sheet giving annual income vs expenditure. Two columns with headline items & financial amounts against each. Income: Rent, Offerings, Altar Society; Expenditure includes: rates, mortgage interest, Housekeeper salary & insurance, fuels, wine & candles, housekeeping

Clare, Wallace George Rev FRSA, FIGRS (1895-1963)

Austin Treamer AA, Provincial to Fr Reeman: Brother Anselm Amps' potential ordination in his parish church

Austin Treamer, AA, Provincial reminds Fr Reeman that they met outside Westminster Cathedral and asks if Brother Anselm Amps, due to finish his Theology studies, may be ordained in March, his old parish church. Superior General has granted his ordination. Treamer is writing in advance of contacting the Bishop to gain the parish priest's approval.

Treamer, Austin Rev (1905-1998)

Bishop Leo Parker to Fr Lydiate: Mass at Ramsey; waiting for reply from Rome; Fr Dunleavy's leaving & his car; amendment to faculty

An obligation to say weekly Mass at Ramsey could be reduced to quarterly, in meantime, could offer intention at March instead. What was the value & make of Fr Dunleavy's car which Diocese sent £52 for? Priest can take £1 per week from rents due from cottages. Amendment to wording of faculty (Matriomonia valide assistendi in missione sen districtum cui addictus es"). Other men as regarded as curates. Sent copy of response to congregation's appeal to keep Fr Dunleavy - what is their state now?

Parker, Thomas Leo Rev (1887-1975)

Bishop Leo Parker to Mr Vanderweyden: Response to request to reconsider removal of Fr Dunleavy from March parish

Bishop responding to parishioners' letter asking for removal of Fr Dunleavy from the parish. Not a permanent appointment and the appointment of the Montfort Religious Fathers' Fr Lydiate is now arranged. He hopes parishioners will take Fr Lydiate into their affection. Unwell, the Bishop cannot yet visit the parish to give thanks to Fr Dunleavy & welcome Fr Lydiate. The house will now be put to better use with three priests staying there.

Parker, Thomas Leo Rev (1887-1975)

Bishop of Northampton to Mr Harrington

Re Will of Mrs Ten Broeck. Enclosed letter from Mrs T. B. asking Diocese to undertake promises to Fr Allen. Gives details of her original promise, the degree of her fulfilment & amount owing Diocese. Bequest to March is generous but will not reimburse Diocese.

Keating, William Frederick Rev (1859-1928)

Bishop Parker from Fr Collins - Visited Chatteris property - detailed critical assessment of its state

Letter to Bishop Parker describing state of Chatteris property which he visited "on my way home". Generally poor condition with much damp in the walls. Mr Dodds , Clerk of the Council and Secretary of the Friends Meeting Society (who are selling the chapel - valued at £250) showed him around and admitted no repairs done for 17 years. Builder in contention to buy would probably out bid the church. Canon Malone & Canon Hunting agree that they should not proceed further. So has stopped a bid and put Withams on standby. Fr Collins could not contact Fr Gaffney by telephone.

Collins, Gerard A Rev

Bishop Parker to Fr Lydiate: Banns dispensation; No Catholic Children educator; visitation with indulgence - no throne

Bishop writes: Dispensation for Banns for Durkin & Clark; Not enough RC children for a teacher; visitation: after his holiday on 9 September & stay overnight, plenary indulgence to attend Mass, available for parishioners to talk to in private, simple rite, no throne.

Parker, Thomas Leo Rev (1887-1975)

Bishop Parker to Fr Lydiate: Copy Osborne letter; plans for suitable church for March at St Mary's, Littleborough; lost kid gloves

Bishop writes: included copy of letter to Mr Osborne (Director of Education, Isle of Ely Council) ; received plans of a church which would be suitable for March - St Mary's Littleborough (nr Rochdale); Lost a pair of grey old kid gloves in presbytery or at Parson's.

Parker, Thomas Leo Rev (1887-1975)

Bishop Parker to Fr Lydiate: Intentions; Petrol application; Banns dispensation; Faculty for Fr Hury; Catholic Children educator; visitation

Bishop writes: Herewith 60 mass intentions. Fr Burditt away. Addressing of envelope for Controller for petrol application. Dispensation for banns can be given but need names & other details & documentation. Fr Joseph Hury faculty. Southwark offers catholic teacher if you have enough children; contact Fr Ruddenham know. Visitation in September/ 15 October gets too dark early.

Parker, Thomas Leo Rev (1887-1975)

Bishop Parker to Fr Lydiate: Mission in March; Possibility of visiting; Confessor for Wisbech Convent

Bishop writes: Glad to hear Fr Lydiate is arranging a Mission with the Redemptorists; but do ensure he gets a hall large enough. Bishop's itinerary includes staying with Ollard in Wisbech & before that in Cambridge. Asks Fr Lydiate to be confessor for Wisbech Convent.

Parker, Thomas Leo Rev (1887-1975)

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