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Bishop Clark to Mrs Bramley: Appointment of Governor

Bishop was surprised that she did not get a letter thanking her for her service - as is the Bishop's custom. The projected ecumenical school would not have survived after the Anglians had "pulled out" of the scheme. Informed Fr Aelred of her protestation.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Parker to Fr Trafford: Todhunter; Gorleston Loan; Beccles Loan

The last letter was written in haste; happy to have Fr Trafford, an experienced priest in Beccles; wished wedding at Hoveton to be valis as Canon Roberts serves the chapel, not Fr Whyatt.
John Todhunter: no mention of legal difficulties; he'd implied that the pope wished "fraternise" with CofE and that was why non-Catholics should marry Catholics. Happy to hear Gillingham Hall is secure for the future. Knows nothing about Trust money being connected with the Church and Cemetery.
Gorleston and Ministry Loan: Heard from Fr McBride about joint liability between parishes. If a loan is not required then the diocese could use this but have not yet decided on the matter.
Beccles loan and debt: the return provides for misunderstanding on the nature and amount of debt. If paid off then you are to be congratulated. There is still a need for clarity so the bishop can understand how the parish is situated financially.

Parker, Thomas Leo Rev (1887-1975)

Bishop rejects joint school plan

[undated; unattributed] 4 columns
Sub-heading: "Catholics and council shocked".
"The re-organisation of Gorleston High School is back in the melting pot after the Bishop of Norwich rejected a plan for a joint church school." Some background to the project provided


Building work to begin on Catholic school

Image - caption: "The Bishop of East Anglia, the Rt Rev Peter Smith, cuts first sod of new Catholic primary school to be built at Gorleston."
The £1 million development of a new school to replace St Mary's School starts with the Bishop lifting the first sod from the ground. Head teacher, Peter Cleary, and the chairman of board of governors, John Holmes, observe with contractors. Albion Road site future uncertain as permission to develop it has been refused.
Manuscript annotation: Speech bubble from Bishop "Right! That's the last we'll see of Alan. Now where do you want the time capsule buried?"

Eastern Daily Press

Development Plan (c. 1947)

Pg1 - Table - Distribution of School population - number on roll 9th January 1946
Pg2 - Population - discussion regarding Gorleston, Southtown and Cobholm, Yarmouth
Pg3/4 - Table - County Schools - Existing Grant-Aided Primary and Secondary schools
Pg5-11 - Further details of Proposed Alterations to School Premises
Pg12-14 - Table - Proposed new Primary and secondary schools to be maintained by the Authority / Discussion
Pg15/16 - Section II Boarding Arrangements ; Section III - nil ; Section IV - provision for children with special needs
Pg16 - Section V - Transport
Pg 16 - Section VI - Playing fields - other than those attached to schools
Pg17 - Section VII - Programme of Capital Expenditure (1947 - 1958)

Borough of Great Yarmouth

Dwg 7a - Plan view of building - Proposed RC Secondary School, Cliff Park Estate, Gorleston

Western elevation over detailed plan view.
Manuscript annotations in red:
"Suggested door in one or other of these positions - for access to stage & green room facility" [wall of: Games Store / Boot Cleaning / Girls Change]
"Suggested screen here" [across entrance hall / dining area]

Johns, Slater & Haward

Fr Brewer to Abbot (Downside): Beccles School and Presbytery

Advising the Abbot that the Bishop is unable to attend to Diocesan affairs for the next few weeks, hence this letter as reply.
Bishop has been quite clear, i accordance with other Bishops, on the approach to be taken. Firm approval from him for the scheme at Beccles. Covers a range of funding/income issues associated with Beccles parish. Note that Gorleston Catholic Modern Secondary school will have Beccles as a feeder school.
typescript annotation: "Fr Abbot's letter gave the agreed valuation as follows:- Playing field £1260, House and Garden £4,100. All this will be sold to the Authority for £5360. The playground will be retained in the ownership of the Authority. The remainder will be conveyed back to Downside Abbey Beccles School trust. 'It looks as though out of this Beccles will be "clear" about £3000'".

Brewer, Arthur T Rev BCL (-1972)

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