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Abbot Kindersely to Bishop Cary-Elwes: Chaplains for Gillingham Hall; Sr Monica

Responding to Mrs Kenyon request for a chaplain. Once decided will the Bishop provide faculties?
Abbot Butler writes about the Bergholt-Monica question - the Abbess can progress Sr Monica if she thinks right. Anne Todhunter living in London now - they have taken a house for six months in Lexham Gardens - "Poor Anne! I hope it will work"

Kindersley, George Aeldred Rev OSB (1860-1934)

Aidan Slack to Bishop Cary-Elwes: Faculties for Gillingham

Aidan Slack, writing from Ushaw College, Durham, hopes to be ordained on Easter Monday. His first Mass will be at Mrs Kenyon's oratory at Gillingham Hall. Hopes to reconcile a lapsed Catholic there and requests faculties for Gillingham.
manuscript annotation: Gave faculties for Gillingham Hall only."


Bishop Cary-Elwes to Abbot Kindersely: Sr Monica decision; Fr Pillot; Gillingham Hall

Rome's decision on Sr Monica took time with three abbots and a Bishop against the move.
Outlines some family difficulties within Gillingham Hall not being helped by Fr Pillot's abusive letter to the Colonel. Glad to see the end of the line of foreign priests at Gillingham and with the removal of Fr Pillot the tyranny has come to an end. "A sad business."

Cary-Elwes, Dudley Charles Rev (1868-1932)

Bishop Cary-Elwes to Fr Campbell: Visitation - travel arrangements; other appointments

Provides an indication of his complicated arrangements for visiting the area. Apologises for treating everyone shabbily: has to include Gillingham (Mrs Kenyon), Beccles (Fr Campbell), Bungay (Fr MacEvoy), Woodbridge and Wroxham (Traffords) in one visit with no motorcar available.

Cary-Elwes, Dudley Charles Rev (1868-1932)

Bishop Parker to Abbot, Downside: Nashdom appeal; Gilingham Church

Nashdom: appeals for support by the Abbot to Archbishop Cardinale, then himself, were refused for reasons given. Though the request might go to the Abbot of Bec next - this is an awkward situation but the appeal which brackets us with Canterbury or York for a widely circulated appeal may be misconstrued - leave it to your judgment.
Gillingham Church: Fr Little of Beccles has written about Gillingham Church (which John Todhunter is in charge of). There is an issue relating to its maintenance and ownership which is highlighted by the new Charities Act. The title deeds are missing - can only find one letter about the cemetery dated 19 July 1929 [see related descriptions link]. Bishop had stopped the holding of the Blessed sacrament at the Chapel and the parish priest offering mass there - quite unauthorised. Now Fr Little doubts the wisdom of offering Sunday Mass. If this stops then what becomes of the Chapel? Need to discuss - in August will be in Norfolk and will see Fr Little and John [Todhunter] then.

Parker, Thomas Leo Rev (1887-1975)

Bishop Parker to Fr Trafford: Todhunter; Gorleston Loan; Beccles Loan

The last letter was written in haste; happy to have Fr Trafford, an experienced priest in Beccles; wished wedding at Hoveton to be valis as Canon Roberts serves the chapel, not Fr Whyatt.
John Todhunter: no mention of legal difficulties; he'd implied that the pope wished "fraternise" with CofE and that was why non-Catholics should marry Catholics. Happy to hear Gillingham Hall is secure for the future. Knows nothing about Trust money being connected with the Church and Cemetery.
Gorleston and Ministry Loan: Heard from Fr McBride about joint liability between parishes. If a loan is not required then the diocese could use this but have not yet decided on the matter.
Beccles loan and debt: the return provides for misunderstanding on the nature and amount of debt. If paid off then you are to be congratulated. There is still a need for clarity so the bishop can understand how the parish is situated financially.

Parker, Thomas Leo Rev (1887-1975)

Bishop Parker to Mr J Todhunter: Gillingham church and burial ground

Asking for the whereabouts of the deed for the church (Our Lady of Perpetual Succour) and cemetery at Gillingham. Given to understand that the Bishop of Northampton and the Abbot of Downside were owners or Trustees. Mentions two letters held on file [see related descriptions]. Can Mr. Todhunter see the Bishop at Poringland on 18 August?

Parker, Thomas Leo Rev (1887-1975)

Bishop's Office to Fr Watkin: Visitation arrangements confirmation

Fr John Smith confirms the Bishop will: preach at 8am mass at Gillingham; 10am Confirmation Mass at Beccles will be said in English; preach at the 6.30pm; visits of 10 minutes each i the afternoon; cup of tea at the convent; visit to St Mary's Home. All about best use of the Bishop's time without making it seemed rushed.
p.s "... noted your request for a medal for Reginald Jones"

Bishop's Office

Blount, Lynch, Petre & Colley to Bishop Cary-Elwes: Gillingham RC Cemetery Conveyance

Conveyance of the burial ground enclosed [not present].
Note that a Deed dated 30 November 1920, Bishop of Northampton and Abbot Ford appointed Mr Joseph Robert Kenyon, Col. Todhunter, and Rev G B Hicks as Trustees.
manuscript annotation: "Acknowledged receipt [?] to return in due time. Aug 13/29."

Blount, Lynch, Petre & Colley

Fr Banham to Bishop Cary-Elwes: Dates for Woburn Sands

Suggests Nov 24-30 for going to Woburn Sands. Will write to Canon Tonks. Supplying at Gillingham Hall; Mrs Todhunter hopes the priest will return on 22nd.
manuscript annotation: "Week 24-30 Nov will do very well. Let Canon Tonks know definitive date. Nov 20/29"

Banham, Cyril Norbert Rev (-1963)

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