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2nd Appeal Committee minutes

9 in attendance
Vice-Presidents - encouraging response
President - no reply from the Admiral; other possibilities discussed
Potential Major Donors - rather mixed response; hope from Commerce; none had objected in principle to the project
Public Launch - speaker and venue discussed
Invitation list - listing a number of potential donors (38 categories in all); members to share research
Brochure - discussed
International Connections - USA, Ireland, Italy & Turkey connections discussed

The Guild of our Lady of Ipswich

Annie Allnutt to Bishop Riddell: Bishop's visit; concern over arrangements; concern regarding fund for church

Annie Allnutt congratulates the Bishop n withholding consent to start building in Southwold. She is concerned over the low level of involvement of Mr & Mrs Crimmen in the recent visit by the Bishop, given their generosity in time and resources for the Mission. Asks the Bishop to be quite sure that Fr Mason is the right priest in the right place. Comments on his approach to certain congregation members of good standing - her own "unpardonable sin is that I advised Fr Mason some years ago to quit Southwold at once and seek a post in the Bishop's House where he would have work and supervision; he being young, full of life and animal spirits and fond of the good things in life." Comments that the building fund has not increased in years (except for the £100 donated by the Bishop) in spite of fund raising events.


Appeal Committee minutes

9 in attendance (1 apology)
Appeal office and Secretary - Fr Bagstaff enabled an office at St Mary's Catholic Church
Vice-Presidents - 22 accepted invitations
Potential Major Donors - list circulated, letters and case statement sent to potential donors; some refusals; approach to be made in pairs with either Mr Mellamphy or Mr Sparks
Case Statement
Administration and Accounts - statutory requirements discussed
Public Launch - discussed, need to identify a Guest of Honour
Brochure - sub-committee to design new brochure
International Connections - forewarn Foreign Office, Mrs Turner will publicise in America, no contact with Nettuno for now

The Guild of our Lady of Ipswich

Bishop Appeals for Third World

"Redouble your efforts to aid the poor and oppressed in the Third Wold, the Bishop of East Anglia (Rt Rev Alan Clark) tells the 79,000 Roman Catholics of his diocese in a Lenten message released today."

Dowsey, Gary Rev (1955-)

Bishop Clark to Bishop Grant: Wells; Walsingham Trust; National Shrine

Letter from Gambling - Wells getting cold feet - not use them after Christmas. Walsingham Trust will be in place to ensure the Appeal is pursued. Laurie Tanner's (General Secretary of the Catenians) devastating constructive criticism has been very helpful. Can't be with you because at Lowestoft to bless the new cemetery.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clark to Fr Birch: Executive membership; Policy; Walsingham Appeal

For clarity: the Bishop is not a member of the Executive; he thought he'd made that clear from the beginning. Mgr McBride as Vicar General acts in the Bishop's name and that of Fr Peter Wilson. All efforts are to raise funds and channel them into the basic building and basic equipment for the Chapel of Reconciliation. There is no money to finance any other project e.g. the railway track and the organ - we are in a "poverty trap" to some extent.
This should not undermine morale - lesser items come later, if we can't pay for them and consequently lose them, so be it. It is not too late to send an appeal reminder to parish priests.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clark to Mr Power: Hostel Development

A new Director taking over at the Shrine; most matters left to Vicar General and so did not realise the urgency in the letter. Naturally grateful to the Walsingham Association for the pledge of raising £60,000. Do keep Mgr McBride and the Executive [Committee] in the picture. Every blessing.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clark to Mr Ward: Appeal; Fees

Abortive work costs have to be paid.
Appeal should have a personalised approach by the Bishop - not done - but water under the bridge. The Cathedral is renewing its boilers, etc therefore less of a donation from that parish. Refers to his Ad Clerum in which he states that whilst a generous benefaction underwrites a third of the costs, any approach by Mr Ward should be welcomed.
The pope's visit - go sensitively, unlikely that he will visit Walsingham, so the success of the Appeal should not rest on this alone.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop to Miss Wiffen: Cannot support a "Diocesan Collection"

The Bishop does not impose many collections on the priests of diocese - two exception cited: St Francis Society, the Priests Education Fund. East Anglia Diocese has already been very generous to the development of the Shrine at Walsingham, but, other charitable organisations could have a similar request. He would be delighted if Fr Wace decides to take a collection in his own parish. Approaching individual parish priests would be acceptable.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop to Mr Christmas: Will give money for 20x68ft hut

Bishop Keating considers 20ft x 68 ft hut is adequate, and a bargain at £90. He will give the money to the Mission provided:

  1. site is free of restrictions,
  2. Fr Delaney approves and supports this
  3. Congregation guarantee to obtain the funds for everything else - removal, re-erection, fittings and furnishings.
    Their zeal and generosity gave the Bishop great satisfaction.

Keating, William Frederick Rev (1859-1928)

Briefing: Lead article Walsingham Appeal

Briefing (Vol 10 No 42) Page 1 and 2: Headline: "Appeal launched for National Shrine" - Support from Pope John Paul II, Cardinal Hume, The Bishop's Conference, Duke of Norfolk. Bishop Clark and Fr Birch provide background.

Other stories: H-Block of the Maze prison; Justice & Peace delegation to Zimbabwe; British Church women in Poland and Hungary; Congress liturgies on record.

Catholic Information Services

Church Extension Fund account

"Church Extension Fund" "£4000 needed"
Typescript list of sources - donors and events. Including: c/f from 1954 £518; Whist-drive 13-12-1954 £55; Jumble sale 2-2-1955 £47; Garden fete 18-8-1955 £300; Legacy (Teresa Hicks-Bolton) £500; Anon £500; USAF Bentwater £10; Whist-drive 12-12-1955 £50.
Reverse side - various manuscript calculations and sums of money

Jolly, William T Rev (-1982)

Committee agenda

Pilgrimage Walk
Our Lady's Clock
Mr Smith's Book [The Madonna of Ipswich]
Distant Members
New Sick members
All night vigil

Johnson, Jean M Professor BD MTh

Committee agenda

Walsingham Pilgrimage
Pilgrimage Walk - Sept 7th
Our Lady's Clock
Mr Smith's Book [The Madonna of Ipswich]
Distant Members
New Sick members
All night vigil

Johnson, Jean M Professor BD MTh

Committee Agenda & Notes

Meryemana Progress Report
Pilgrimage to Walsingham
Future meetings

Appeal Committee - working party acting as the committee. Composition: Dr Heley (Chairman), Miss Salisbury (Appeal Secretary), Mr Mellamphy (Clerk of Woks), Mr Bell (Press and Public Relations), Canon Christian (Trustee), Mr Oudkerk (Treasurer), Miss Fell (Publicity), Miss Newell (Guild Secretary), Mr Sanderson, Mr Sparkes (Appeal Consultant).
Public Launch - quiet progress, donors being contacted
Brochure - Mr Mellamphy & Mr Bell preparing the brochure
Charity concert - Miss Valerie Masterson (a vice-president) is an opera singer with an internal reputation offered to give a charity concert - must be in November
Membership scheme - rationale provided for expanding membership beyond Guild members.
Future meetings - need to move from ad hoc arrangements to a more formal programme

The Guild of our Lady of Ipswich

Committee meeting minutes

Purpose to establish Appeal Fund for Slipper Chapel Development. Cardinal agreed to be patron, ditto Duke of Norfolk. Appeal to be in Cardinal's name.
List of actions

Hawkes, John Edward Bro SFO (-2005)

Committee minutes

Speaker for December meeting
Vigil after December meeting
Guild membership request
Walsingham Pilgrimage 1979
Future Activities: Prayer / All night vigil / 24 hour vigil / re-establishing the Shrine (agreed to set up fundraising sub-committee) / Statue
Membership cards
Citizens' Guide, Ipswich - entry re this group

Johnson, Jean M Professor BD MTh

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