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Apostolic Delegate to Bishop Murphy-O'Connor: Eucharistic Celebration in Walsingham

Referring to an article from the Universe (17 July 1981), brought to the attention of the Sacred Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith. They would know of the accuracy of this account. He describes the situation as contrary to principles establish in church doctrine. Would the Bishop send them the information requested?

Heim, Bruno Bernard Rev (1911-2003)

Bishop Clark to Bishop Konstant: Reception of Holy Communion by the Mentally Handicapped

Apologies for slow response - away in Denmark with the Cardinal.
Guideline should be encouraged . Thinks there can be a disability which is a physical barrier to receiving Holy Communion - in principle no disability is a barrier to receiving Holy Communion except where there is a physical impossibility. Leave the choice to the parents - their role should be underlined. In general I would want to give Holy Communion to all, but I think all cannot receive it because of a disability which is too severe to overcome.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clark to Bp Grant: Diocese division; Downham Market; PP changeover

Suggest Canons Burditt and Frost and Frs Philpot and Wace for Commission on the division of the [Northampton] Diocese.
Downham Market is an issue on which we must stand - "whatever the personal holiness of Ossie (and God alone is the Judge here), he is corrupting a holy thing - and this is the hidden evil." Unwavering leadership is required. Confront Ossie with the obedience he owes, and, that the Pope has formally specified the circumstances in which the rite may be celebrated.
Tony Sketch should be given Downham market as his charge and say a publicised Mass there.
PPs (Aldeburgh, Wymondham, Felixstowe and Ipswich) make change-over on October 7th.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clark to Fr Allen: Bishop Donze visit

Attached letter - Bishop bemused about an apparent omission in which Bishop Donze appears not to be saying Mass . Also, "ruffled" that, if he was involved in the arrangements, Cardinal Hume has not been in touch with Bishop Clark.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clark to Fr Birch: National; Lunch; Communion Ministers

Surprised by the date of the National Pilgrimage - understood it always took place on the Sunday "between the two Madonnas". But if Cardinal Hume is coming then fine - but needs to be kept in the picture. Cannot accept Colin Gill's offer. Happy to commission Sister Elizabeth but if needed doing sooner then ask the Dean.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clark to Fr Hibbert: Student Cross pilgrimage at Easter

This kind of service is not wanted by the Bishop. There is a great deal of sensitivity to be shown at Walsingham as the National Shrine for the whole Catholic Community of England. Leave this for you to arrange with the Parish priest as you judge best.

Hibbert, Giles Rev OP (1923-2013)

Bishop Konstant to Bishop Clark: Reception of Holy Communion by the Mentally Handicapped

Cardinal Hume suggested, after discussions, that this set of guidelines must be right. Bishop Konstant lists the points from the discussions. He is writing to a number of bishops to obtain their comments on the points raised of any others. "I am told by those who deal with the handicapped and their parents that 'All people Together' has not had sufficient impact on the clergy, and a more explicit statement on the reception of Holy Communion would be helpful. "

Konstant, David Every Rev (1930–2016)

Bishop Murphy-O'Connor to the Apostolic Delegate: Eucharistic celebration at Walsingham

He sets out the background to the event: joint prayers, penitential walk, separate celebration of the Eucharist. The latter was to be in the open air but a torrential downpour meant the celebration was transferred to the large Anglican Church. He addresses the points raised in the Apostolic Delegate's letter. Unusual circumstances forced this to occur, but at no point was there any misunderstanding concerning the degree of "unity and disunity"; the local Ordinary approved; the celebration was conformant with the principle no 59 in the Ecumenical Directory.

Murphy-O'Connor, Cormac Rev (1932-2017)

Bishop to Fr Reid: Advice on introduction of Eucharistic Ministers

Responding to the letter of 10th November. Discusses the good news that Fr Reid is training Eucharistic ministers and the need for proper training, recording and that the Bishop reserves commissioning for himself. Recommends a manual with workbook (Manual for Training Eucharistic Ministers by Debbie Jones - written for this Diocese but generally available). Bishop feels deeply that the Ministry of the Blessed Sacrament in not to be trivialised. He appreciates the Augustinian presence in Yarmouth and Clare. DPC was reasonably successful and is beginning to be appropriated [sic] by the Diocese.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Deacon Matthew to Bishop Smith: Arrangements for supply at Dersingham

Fr Dobson not celebrating Mass at St Cecilia's (current attendance 75-100) requires arrangements for supply: Canon David Ryan (retired) will celebrate Sunday 9.30am Mass when he can; perhaps Marist fathers at Walsingham; or Fr Brian O'Reilly (Massingham) might assist. Failing that Deacon Matthews will offer a Eucharistic service with a ciborium filled with reserved Sacrament. .

Matthews, Len Rev

Fr Back to Bishop: Pancreatitis hospitalisation described; Parish report

Fr Back has been in hospital for 3 days with pancreatitis. Description of his condition and stay in hospital. Sees in his diary that he has been out to 40 meals since just before Christmas! Situation report about the Parish: re-heating done; repair programme for presbytery (no longer up for sale); site at Leiston; more children at liturgy; 2 receptions for Eater; assemblies at school; contacting B&Bs and hotels; expects to be chaplain to the Mayor; coach booked for Chrism Mass. Forward look to exchange with priest in London; Verona for a week; first Communions and then Aldeburgh Festival.

Back, Christopher G E Rev (-2014)

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