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Bishop Blackburne to Bishop Clark: All Saints project

Share the sadness that these negotiations have fallen through, but can understand why. Can Bishop Clark comment on whether he'd have taken a different view if things had been different? The transfer of St Mary's in Thetford is going ahead satisfactorily on the basis of a lease.
manuscript ps: hoped Bishop Clark had a happy time at Ely Cathedral for the ecumenical service.

Blackburne, Hugh Rev (1912-1995)

Bishop Parker to Mr Osborne (Director of Education) RC Children to attend for religious instruction prior to school; evacuees

Bishop writes: Would Mr Osborne (Director of Education, Isle of Ely Council) permit RC children to attend religious education prior to school start (9.45am). Been done elsewhere successfully where there is no denominational school; especially when there are a number of evacuees. Reassuring for them.

Parker, Thomas Leo Rev (1887-1975)

Fr Hughes to Bishop: Kimber Dalmas known in Gorleston by another name; Unfit to run a school or be in charge of boys

Fr Hughes has been advised by Fr Davidson about the claims/approaches being made by Kimber. Fr Hughes says he is known by another name, has done 3 months in prison, a very bad record, has no real education. Therefore not suitable to run a college and look after boys. Hops this letter reaches the Bishop in time to avert any endorsement which will inevitable lead to a scandal. Fr Davidson asserts that this is a scheme to make money without work. Kimber's lies and deceit do take people in, including Fr Hughes. The views expressed are from his own knowledge and direct experience.

Hughes, Henry George Rev (1868-1943)

Fr Noel Burditt to Fr Lydiate: Bishop pleased on RI for children (but manage it); Altar stone for Italian Camp; Plans for a church; Fr Flanagan & his furniture

Bishop has thanked Ely Council Education Committee regarding Religious Instruction for RC children. Fr Lydiate must ensure children attend and get back to school on time to avoid complaints. An altar stone secured for the Italian Camp - 30 shillings credited to account by Fr Hunting (manuscript annotation) - Bishop regards it as his when use finished. Plans for a potential church sent, Bishop wants Fr Lydiate to study them. Similar church in North Walsham built just before the war and Fr Lydiate encouraged to go and see it. Councillor Mallet is written to about jewellery. Return of chalice - check it is satisfactory and if it has been fire-gilt. Fr Mortimer Flanagan will be claiming back his furniture from March when he starts at Swaffham. Bishop hopes Fr Lydiate will be able to make suitable arrangements for his own furniture.

Burditt, Noel Rev (-2000)

March Parish Year Book - (1 page)

1 page printed on both sides - pencil annotation: "March parish Year Book 1948"
Side 1 - history of Catholic Church in March; Service times at Sacred Heart of Jesus, Ramsey
Side 2 - Service times at St Etheldreda, Ely ; Service times at Our Lady of Good Counsel and St Peter, March

Gaffney, William J Rev

St Etheldrea, Ely

Bishop announcing an arrangement to use Ely Cathedral's Lady Chapel for Sunday Mass, at the invitation of the Dean and Chapter. St Etheldreda' Church is being repaired following storm damage. Fr Brendan Peters did not accept this need but the Bishop made arrangements through the Chancellor, Canon Paul Taylor.

Manley, Robert Rev (-1983)

"The Praise of Famous Men"

Discussion document about "Diocesan Worthies" and a summary of the lives of:
Husenbeth of Costessey 1769 - 1872
Canon Collis 1821 - 1893
Canon P Rogers 1832 - 1918
Fr Clemente 1845 - 1918
Rev J Tonks 1863 - 1943
Provost J Freeland 1861 - 1940


Vatican envoy on three-day visit to region / Laity doing vital tasks

2 articles in on cutting

  1. Description of the visit by Archbishop Barbarito to the region.
  2. Use of laity for vital tasks because the diocese has too few priests. Bishop Clark called a special assembly to discuss the topic. Despite recent ordinations, there is going to be a shortfall of priests.

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