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Bishop Cary-Elwes: 50 days Indulgence

"To all who devoutly recite the Prayer of the Guild of SS Felix and Edmund we grant an Indulgence of 50 days. The prayer consists of the following ejaculations: 'Saint Felix and St Edmund pray for East Anglia.'"

Cary-Elwes, Dudley Charles Rev (1868-1932)

Bishop Clark to Fr Dobson: Re-alignment of Responsibilities in East Anglia

Currently drawing up a "Re-alignment of Responsibilities" and hence considering where to place Fr Dobson. Not in a supply role but in a place of his own. Bishop says that he is also in good health as a 75 year-old but which also implies retirement.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Canon Brewer to Fr Trafford: School numbers; school staffing

Understands the difficulties presented by the removal of seniors from the school. Not desirable to have Protestant children in the school. However, careful thought must be given to the school's circumstances. Decisions made will have an impact on Gorleston school and perhaps any Catholic Grammar for East Anglia. It is for the decision of the bishop.
The nature of children lapsing from the Faith is complex and much work is being done on addressing it. The Catholic Catechetical Centre being set up will provide benefit in this area.

Brewer, Arthur T Rev BCL (-1972)

Fr Dobson to Bishop's Office: Personal information

Outlines his work from 1958 in Nigeria; provides a quotation from Bishop brewer's letter (would like to but cannot employ him but he may wish to consider East Anglia). He is 63, can drive, active, healthy. Would like to be be considered for a country parish - cannot stand towns with their noise and pollution.

Dobson, William Rev CSSp

Papal Bull - Bishop Michael Evans

Papal Bull signed by John Paul II, establishing Michael Charles Evans (from Tunbridge Wells) as the Bishop of East Anglia.
Text is in Latin. Lead seal affixed to the document with a white and yellow [papal colours] cords twisted to form one cord.

John Paul II (1920-2005)