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Bishop Clark to Fr Baker: Reorganisation of parishes

A considerable reorganisation of parishes and pastoral responsibilities in the area of Dereham and Swaffham. Downham Market will become part of the Swaffham parish with Fr Peter Marsh as its first parish priest; it may be re-established as a parish in the future. Fr Baker must be living on a pittance now that RAF Marham has its own chaplain. Providing him with an overview of intentions which will not happen until arrangements have been made for Fr Baker.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop to Fr Phillips: Beware of cultivating an "inferiority Complex"; suggestions as to distribution of contents of parcel.

Bishop's advice: "good to have a good supply of humility handy, and acknowledging one's weaknesses and worthlessness, put more and absolute reliance on Almighty God. But it is not good to cultivate what is known in the modern jargon, an 'Inferiority Complex'. That is never either useful or right. Go on quietly in your own simple way, and God, who alone controls these things, will give the increase."
As to the unexpected Vestments - take what you need for Wymondham and E Dereham and see whether Woburn Sands (Fr Banham) or N. Walsham (Fr Snowden) are in want. Let the Association know. It might just be a mistake since Woburn Sands have asked for such a selection.

Cary-Elwes, Dudley Charles Rev (1868-1932)

Fr Ketterer to Bishop: Fr Hulme's appointment; Insurances for Churches; Church fund statements

Fr Hulme had decided to unpack his books, so Fr Ketterer, to save him work, had to advise him that an appointment would be made soon. Enclosing insurances for both churches and that covering the Housekeeper's property. Should he send on that covering his own property and that in the Presbytery?

Ketterer, John Joseph Rev SJ (-1973)

Fr Ketterer to Bishop: Fr Hulme's presence helpful; received cheque from Mgr Tonks; looking forward to your visit in September

Thanks the Bishop for Fr Hulme's help in the last two weeks. Fr Hulme cycles to visit around the parish. Going to see a section building in Dereham which might be the right size. A £28 cheque from Mgr Tonks (£25 Poor Mission grant and £3 grant for Guild of Ransom) . Did not receive the £3 for the last quarter and the Poor Missions grant was for £12.10.0. Children and congregation looking forward to Bishop's visit in September.

Ketterer, John Joseph Rev SJ (-1973)

Fr Ketterer to Bishop Parker: Roofing work; Blessed Sacrament Guild; E. Dereham/Wymondham

Apologies for delay in writing - a persistent cough, a touch of influenza which is difficult to shake off. Re-roofing materials now available, hope work will be finished in three weeks. RAF Sculthorpe may close down in 1963, so Hunstanton Mission could become a very poor mission. Found Blessed Sacrament Guild cards, no evidence of it being formally erected but would like to start one. Fr Cowin is not strong but the people is East Dereham feel neglected by him. Perhaps Fr Ketterer had spoilt them when he was there. Rather return as resident priest to Dereham. Not claiming the post but considers that a resident priest needs to be there.

Ketterer, John Joseph Rev SJ (-1973)

Fr Ketterer to Canon Tonks: Land sold; expansion of Wymondham; new site identified

Writes to Monsignor (assumed to be Canon Tonks): Receipt for Bishop's generous gift to the Mission enclosed. Post Office has acquired the piece of meadow, rendering the site too narrow for Church & Presbytery. Describes the nature of planned expansion in Wymondham. Has identified a site 10 minutes walk from current address. Has obtained pews & chairs for the two churches in Wymondham and Dereham. Increased seating accommodation, more dignified and silent when congregation sit or stand.

Ketterer, John Joseph Rev SJ (-1973)

Fr Phillips to Bishop: Ciborium has arrived. E Dereham congregation. Wymondham Holy Communion time.

Thank you for the Ciborium - glad it is not too big since the Tabernacle is rather small. E. Dereham congregation: ~20. mostly middle-class, few mixed marriages, a nice lot of children for instruction. No alteration to Wymondham services time, but Holy Communion is at 8 instead of 8.30 on Sundays.

Phillips, Thomas Kemp Rev (1883-1947)

Fr Phillips to Bishop: List of Vestments from Association of Perpetual Adoration; Loan of a Ciborium?

Details of East Dereham's service, fear they are too late for Directory.
List sent by the Association of Perpetual Adoration is included - the articles themselves have not arrived - perhaps "Wymondham" was a mistake for Woburn". No Cope or Ciborium at Dereham - cannot afford to buy either. Help with a loan of a Ciborium please?

Phillips, Thomas Kemp Rev (1883-1947)

Mgr Freeland to Bishop: Fr Phillips ill with gall stones. Freeland is covering the parish

Fr Phillips is in a nursing home in Norwich and is to be operated on for gall stones, possibly tomorrow. In the meantime Freeland will be attending to the spiritual needs of Wymondham and Dereham for some Sundays. Telling the Bishop for information, not to cause anxiety about the mission which I can look after without much extra burden.

Freeland, John Francis Rev (1861-1940)

Mr ASG Butler to Bishop: Regarding design work for Wymondham and Dereham churches.

Mr Butler, an Architect, has not yet met the Bishop but has met his two predecessors. when at Burnham Overy, Norfolk. A year ago Fr Ketterer asked him to Wymondham. Mr Butler has subsequently spent many hours designing a church for Wymondham and for Dereham (a particularly difficult site). This he did for a token fee of £10 paid by Fr Ketterer. Mr Butler designed the church at Wells-next-the-Sea. He now understands that the Bishop is not pleased but he has no intelligence of what has happened to his design work since sending it off. This is not about pride, but as an architect with experience in Churches, Country homes, Oxford Colleges and monuments, he would like to know what is happening; perhaps a little recognition and hope that the plans are not lost.

Butler, Arthur Stanley George Mr (1888-1965)

WB Taylor, MP, Labour, to Fr Phillips: Final vote was a test of loyalty to Prime Minister

".. cooperated with my friend Scurr, throughout, until the final vote against the pledge of the Premier to implement the provisions required made the situation a test of loyalty which while not endangering your requirements, retained my loyalty to the Prime Minister. You saw I was a signatory for your requirements earlier."

Taylor, William Benjamin MP (1875-1932)