East Anglia Bishops' Correspondence Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
5 Bishop's office to Bishop Guazzelli: Ordination not possible, in America Item 6 March 1972
7 Bishop Clark to Bishop Mahon: CCEE report reference - see Cardinal Conway Item 14 November 1972
11 Bishop Butler to Bishop Clark: Common Bible Item 10 February 1973
12 Bishop Butler to Bishop Clark: Virgin Birth pamphlet Item 25 February 1973
23 Bishop Clark to Bishop Butler: Comments on manuscripts; BCC presentation Item 16 March 1973
25 Bishop Butler to Bishop Clark: Reconciling historical and metaphysical approaches; "Faith" attack Item 9 January 1974
27 Bishop Clark to Cardinal Heenan: "Faith" and CTS campaign Item 3 April 1974
29 Statement on Freemasonry Item 21 November 1974
33 Cardinal Heenan to Canon Stevens: Federation of Catholic Priests Item 21 July 1975
34 Correspondence about Dick Stewart: living expenses, etc. Item 20 to 27 January 1976
37 Bishop Clark to Cardinal Hume: Tridentine Mass Society Item 9 June 1977
48 Cardinal Hume [to Bishop Clark and others]: Draft Address for General Synod Item c. 1977
52 Bishop Clark to Cardinal Hume: Candidate for Vicar General for the Military Ordinate of the United States in Britain Item 25 April 1978
55 Bishop Clark to Bishop Butler: Talk at UEA; accommodation at White House; SPUC Item 23 May 1978
56 Bishop Butler to Bishop Clark: Objections to his views Item 27 May 1978
57 Cardinal Hume to Bishops: Mixed Religion marriages Item 1 June 1978
59 Archbishop's Office to Bishops: Warning about an ex-priest Item 21 November 1978
63 Cardinal Hume to Bishop Clark: Holy Father meeting notes; Letter to Archbishop Coggan Item 22 May 1979
64 Bishop Clark to Cardinal Hume: Visit to the Holy Father Item 23 May 1979
67 Archbishop's Office to Bishop Clark: Amount due for Westminster Metropolitan Tribunal cases Item 23 August 1979
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