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Apology, please Mr Kinnock

Editorial begins: "The Labour party is revelling the new found confidence of an Opposition which is at last recovering from its third successive electoral defeat. The consequent euphoria, however, has led its leader to stray from the paths of accepted invective." It suggests that Mr Kinnock will not suffer the fate of Salman Rushdie but an apology is in order.

Eastern Daily Press

Bishop Clark to Fr Allen: Complaint

Asks Fr Allen to investigate the complaint letter attached.
Fr Tony [Rogers] and Gary [Dowsey] were enthusiastic about their meeting with you. Bishop finds this encouraging.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop to M E Parnell: Who is using his name to spread rumours? Suggest you see Fr Delaney, talk to him and give him the cheque

Bishop would like to know who is using his name in such a manner. He denies ever having mentioned Mrs Parnell other than to ensure F Delaney could understood her better than the foreigners [sic] who preceded him. Suggests that her writing to delay the cheque shows a concern fro Fr Delaney. Hence she should take the cheque herself and talk to Fr Delaney and commiserate with him on his accident, otherwise reconciliation will be more difficult.

Keating, William Frederick Rev (1859-1928)

Fr Flanagan to Bishop: Asking permission to sue Sr Mary of Aldeburgh Convent

Fr Flanagan is asking for permission under Canon Law to take legal action against Sister Mary of Aldeburgh Convent. Canon Tonks has a copy of the "grave statement".
Manuscript annotation (on reverse of page): "Kindly write and say that I cannot and will not grant such permission +Laurence B. of N."

Flanagan, Mortimer J Rev (-1946)

Fr Flanagan to Monsignor [Tonks?]: Bishop's solution; Convent affair; legal action

Fr Flanagan mentions that the Bishop's solution last April was "a thorough Visitation of the Convent". He says that he was sent to Aldeburgh to settle the Convent affair as Fr Davidson had difficulties with the Revd. Mother, and that the Bishop had promised to back him up. It would be fair & just for the Bishop to forward the letters to him so that he could provide a written answer to the "alleged charges". Fr Davidson says he has asked leave to take legal action against Sister Mary (the Superior).

Flanagan, Mortimer J Rev (-1946)

Fr Flanagan to Monsignor [Tonks?]: Wants an interview with the Bishop to put his case

Fr Flanagan writing to "Monsignor" [Canon Tonks?] that he has asked the Bishop for an interview to present his documents and bring some supporting parishioners. Majority in Aldeburgh know nothing of "this agitation". The Bishop has been asked to visit on 3 occasions - he did not come. He is not being treated well with an external priest in the parish and interfering with it. Fr Davidson has written to the Vicar-General about this matter. Only fair to have a hearing.

Flanagan, Mortimer J Rev (-1946)

Kinnock jibe 'offensive' says bishop

The article starts: " The Bishop of East Anglia today accused Neil Kinnock of putting his political credentials at risk by abusing Catholic beliefs." The bishop wants an apology from Mr Kinnock. Fr Dowsey accused the Labour leader of blasphemy and degrading Catholic teaching.

Eastern Evening News (1882-)

Kinnock's RC denial

[undated; unattributed]
Reports Mr Kinnock's response to complaints: "The words were neither blasphemous in the intention nor meaning. If any believer has been offended I naturally regret it."


M E Parnell to Bishop: Complaint about Fr Delaney's behaviour towards her; asking for the Bishop to intervene

Did the Bishop inform Fr Delaney warning that she is a nuisance writing reams of pages which the Bishop drops in the waste bin? She states that Fr Delaney is spreading scandal about her and saying she has left the mission. She states that Fr Delaney would be better attending to his duties instead of visiting the picture house with his nieces and his maid (19, called by him a "housekeeper"). People of Aldeburgh horrified that he went to the pictures twice during Holy Week (Monday and Maundy Thursday). She encloses a cheque - the proceeds of a sale for Fr Delaney - and asks the Bishop to forward it to the priest. She has a number of other, serious, concerns which she wants to tell to the Bishop (but cannot get to Northampton due to her Gout) if he or a representative could come, she will share them.

Parnell, Mary E Mrs

McDowell to Bishop: Complaint against Fr Flanagan

Begging the Bishop to remove Fr Flanagan. in 11 months he has alienated very member of his flock in Aldeburgh and Leiston. His manner is ruse, violent and insulting. Fr Flanagan is described not as a shepherd but as a ravening wolf amongst the flock. Mr McDowell mentions both Canon Peacock and Canon Marshall who will vouch for his steadfastness.
Manuscript pencilled annotation (on reverse of page 2): "Letter considered, action later"

McDowell, J K Mr

Neil Kinnock - a slave to fashion

Commenting that Kinnock has fallen into "the all-too easy trap of treating Christians as something rather quaint and amusing, the butt of cheap puns. And cheap is very much the tone of Mr Kinnock's attack."
The leader suggests the time is right for a reform of antiquated blasphemy laws - being unworkable. Perhaps Christians should turn the other cheek?

Catholic Herald

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