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"A Time for Building" comments

Topics addressed: General Comments; Statistics; Leadership; Small Groups; Future Role of Priests; Celibate and/or married clergy; Future Role of Bishops;
Role of Women


Bishop Butler to Bishop Clark: Forwarding a letter about pilgrimages in Walsingham

Forwarding a letter from Rev Vassily James, whose anthropologist father (Rev Professor O E James) the Bishop knew. The letter is described as being critical of a Catholic pilgrimage to Walsingham. This, he passes on to Bishop Clark for his action, with the author's permission.

Butler, Basil Edward Christopher Rev OSB (1902-1986)

Bishop Butler to Bishop Clark: Reconciling historical and metaphysical approaches; "Faith" attack

Sorry Bp Clark cannot attend the clergy In-Service Training . Fitzpatrick / Von Hugel - problem of reconciling the historical and the metaphysical approaches to reality. Disregarded the latest attack in "Faith" - quoting my letter without permission. The Nun's action was not representative; Dick Sutherland and two others came up with the same name for her.

Butler, Basil Edward Christopher Rev OSB (1902-1986)

Bishop Clark to Cardinal Hume: Final text - critique

Final text is nearly identical to the first draft - the mood is quite different. Some questions arose which he's not the time to develop. "What I believe in is the Church which Christ founded which entailed a ministry.. slowly revealed in the New Testament... the famous 'hierarchy of truths'". "After all, the question of validity is largely obsolete, whereas the question of authenticity of ministry is right up to date and requiring resolution."

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clark to Fr Butler: Walsingham advances

Agrees that the Chapel of Reconciliation is a "wonder". The gift [£25] will be sent to the Appeal committee.
"The Pope, of course said what I wanted him to say 0 and then did what I never imagined he would! Put the statue like an icon on the altar (the liturgists were embarrassed - but when HH says "put, you put)..."

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Grant to Downham Market Congregation

Compliments slip: Bishop Secretary: "Tony Sketch will arrange to deliver the enclosed - less the carbon - to all Downham Market parishioners when he distributes his invitations to the real Mass."
Page 1: letter to the congregation at Downham Market - explaining, now that the legal procedure is over, the sorrow he feels in acting against Fr Baker. Obedience to the Holy Father means accepting the changes away from the Tridentine Mass. Expects support for Fr Sketch. Notes of explanation included.
Page 2-3: Notes headed: "1. Your present position"; "2. The Missal of Pope Paul VI"; "3. The Bishop's dealings with Fr Baker"

Grant, Charles Alexander Rev LCL BA (1906-1989)

Bishop Grant to Press Association: Report in the Daily Telegraph

Quoting from an article in the Daily Telegraph which the Bishop indicates could mislead a reader with some untruths about Fr Sketch. Writing because "this and similar one-sided reports cause distress..." "... you will instruct your staff to present both sides of the picture, and not accept uncritically the propaganda of an interested party in the controversy."

Grant, Charles Alexander Rev LCL BA (1906-1989)

Bishop to Correspondent: Effort to build bridges; Refusal to accept renewed mission of the Church

Every effort, long hours and many miles involved in finding bridges to attempt to persuade Fr Baker to enjoy the privacy of the Downham Market presbytery. Bishop has for many months been on TV and in print trying to explain what is at stake. "... not just a question of a liturgical rite; it is a refusal to accept the renewed mission of the Church ..."

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Cardinal Hume to Bishop Clark: Review of draft speech text

Dick Stewart has suggested a text [not present] for talk in Newcastle to the Free Church Federal Council. Asks if Bishop Clark can comment and make suggestions about the text. What he says in Newcastle could have considerable repercussions "ratione officcii tantum" [~ the nature of office].
The Cardinal must not stay anything that will mislead or cause complications to our Conference. Please help.

Hume, George Basil Rev (1923-1999)

Commentary / Criticism

Undated and unsigned. A critical commentary about Fr Malecki's performance and interaction with parishioners. Comparison with the behaviour and actions of Fr Heley. Possibly this prompted the Bishop's letter.


Correspondent to Bishop Clark: Challenging the Bishop's decision

Went to Downham for the Mass and stayed a week. Why do you persecute a priest because he refuses to be a heretic? 5 years ago deviant behaviours (pop masses, dancing masses...) would have resulted in excommunication on the spot. Who is right Fr Baker, or those in a free for all.
Copied to Cardinal Heenan, Apostolic Delegate, Bishop Grant


Correspondent to Cardinal Hume: Course in Cambridge

Commenting on the "heresy" to be found in a course advertised in the weekly new sheet from Our Lady and the English Martyrs in Cambridge. It was run by the Diocesan education Department. The writer quotes from the course, course material and a book he bought subsequently. Considers "Informed Criticism" will demolish all belief - "surely we must have some form of indoctrination?"


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