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Branch formation - history

This document was found inside CWL-12-00-2.
Heading: "Catholic Women's League - Woodbridge"
Text: 1948. "At the end of May steps were taken to form a branch of the CWL. Twenty ladies attended the inaugural meeting which was addressed by Mrs. Rope of the Ipswich branch. The priest at Woodbridge at this time was father (later Canon) Thomson. When Father Nicholson was at Woodbridge he had founded the St Thomas Guild' as there were insufficient numbers for CWL branch."
Citation: "The East Anglia Guild Magazine with which was the Northampton Diocesan Chronicle / No1 Summer 1949."

Business Card: Vatican Secretary of State

printed text: "Il Card[inale] Segretario di Stato con distinti ossequi prega di rimettere a destinazione l'unita lettera, qualora la S V e nulla abbia da osservore in contrario"
rough translation: "The Cardinal Secretary of State, with distinct respects, requests that the item be returned to its destination, if the [Court?] and Reverence does not object."
manuscript annotation: "Blessings from Pope to Miss Corrine Lestrange Campbell on her book 'Old Glastonbury. Send it on please Nov 25/27 Hunstanton"


Card: Madonna of Ipswich

Charity Card
Front: Image of Oak statue
Inside "Madonna of Ipswich / English Oak 50" / (c) Sculpture Robb M Mellamphy"
Back: "Sold in aid of Meryemana Foundation, Ipswich / Charity No. 802312"

The Guild of our Lady of Ipswich

Fr Birch to Bishop Clark: Bishops and their Croziers

Small card with typed post script [possibly an inclusion with the copy of letter to Cardinal Hume sent to the Bishop; undated but about 14 July 1981]
"A small thought has occurred to me... Liturgically speaking, is not the National Shrine of Our Lady 'Neutral' Ground, so that every Bishop of England and Wales could feel he has the right to use his crozier in liturgical celebrations here? ... in a large concelebration only the principal would use his crozier, as is the usual pattern"

Birch, Clive Rev SM LGSM

Fr Thompson to Bishop: Retreat for the Sodalites; attendance at annual NUT meeting

Dated March 18: lists Men's Sodality 23 (Fr Courtney); Woman's Sodality 42 (Fr Harper); COM (Children of Mary) 57 (Fr DHT); Boys' Sodality 80 (Fr DHT); Girls' Sodality 35 (Fr DHT). Fr Thompson proposes giving a three day retreat to the Sodalites' men & women and asks permission to have benediction on each night. He is to represent the Borough at the annual NUT meeting which means he will miss the Conference in Easter in Norwich. Thinks the Bishop will agree that a Catholic should attend the NUT event.
Fr Errington is slowly mending.

Thompson, David H Rev SJ ( -1926)

Mass intention card

Card: monochrome image on front with caption "Alabado sea Jesus Sacramentado"; reverse typed text: "FR Howard Weston-Smart / will offer the / Holy Sacrifice of the Mass / for your intention / on /" [manuscript:] "Friday 29th June '84"

Weston-Smart, Howard Rev

Walsingham Association Membership certificate

Membership certificate:
part 1 - Title + drawing "Our Lady of Walsingham. Pray for Us"
part 2 - Prayers
part 3 - Address to send an application to
part 1 - Outline of Walsingham Association objectives & members obligations
part 2 - Member details + Prayer of Erasmus
part 3 - application details + tariff

Walsingham Association

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