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Bishop to Fr. Provincial: draft letter: Need information for Charity Commission return regarding Diocesan properties

Draft letter believed to be from Bishop Leo Parker to the SJ Provincial [Terence Corrigan?].
Having to make a submission on Diocesan properties to the Charity Commission before the end of March to meet the needs of the new Charities Act. No records of what the Society hold. Caister Chapel and cemetery seem to be leasehold and not freehold. Also who are the owners of St Mary's parochial school? Need information from the Society by return. The Diocesan solicitors are Witham, Weld and Co of 11 Ashby Place.

Parker, Thomas Leo Rev (1887-1975)

Caister Road Chapel - blessing and opening for regular Sunday Mass

Sunday October 31 [1948], the Bishop [Leo Parker] is to offer Mass and open the Chapel of "Our Lady and St Michael" as a Chapel-of-Ease for Mass every Sunday. Short history about the chapel - opened September 5 1867 by Bishop of Demerara, Monsignor Etheridge. Lady Stafford laid the foundation stone ion August 15 1866. Tickets for seats only offered to Caister parishioners due to limited accommodation.

Webb, Stephen Rev SJ MC (1888-1958)

Fr Dennis to Bishop: Parish Trip to Rome; Evening Masses; State of Caister, Hemsby, Acle; Development fund

Pastoral letter hit nail on the head. Local M (Mr Anthony Fell of Yarmouth) in Acle congregation - wonder whether he digested the passage about exports and unnecessary industries!
Saved a few items for a convenient time to write to the Bishop:

  1. Parish Trip to Rome - permission to accompany them from April 8th to 23rd; Fr Evans would be Vicarius Substitutus.
  2. Permission for Friday weekday Evening Mass/
  3. Mass Centres at Caister, Hemsby & Acle: Caister - Centre badly situated. Acquisition of a site and erection of a chapel indicated; Hemsby - suffices except in Summer. Extension urgently desirable. A new church would be costly but several more wealthy people have expressed willingness to help financially. Sufficient funds for a temporary enlargement; Acle - chapel adequate now, needs minor repairs. Housing development happening so may need a more permanent Church.
    Suggests a Fund for Future Development. Makes estimates for first and second collections at each centre plus need for other donations and fund raising activities. Currently a net surplus of £2000.
    Caister Catholic Cemetery much improved - tidy and cared for.
    Mission run jointly with Gorleston disappointing - "It was the good who came, and profited; the luke-warm and bad stayed away. I wonder what is the modern approach to the tepid in the face of TV and over-time?"

Dennis, Norman Rev SJ

Fr Dennis to Bishop: Planning permission for Church in Caister; Roof problems at St Mary's

Fr Dennis informs the Bishop that the decision has been reversed and they have permission to build a church on the site in Caister. The land owner has given clear instructions about writing to Witham & Co. The local Development Fund can now go ahead with local Catholic engagement. The Church roof and its 110+ year old tiles are leaking badly - so need to be seen to before internal decoration begins. Fr Dennis hopes to do this job before he goes.

Dennis, Norman Rev SJ

Fr Hyland to Bishop: Parish Funds; Caister development; Taking over from Fr Dennis; Comments on fellow priests

Delayed responding to the Bishop until could send financial and other returns. Canon Hunting had his appeal a week after Bishop's letter of 29 August was received. £3,500 is on deposit with National Provincial Bank but willing to move it to wherever the Bishop suggests. Caister site might do better than erecting a temporary hut - currently suitable for nearby holiday camp but farther from Caister than the present St Michael's Cemetery chapel. Surprised Mass has not been said at the three chapels on Holydays. Acle right of way letter and file to be sent to the Bishop. Fr Dennis raised the matter when the church forecourt was being churned up by traffic. Fr Dennis left lots of notes. Mentions a "rigmarolish letter" about Caister Chapel which has not been used for many years (within memory of Fr Evans and others) as it is the custom for the body to be brought to the church the previous night for Requiem Mass the next day and interment in the cemetery concerned. The statue (of St Aloysius? but told this was a matter of long time debate) is weathered but no more than might be expected in this area.
Fr Keane CP - greatly desires a convent chaplaincy; a very negative person; an hypochondriac
Fr Donnelly - doing good work; poor company; a little boorish; but sound.
Fr Evans - getting old and less energetic; talking of leaving after Whitsun; has angina.
The nuns say May is the best time for Confirmations; from June onwards most of the parents are busy with holiday guests.

Hyland, John G Rev OSA

Fr Shannon to Bishop: Induction; restructuring Mass schedule

Fr Shannon details new arrangements, since there are only two priests now, for timetabling Masses in St Mary's Parish, affecting Hemsby, Caister, Acle, Yarmouth. Thanks the Bishop for his induction at St Mary's last week. Will be talking to the Vicar at Hemsby and the Methodist minister at Acle regarding use of their buildings for Masses.

Shannon, John Rev

Fr Shannon to Bishop: Visit to Acle and Hemsby

Fr Shannon and the Dean, Fr Tony Sketch, visited St Teresa's Social Centre in Acle and St Thomas More's Chapel in Hemsby. The former should be kept to support the growing community in Acle and district. The latter is occasionally used for Mass on Holydays of Obligation. The Anglican Church is rented for Saturday evening Mass at £1100 per annum. Two options: 1. buy a bungalow for a retired priest to live in; renovate and renew chapel at some cost; cease rental of Anglican church. 2. Sell the land. Use Caister instead.
Hemsby folk may be aggravated since they did raise money to extend the chapel some years ago. With a congregation of 50-60 in the Winter rising to 100 in the Summer with holiday makers - Fr Shannon is sure they could all get to Caister (3 miles distant).

Shannon, John Rev

Wearing & Hastings to Bishop: New Church at Caister

HBarry CC Hastings writes that he has net Fr Mossey in Yarmouth. Also looked at the Italian Church in Bedford - an interesting building, but better inside than out. The Bishop suggested the church at Roade - Fr Mossey agrees. So, started on designs with a view to presenting alternatives based on each building; bearing in mind that the building may become a hall instead of a church. 150 seats. need to be advised on how the local authority parking will impact the design. Budget probably £8,000.

Wearing & Hastings

Witham, Weld & Co to Canon Hunting: Church site, Caister

Michael Kelleher, Witham, Weld & Co writing to inform the Canon that they have been instructed by the Bishop in relation to the purchase of the Church site in Caister. Contract enclosed, for signing and return, for the price of £500. Fr Dennis has agreed the terms and provided the deposit of £55.

Witham, Weld and Co