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Book: Saint Mary's, Regent Road, Great Yarmouth, 1850-1950

Centenary Booklet
Front Cover: Title, Monochrome image St Mary's choir and altar
Back cover: External view of St Mary's, monochrome image
Inside front cover: SJ priests buried in Caister Cemetery; Priests (Superiors & Assistants) of St Mary's (1824 to 1948)
Contents: 1. The beginnings of the Parish P1g 1; 2. Don Claudio Lopez Pg7; 3. St Mary's Regent Road Pg12; 4. Growth in Nineteenth Century Pg 18; 5. Modern Times P27.

Lawrence, I St. Rev SJ

Booklet: Our Lady of Ipswich

Cover: "Our Lady of Ipswich" /J John Parker 1s 6d /; Image of statue (Our Lady of Grace of Ipswich statue - permission of Rev H Wace, Cambridge)
Part 1 - A History of the Shrine (pages 1-11)
Part 2 - The Controversy (pages 12-17)
Part 3 - Epilogue (pages 17-19)
Acknowledgements page 20

Parker, J John

Briefing: Lead article Walsingham Appeal

Briefing (Vol 10 No 42) Page 1 and 2: Headline: "Appeal launched for National Shrine" - Support from Pope John Paul II, Cardinal Hume, The Bishop's Conference, Duke of Norfolk. Bishop Clark and Fr Birch provide background.

Other stories: H-Block of the Maze prison; Justice & Peace delegation to Zimbabwe; British Church women in Poland and Hungary; Congress liturgies on record.

Catholic Information Services

Centenary Booklet 1902-2002, Sacred Heart of Jesus, RC Church

Front cover: watercolour of RC Church of Sacred Heart of Jesus; 1902-2002; Centenary Booklet
Inside front: Acknowledgements to: Jane & Bob Latin, Phillip Vine, Elizabeth Barker, Micheal Day. Printed by Mapro Publishing Services, St Ives
Pages 1-4 Advertising; Page 5 Forward by Fr Maddison; Page 6-9 History - early beginnings; Page 10 Fr John Arendzen; Pages 11, 13, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25 History of Pugin's Little Gem; Page 12 Fr Constantine Ketterer; Pg 14 Fr J P Purcell; Pg 15 Fr E A Payne; Pg16-17 Press cutting of handover from Fr Kerby to Fr Maddison, 27 July 2001; Pg 18 Fr Stephen J Doupe; Pg 19 Fr Bernard Nelson; Pg 23 Fr John Patricj Drury; Pg 26 Fr Raymond Henry Kerby; Pg 27 List of Parish Priests & List of Deacons; Pg 28-32 Advertising.
Inside back cover: monochrome images from Design of New Catholic Church of St Andrew's Cambridge
Back Cover: Colour image of "Centenary Window installed in 2002"

Maddison, Paul Rev

Dedication of the Church of the Annunciation

Order of service for the dedication of the Church of the Annunciation
Names/Roles identified:
Bishop Michael Evans & Bishop Tom Burns (Bishop to HM Forces); Mr Rossi (Architect & Designer); Davis Athey (WA National Fundraising); Sue Stanley (Parish Fundraising Committee); Ian Storman (Diocesan Financial Administrator); Fr Michael Simison (Parish Priest). Procession leaders included Rev Norman Banks (Vicar of Walsingham), Rev Philip North (Anglican Shrine Administrator), Rev Philip Barnes (Anglican Shrine priest), Rev John Whittle (Methodist Minister). Antonia Moffat (Parish Treasurer) - 1st reading, John Greenwood (Walsingham Association) - 2nd reading. Anointing of the church walls: Fr David Bagstaff, Fr Peter Rollings, Fr Michael Rear, Fr Noel Wynn, Fr Michael Simison. Fr Patrick Radley (Orthodox Church priest)


Mass Booklet

Cover: "Mass in Honour of Our Lady of Walsingham / Sunday 7th October, 1984. / 3 P.M. / R.C. Cathedral Church of / St John the Baptist, Norwich"
Inside front cover: Information about Walsingham Association
Page 1 - 4 Order of Service including : Hymns, Psalm, Motet.Prayer of Erasmus
Inside back cover: Advertisement for Pilgrimage to Rome 26 Sept yo 3 Oct 1985.

Walsingham Association East Anglian Federation

Meryemana Centre Appeal booklet

side 1: "The Meryemana Centre Appeal"; Meryemana logo; Sketch of St Nicholas church
side 2: Forward by Sir Godfrey Style; Patrons; Vice-presidents
side 3: The Foundation; The Project; The Centre
side 4: "Plan of Church and proposed uses": Plan with 6 interior sketches
side 5: The Appeal: 14 categories of spend (costed) rounded up plus £50,000 endowment provides a total of £250,00. / Scale of Gifts needed
side 6: Gift Opportunities / Tax -efficient Giving
side 7: blank (pocket formed from flap printed with list of personnel involved in the Appeal)
side 8: The history; picture of St Nicholas Chancel & Choir; the Chapel; contact details for enquiries

The Guild of our Lady of Ipswich

Meryemana Centre Appeal handout

page 1: transparent sheet; printed with "The Meryemana Centre Appeal"; Meryemana Logo; St Nicholas church sketch
page 2: blank card
Page 3: Introduction; The project
Page 4: How can you Help?; Tax-efficient Giving
Page 5: Gift Opportunities; Project enquiries; Financial enquiries
page 6: Appendix A St Nicholas' Church, Ipswich [categories of spend]
page 7: Appendix B Patrons / Trustees / Committee / Architect / Solicitor / Accountant / Fund-raising Consultant
page 8: blank card

The Guild of our Lady of Ipswich

National Shrine of Our Lady, Walsingham / The new development 1981

White glossy card cover - Title & images
page 1: Patrons / Appeal Committee / Trustees
page 2: Cardinal Hume: Why development - the cardinal explains
page 3: image of model showing new chapel of Our Lady of Reconciliation
page 4: The story of the Shrine
page 5: What is happening
page 6-7: drawing of interior of new chapel
page 8: plan of new chapel
page 9: Plan of shrine grounds
page 10-11: how you can help
page 12: drawing of exterior of chapel

Ward, Michael R W

NEWS - From the Catholic Diocese of East Anglia

A5 booklet, photocopied A4 paper folded, 1 staple in spine, colour paper cover, white inside

  1. Autumn 1983
  2. Winter 1983
  3. Spring 1984
  4. Summer 1984
  5. Autumn 1984
  6. New Year 1985
  7. Easter 1985
  8. Summer 1985
  9. Autumn 1985
  10. Christmas 1985
  11. Spring 1986
    A5 booklet, A4 folded, 2 staples in spine, gloss card cover with colour images, gloss print paper, monochrome internal images
  12. Summer 1986
    A4 leaflet, 1 page, 2 folds, 6 sides, printed, yellow banner front page, monochrome images
  13. Autumn 1986
  14. Winter 1986/87
  15. Spring 1987
  16. Summer 1987
  17. Winter 1987/88
  18. Spring 1988
  19. Summer 1988
  20. Winter 1988/89
  21. Spring 1989
  22. Summer 1989
  23. Winter 1989/90

Dowsey, Gary Rev (1955-)


Produced for members of the Walsingham Association. Initially printed as an A4 booklet but from #14 presented as an A5 booklet with glossy paper. See finding aid for details.

Walsingham Association

Notes on Reredos at Our Lady and St Thomas of Canterbury

Front cover: Title with line drawing of RC Church and Presbytery; 1. The Reredos; 3. Centre Section; 4. Southside - Top Row; 5. Southside - Middle Row; 6. Northside - Top Row; 7. Northside - Middle Row; 8. Northside - Bottom Row; 9. Southside - Bottom Row; 11. Reredos schematic; 11. Bibliography; Inside rear cover: notes & research by Peter Wiseman.

Wiseman, Peter Mr

Notes on the FEPOW Memorial Cabinet & Cover and Books of Remembrance

Front cover: title page with line drawing of Wymondham Church and Presbytery; 1. Memorial Cabinet; 2. Cabinet Cover; 2. Symbolism of Embroidery; 5. Memorial Triptych; 6. Books of Remembrance; 7. Memorial Books; 10. Index of Defence Forces; inside rear cover: Acknowledgement to Embroidery research and design by Sister Theresa Keswick, Carmelite and booklet author, Peter Wiseman.

Wiseman, Peter Mr

Novena in honour of Our Lady of Walsingham

16 pages
front cover - Colour image of Walsingham Virgin & Child
page 2-3: History
page 4: Day 1 The Annunciation of The Lord; Day 2 Our Lady's Visitation to Elizabeth
page 5: Day 3 The Birth of Our Lord
page 6: Day 4 The Ministry of Our Lord; Day 5 The Crucifixion of Our Lord
page 7: Day 6 The Resurrection of Our Lord
page 8: Day 7 The Coming of the Holy Spirit
page 9: Day 8 The Assumption of Our Lady
page 10: Day 9The Coronation of Our Lady
page 11: -15: Selection of daily prayers for the Novena
Back cover: An Act of Entrustment to Mary

Nihil Obstat: Rev James Walsh
Imprimatur: Rt Rev Peter Smith, Bishop of East Anglia

Walsh, James Rev

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