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Bishop Clark to Mr Power: Hostel Development

A new Director taking over at the Shrine; most matters left to Vicar General and so did not realise the urgency in the letter. Naturally grateful to the Walsingham Association for the pledge of raising £60,000. Do keep Mgr McBride and the Executive [Committee] in the picture. Every blessing.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Peter Smith and Fr John Drury visit a house

Bishop Peter Smith is stood on the steps before the entrance to a small wooden house. Fr Drury stands nearby and watches.
Reverse of the image:

  1. "The Bishop blesses on of the new homes built through the donations from the Diocese of E. Anglia. House of Geoje and Elizabeth, recently married but until then homeless"
  2. a stamp in purple ink, (blurred) text in Spanish, presumably that of the photographer's organisation (Foto Estudio Juan)


Business Card: Vatican Secretary of State

printed text: "Il Card[inale] Segretario di Stato con distinti ossequi prega di rimettere a destinazione l'unita lettera, qualora la S V e nulla abbia da osservore in contrario"
rough translation: "The Cardinal Secretary of State, with distinct respects, requests that the item be returned to its destination, if the [Court?] and Reverence does not object."
manuscript annotation: "Blessings from Pope to Miss Corrine Lestrange Campbell on her book 'Old Glastonbury. Send it on please Nov 25/27 Hunstanton"


Cardinal Casaroli to Bishop Clark: Golden Jubilee Booklet - Message from Holy Father

Cardinal Casaroli, Secretary of State, Secretariat of State, Vatican, writes that the Holy Father well remembers venerating the statue of Our Lady of Walsingham on 29 June 1982. His token of participation in the Golden Jubilee is to impart his Apostolic Blessing to those present at the various events.

Casaroli, Agostino Rev (1914-1998)

Fr Allen to Bishop Clark: Papal Blessing; Pastoral Council; Quidenham

Draft letter to the Pope [not present] asking for a special blessing and response for reading out at the close of Marian Year. Pro-Nuncio has agreed to support it.
Also attached is a letter about the Spiritual Development of Walsingham.
Trying to get the Pastoral Council together but it is not easy as every one is happy to complain but not to say "yes" and do something about it.
Sr Rachel at Quidenham has written about an application from an Anglican Sister to enter Carmel. Should Fr Allen or the Bishop interview her?
He is in touch with Gary about the diocesan pilgrimage.

Allen, Peter Rev SM BA MTh

Fr Birch to Bishop Clark: Blessing of new Chapel

Roy Gathercole said the Bishop was prepared to preach at the Blessing of the new chapel. Reading from Ephesians (Chp II v13-22) but an alternative in Kings - let Fr Birch know which he wants so he can warn the reader.
Archbishop Worlock is attending - give an opportunity to speak? (manuscript note - "not attending")
Executive Council has suggested an illuminated scroll be present to the Anglicans on the occasion of their Golden Jubilee - Bishop prepared to sign, copy of text included [not present] (manuscript note - "suggest re-draft"

Birch, Clive Rev SM LGSM

Fr Birch to Cardinal Hume: Completion of the Chapel of Our Lady of Reconciliation

The Chapel of Our Lady of Reconciliation will not be completed on 6 September, but by the end of September. Asking the Cardinal to bless the chapel and return in the Spring for its official dedication. Some ten Bishops will attend the National Pilgrimage - a suitable occasion to announce the chapel's near completion.

Birch, Clive Rev SM LGSM

Fr Davidson to Bishop: Dunwich Pilgrimage to be on August 19

Fr Davidson informs the Bishop that the Dunwich Pilgrimage will be on August 19. Fr Mason and he would like the Bishop to attend. Permission requested for a Papal Blessing. Will be attending the Summer School and will see the Bishop there next week.
Manuscript annotation: "Wrote to Mgr. Redmond to ask for a Papal Blessing July 28/28."

Davidson, Charles Madgwick Rev DD BA

Fr Gaffney to Fr Collins: Clarifying a few points re arrangements.

Fr Gaffney makes clear the layout/situation with his church. He will sing Mass of Our Lady as o Missal for 26 April (as sung annually on the Patronal Feast). Old church locked - not allowing non-catholics to see it stripped. If this is not acceptable the Bishop must find someone else to take over before 19th.

Gaffney, William J Rev

Fr Gerald Collins to Fr Gaffney: Detailing requirements, lay-out, vestments, rite, Church Titulars

Letter re Blessing of Church. Requirements: Ministers (6), Servers (9)., Requisita (vestments, Bishop - cope, stole, holy water, cross, candles, kneeler, "The church to be completely bear[sic]").
Approach to & what to dress Bishop, Deacon & Subdeacon. Rite is Titulus IX, Caput IX.N.17 in Rituale Romanum; Psalm 50, 119, 12 7, 121. Issue over Titular - Lady of Good Counsel to be Primary Patron & St Peter secondary, hence no liturgical privileges for him. If this adopted then Mass is "Mass of Our Lady No 4 (Missae de Sta Maria in Sabbato), etc.
Fr Burditt can draw up the Ordo for the Titular Feast and Octave for future years.
Anything else?

Collins, Gerard A Rev

Mgr Sepe to Bishop Clark: Papal Blessing

Holy Father pleased to hear of the celebration of the closing of the Marian Year at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham. Mention of his Encyclical Letter on the Blessed Virgin Mary in the Life of the Pilgrim Church. Imparts his Apostolic Blessing to all those taking part in the ceremonies.

Sepe, Crescenzio Rev (1943-)