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Apology, please Mr Kinnock

Editorial begins: "The Labour party is revelling the new found confidence of an Opposition which is at last recovering from its third successive electoral defeat. The consequent euphoria, however, has led its leader to stray from the paths of accepted invective." It suggests that Mr Kinnock will not suffer the fate of Salman Rushdie but an apology is in order.

Eastern Daily Press

Bishop Clark to Fr Dobson: Re-alignment of Responsibilities in East Anglia

Currently drawing up a "Re-alignment of Responsibilities" and hence considering where to place Fr Dobson. Not in a supply role but in a place of his own. Bishop says that he is also in good health as a 75 year-old but which also implies retirement.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop to Fr Hyland: Good works; Managing loans

Thanked Fr Hyland for an excellent day and for his good works in and around the Church - "and all your schemes have been blessed". Gives advice about making loans - do it through the Diocese to ensure a correct record is made - a letter from his colleague in Birmingham may be enough.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

FE Banham to Bishop Keating: Cyril Banham to become a priest

Novice Master at Manresa House [Jesuit house, Birmingham] suggested the approach regarding Cyril Banham training to become a secular priest in this Diocese. Always wanted to become a priest but was delayed following an operation in 1914 for empyema. Will support the cost of the training. Cyril saw Canon Drake recently on this matter.

Banham, Frederick E

Fr Dobson to Bishop's Office: Personal information

Outlines his work from 1958 in Nigeria; provides a quotation from Bishop brewer's letter (would like to but cannot employ him but he may wish to consider East Anglia). He is 63, can drive, active, healthy. Would like to be be considered for a country parish - cannot stand towns with their noise and pollution.

Dobson, William Rev CSSp

Fr Mason to Bishop Keating: Appeals; Parish Finance; Wooden chapel offer

Thanks the Bishop for authorising his appeals; explains costs associated with appeals can outweigh income from them. £100 only in Church Fund. Beautiful site (paid for by the Benefactress, who built Lowestoft Church); 60 in congregation (from 12/15 at start); decent chapel in town with a fair rent - need a priest's house more than a church. The wooden chapel from Birmingham suggested by the Bishop would be too small to accommodate 150-200 in Summer.

St Leger Mason, Henry Patrick Rev (-1940)

Hackeson to Miss Wiffen: Introductory letter prior to assuming David Jennings'role as National Secretary

Hackeson to Walsingham Association branches (Miss Wiffen at Norwich). Introducing himself prior to taking over from David Jennings as National Secretary. Some biographical paragraphs before looking forward to meet at the National Pilgrimage on September 13th or the AGM in November.

Hackeson, Mark A Rev

Mr Jackson to Bishop: Christmas Gift; Plans cost is enormous

Sends a little Christmas present. He might visit in the New Year provided no snow - the accident makes him fearful. An investment of £700-5-0 at 6.5% not refused. The St Chad's plans for the grotto [?] have an enormous cost: £900 -5-0. The chapel will cost over £200. He told Fr Boscali that he could not afford that as all his money is tied up. The £1000 is untouched and reserved for the Church.

Jackson, M A

Mr Jackson to Bishop: Money will be available when required; could not find the Bishop's brother's grave

Forgot to mention the proposed sanctuary to The Sacred Heart. Money will be paid when needed. Went to St Joseph's but could not find the Bishop's brother's grave. Fr Boscali asks, when Bishop is in Birmingham, if he could see the Lourdes Chapel and the proposed grotto in the gas meter place. Jackson thinks this grotto is an unnecessary expense. The window to Our Lady of Lourdes will be there to be seen.

Jackson, M A

Walsingham Association to Bishop Clark: Tridentine Mass at Walsingham

Graeme le Monnier, Chairman, Birmingham Branch, Wal. Assoc. writes for permission to have a Tridentine Mass at Walsingham. No publicity, only Wal Assoc. members and the celebrant Fr Paul Chavasse of the Oratory. This is an early request as he hopes to announce a programme of Birmingham pilgrimages for 1986.

Walsingham Association