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Fr Flynn to Bishop Cary-Elwes: Request transfer to Aylesbury

Despite the pain in his right arm from neuritis, Fr Flynn is setting out the case for him to be assigned to Aylesbury. He understands that the priest there, Fr Scott, is more of less permanently disabled and may be moved from his mission creating a vacancy. Fr Flynn has never found Norfolk or Suffolk much to his liking and would appreciate being moved to Aylesbury which gets him away form these counties and nearer to his father.
Manuscript annotation: "Answered. Aylesbury again filled by Scott. very stretching place owing to Government requirements at the Prison. You will never be able to keep regular & punctual owing to your breakdowns. That only you are in Hunstanton where, except during the season, this does not much matter. Will think over the matter Oct 24/25."

Flynn, Charles S Rev (-1943)