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Audit comments on Accounts for 1997

Comments form audit cover:
Overall Summary (page 11)
Activities (Page 11)
General income and Expenditure (page 12)
Administration/Bureau (page 13)
Shrine (page 14)
Hotel and dining room (page 15)
Slipper Chapel Shop (page 16)
Walsingham Association (page 17)

MacIntyre Hudson

Bishop Clark to Fr Birch: Conversation follow-up

Following their conversation today, Mgr McBride will be getting in touch. Three points:

  1. The Executive's decision regarding the Blessed Sacrament is "ad experimentum" for this season. They will re-think if needed.
  2. Walsingham Statue Honour Guard - see Mgr Stark's letter - decision remains with the Executive.
  3. Will discuss audit with Fr Wilson

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Fr Nesden to Bishop Clark: Tribunal staffing

The pending change in staffing at St Mary's Ipswich - the Bishop needs to consider the needs of the Tribunal. Fr Cleary only auditor in Ipswich denary - he has done 17 rogatory commissions. Outsourcing such work to Parish Priests will not be popular - cite an example of one outstanding for a year despite 4 reminders from himself and one from Southwark Tribunal. Bernard McCumiskey is still waiting for a response from the Bishop.

Nesden, Bernard Rev (-1999)