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Fr Brown to Bishop: Attleborough

Further to the Bishops letter on Attleborough and in the light of Alies' recovery/non-recovery. Methodist Minister wants to explore sharing via the Shared Churches Act. Also, Fr Bredon Peters wants to reschedule Mass to 9 am from 4pm - he won't have to drive in the dark, and, better timing to help build up the congregation. Mgr Wace considers that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages - especially keeping Brendon happy. Methodist minister is happy with the proposal - less heating required.

Brown, Peter Rev

Fr Chapman to Bishop: Releasing Attleborough - Fr Crowther to take on?

Fr Chapman did not know Abbot Haworth was leaving Quidenham. He considers that Fr Crowther should have Attleborough and the villages to the South. Without Attleborough things would be easier as the parish too extensive to cover properly. Fr Chapman has been putting the Attleborough collection into a Diocesan account - some £1600 now - which the Bishop had agreed to. He did this since the attitude of their parish council showed him to be a stranger and they were covered by the Abbot anyway. He has only said mass their once but in four years he knows many of the Catholics - they are all right - but they "want to paddle their own canoe".
Manuscript annotation: "Archbishop Worlock - against appointment of Fr Crowther."

Chapman, Kenneth S Rev ( -1983)

Fr Chapman to Bishop: Use of Wymondham Abbey Church whilst own church being worked on

Fr Chapman advising the Bishop that due to on-going works at his Church he will be saying Mass at Wymondham Abbey for first 3 Sundays of December. The Vicar there has already obtained his own permissions. Since Fr Chapman already uses Anglican churches at Attleborough and Hethersett, he assumed that this would not cause a problem to the Bishop.

Chapman, Kenneth S Rev ( -1983)

Fr Phillips to Bishop: Attleborough Mass - new location; Excused contribution to Cathedraticum?; Dr Arendzen lecture leaflet

Attleborough mass now at the Drill Hall, larger and more convenient than the Griffin Hotel. Mgr Freeland suggested he write to be excuse of the Cathedraticum as he is a "Poor Mission". Encloses a leaflet on the lectures of Fr Arendzen. Asks for a Memento for the Mission next week.

Phillips, Thomas Kemp Rev (1883-1947)

Fr Phillips to Bishop: New address; Setting up for Mass at Attleborough

Acknowledges letter of 29 October. Will establish an Altar Society. Dr Gaynor's offer of £25 will be accepted. Mgr Freeland will pay rent for the Chapel. New address: 1 Elm Terrace (opp. Police station). Use "Catholic Church" as it is simpler. Landlady, Mrs Dickerson, of Griffen Hotel in Attleborough has a suitable room for Mass. Please forward vestments, etc. to her. Propose to start on 7th November.
Armistice Service - vicar has asked him to take part in a combined service - would it be wise for me to take part?

Phillips, Thomas Kemp Rev (1883-1947)