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Fr Phillips to Bishop: Lectures in Attleborough

Asking the Bishop for permission to have a series of lectures by Fr Vassal-Phillips in Attleborough, from Nov 24 to Dec 1st. Congregation is down to 3 (through deaths & departures) but Fr Phillips does not want to give it up and Fr VP has roused "slackers".
Manuscript annotation: "Granted. [illegible] PM Attleborough Nov 8 / 29."

Phillips, Thomas Kemp Rev (1883-1947)

Fr Chapman to Canon McBride: 1977 returns for Watton & Attleborough

RAF Watton: collections (average £15 per week) , payments, expenses ; mass attendance 50 to 62. Attleborough: collections, expenses.
Fr Chapman liked looking after Watton, but his health is not good and he gets exhausted and would like to be relieved of Watton. Finances declining, a lot of work on house, cottage & hall. New roof needed for church (estimate at £4,050 + 8% VAT).

Chapman, Kenneth S Rev ( -1983)

Fr Chapman to Bishop: Releasing Attleborough - Fr Crowther to take on?

Fr Chapman did not know Abbot Haworth was leaving Quidenham. He considers that Fr Crowther should have Attleborough and the villages to the South. Without Attleborough things would be easier as the parish too extensive to cover properly. Fr Chapman has been putting the Attleborough collection into a Diocesan account - some £1600 now - which the Bishop had agreed to. He did this since the attitude of their parish council showed him to be a stranger and they were covered by the Abbot anyway. He has only said mass their once but in four years he knows many of the Catholics - they are all right - but they "want to paddle their own canoe".
Manuscript annotation: "Archbishop Worlock - against appointment of Fr Crowther."

Chapman, Kenneth S Rev ( -1983)

Fr Brown to Bishop: Attleborough Finances and pastoral care

Vicar General has spoken to Fr Brown about the Attleborough and Wymondham relationship. Whilst money sparked off this matter Fr Brown is concerned for the parishioners of Attleborough. They consider themselves rather neglected having had a series of priests with mixed levels of interest. Having a priest to say Mass is not enough there is more to being a Catholic than Sunday Mass.

Brown, Peter Rev

Bishop to Fr Brown: Considering delivery of pastoral care and parish boundaries

The Bishop insists that Fr Brown "cannot do the morally impossible". Note Dereham was erected as a parish to enable Mass at Hethersett. Attleborough should be discussed between Fr Brown and the Vicar-General or Dean to see what is possible. It is sensitive with Fr Brendan Peters only 80% well. Bishop is thinking out loud on paper. Watton: the Bishop has a candidate in mind, but will consult with Fr Brown.
"It is no 'theological nicety' that we will need (structural ) laity involvement on a deeper scale than ever before...", Bishop is uneasy if pastoral responsibility is seen as exclusively pertaining to the Parish priest.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Fr Brown to Bishop: Review of parish boundaries welcome; comments on pastoral care in Attleborough

Glad to hear of a review of the parish boundaries with Vicar-General or Dean. Fr Brown acknowledges that the priest cannot do it all - but it is important that there is close contact with the priest through the Sacred Liturgy. The people of Attleborough are not getting this as Fr Peters is far from well. They are being told that they are with Quidenham and consider that the priest is only there to take their collection. Whilst there is a Parish Committee they do not respond to his hints that he'd like to be involved. He thinks there is a problem with trust of priests.
He was contacted by the Council of Churches in Attleborough which is intending to attend the Catholic Mass for Advent. Attleborough people feel they do not want their non-Catholic friends to see the liturgy as currently carried out. Hence Fr Brown is arranging to celebrate this Mass himself.
Finally, he was not "knocking" anyone - it is just that the Ad Clerums don't reflect addressing practical difficulties in organising communities.

Brown, Peter Rev

Fr Brown to Bishop: Attleborough Finances need sorting out

Since receiving the Guild of Our Lady of Ransom cheque for £500 (paid into the Wymondham account) , Fr Brown has been "trying to penetrate the mystery of the Attleborough accounts". They do not exist. Quidenham and Attleborough collections are placed in a bank account to which neither Fr Brown nor the parish priest for Diss have access. It seems that Fr O'Brien claimed to have authority from the Vicar-General to set up an "Autonomous Area" - Quidenham, Attleborough and surrounding villages. The Bishop seems not to know of this since the Ransom money was stated by him as not for Quidenham. At a recent parish meeting an Attleborough parishioner want to know what as happened to their money (£2,500 to £3,000 gathered at Wymondham's Christmas Bazaar). Fr Brown asks the Bishop to sort this out - money from two parishes in different deaneries going into one back account over which neither parish priest has control.

Brown, Peter Rev

Fr Wilson to Fr Brown : Attleborough Finances

Fr Wilson understands that Fr Brendon Peters is carrying out a cure of souls at Quidenham with Attleborough part of his responsibility. The costs of doing this should be coming from collections. Hence Fr Wilson treats him like any other parish. If not correct then the Bishop should sort it out between Fr Brown, Fr Peters and Bob McCormick.
Added manuscript note: "I call Brendan's cure "Quidenham / Attleborough" but have had no account from him."

Wilson, Peter John Rev MA FCA

Bishop to Fr Brown: Visitation - 7/8 September 1985; sorting out Attleborough

Thanking Fr Brown for his "care" during the Visitation on 7/8 September. The Bishop finds that he has not yet replaced his "reserves" and will have to pace himself for some time. His heart went out to the orphans at Attleborough.
Resolution to Attleborough depends on (1) linking Swaffham to Watton, (2) re-establishing Attleborough to Wymondham parish. Thanks Fr Brown for the generous offering to the "kitty".

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Wymondham Parish Directory. 1st edition.

  1. Introduction; 2. Foreword by Fr Peter Brown; 3. Contents; 4. Catholic Schools; 5. Church services; 6. Parish administration; 7. Communications; 8. Ministry; 9. Prayer Groups; 10. Education; 11. Mission; 12. Parish community; 13. Ecumenical directory; 16. List of parishioners (in the directory).

Brown, Peter Rev

Mass at Hethersett

Methodist Church has welcomed the approach to use their church on Saturday evenings. Well suited, so will start on Saturday 3 January 1987.
Attleborough Methodist Church will meet on 6 January [1986] to consider our request. If successful then will start Sunday masses there from February [1986].

Brown, Peter Rev

Bishop to Fr Brown: Strategy for presence in Attleborough

Bishop considers the points raised by Fr Brown. Setting aside the Diocese's "penury", it is important to have a goal in mind - permanent church (small such as in Blakeney) or church centre? Bishop tends to the latter with a view to ecumenical sharing. although the Anglicans are currently building their own. What about the Methodist Church and its buildings?
Re Sr. Alies, provision for her will be largely at Wymondham's expense. but the idea is worth exploring.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop to Fr Brown: Visitation - 8/10 July 1988

Valuable & vigorous time on a programme which at first seemed daunting but was fully vindicated. Bishop did visit the whole of the parish. Very much liked what he encountered and thanked Fr Brown and Sister Alies for their time & energy. Attleborough has no immediate answer; building there is still thought of, but the Bishop favours the Methodist Church as a good venue. Suggests Fr Brown should programme in some painting. The hall may still provide adequate service but for how long? Wymondham is a happy and well organised parish.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Fr Brown to Bishop: Quinquennial review of Wymondham; Strategy for presence in Attleborough

Chris Toller (of ????) undertook the 5 year review of Wymondham property. Nothing to worry, except to reserve £10,000 for re-roofing the Presbytery in a year or so. They considered future development of the parish in Attleborough, given that the parish has no property there. The old C of E Hall is to come to the market soon, Chris Toller sees this as an opportunity. So Fr Brown is raising it with the Bishop despite his lack of means. Sister Alies is soon to be out of hospital but will not be able to drive and it is thought that having her based in Attleborough would provide someone on the spot would provide support for local people.

Brown, Peter Rev

Wymondham Parish Directory. 3rd edition.

Title page; 1. Foreword by Fr Peter Brown; 2. Contents; 3. General information; 4 Parish Community; 4. Parish administration; 5. Communication; 5. Religious Education; 7. Prayer Groups and Prayer contacts; 8. Mission; 9. Third World Groups; 9. Social Concern; 10. Hingham & Mulbarton; 11. Wymondham community; 15. Attleborough community; 17. Hethersett Community; 19. Quidenham community; 22 Watton community; 24. Ecumenical directory; 25. List of parishioners (in the directory)

Brown, Peter Rev

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