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Fr Phillips to Bishop: Mass numbers; gas laid on; Attleborough as a mass centre?

"Lapsi" causing him concern - they know little and care little. But, a small nucleus of solid Catholics help. Church maintenance being done; gas has been laid on under hire arrangement at 26/- per year. 30 at Mass; more could come but expensive to get here - perhaps could say a Mass at Attleborough for the 7 or 8 who have difficulty getting here.

Phillips, Thomas Kemp Rev (1883-1947)

Fr Phillips to Bishop: Acknowledged receipt of vestments; CWL letter and application sent to London

Decided to wait until after first Mass in Attleborough to tell Bishop of receipt of vestments. Sent CWL application to London; additional vestments (Cope & Humeral Veil) badly wanted as mice have eaten hole sin them and the material is perished. Notices that Miss Jarvis offer included these items, so could cancel London application. Will send details of Tabernacle veils and other articles required.
Manuscript annotation: "Ans: Have asked Miss Jarvis to send you a form to be filled up and countersigned by me. Nov 12 / 26."

Phillips, Thomas Kemp Rev (1883-1947)

Fr Phillips to Bishop: Attleborough Mass - new location; Excused contribution to Cathedraticum?; Dr Arendzen lecture leaflet

Attleborough mass now at the Drill Hall, larger and more convenient than the Griffin Hotel. Mgr Freeland suggested he write to be excuse of the Cathedraticum as he is a "Poor Mission". Encloses a leaflet on the lectures of Fr Arendzen. Asks for a Memento for the Mission next week.

Phillips, Thomas Kemp Rev (1883-1947)

Fr Phillips to Bishop: Lectures in Attleborough

Asking the Bishop for permission to have a series of lectures by Fr Vassal-Phillips in Attleborough, from Nov 24 to Dec 1st. Congregation is down to 3 (through deaths & departures) but Fr Phillips does not want to give it up and Fr VP has roused "slackers".
Manuscript annotation: "Granted. [illegible] PM Attleborough Nov 8 / 29."

Phillips, Thomas Kemp Rev (1883-1947)

Fr Phillips to Bishop: New address; Setting up for Mass at Attleborough

Acknowledges letter of 29 October. Will establish an Altar Society. Dr Gaynor's offer of £25 will be accepted. Mgr Freeland will pay rent for the Chapel. New address: 1 Elm Terrace (opp. Police station). Use "Catholic Church" as it is simpler. Landlady, Mrs Dickerson, of Griffen Hotel in Attleborough has a suitable room for Mass. Please forward vestments, etc. to her. Propose to start on 7th November.
Armistice Service - vicar has asked him to take part in a combined service - would it be wise for me to take part?

Phillips, Thomas Kemp Rev (1883-1947)

Fr Wilson to Fr Brown : Attleborough Finances

Fr Wilson understands that Fr Brendon Peters is carrying out a cure of souls at Quidenham with Attleborough part of his responsibility. The costs of doing this should be coming from collections. Hence Fr Wilson treats him like any other parish. If not correct then the Bishop should sort it out between Fr Brown, Fr Peters and Bob McCormick.
Added manuscript note: "I call Brendan's cure "Quidenham / Attleborough" but have had no account from him."

Wilson, Peter John Rev MA FCA

Mass at Hethersett

Methodist Church has welcomed the approach to use their church on Saturday evenings. Well suited, so will start on Saturday 3 January 1987.
Attleborough Methodist Church will meet on 6 January [1986] to consider our request. If successful then will start Sunday masses there from February [1986].

Brown, Peter Rev

Mrs C Balfour to Bishop: Offer to take/build house and provide room for Mass in some isolated district

If she took/built a house and provided a room for Mass, could the Bishop use this in some isolated place? She would provide equipment for a small chapel and give hospitality to the priest. Cannot pay his stipend or pay expenses; cannot build a chapel. Only afford to provide facilities for saying Mass every week and help in some way to develop a nucleus for a small mission. Refers to permission given by the Bishop for Mass in a little house at Burnham Overy when Fr Sebastian Ritchie of the Birmingham Oratory (a cousin) stayed. The nearest Mass was 7 miles away and 3 Catholics in the village were unable to get to the Sacraments - ".. this is the case all through your diocese." Going to South America for the Winter and not back until May. Please advise how she can help.
Postscript: "I am Mrs Reginald Balfour. I think you very probably knew my husband"
Manuscript annotation: "Wrote and told her about Attleborough to be served from Wymondham and asked her to communicate with Fr Phillips at Wymondham Oct 21 / 26."

Balfour, Charlotte Mrs

Receipt for trunk sent to Attleborough for Fr Phillips from Northampton via LM&S (railway); & contents list

Page 1: Receipt on Headed notepaper (Bishop's House, Northampton); addressed to LM&S, Rly Co, Northampton. One trunk to Rev T K Phillips, c/o The Landlady, Griffin Hotel, Attleborough, Norfolk. Sender The Rt Rev Bishop Elwes, Marriott St, Northampton. Received by [initials] 5/2d
Page 2: Pencilled ticked list of 18 different items for Fr T K Phillips at Griffin Hotel


Wymondham Parish Directory. 1st edition.

  1. Introduction; 2. Foreword by Fr Peter Brown; 3. Contents; 4. Catholic Schools; 5. Church services; 6. Parish administration; 7. Communications; 8. Ministry; 9. Prayer Groups; 10. Education; 11. Mission; 12. Parish community; 13. Ecumenical directory; 16. List of parishioners (in the directory).

Brown, Peter Rev

Wymondham Parish Directory. 3rd edition.

Title page; 1. Foreword by Fr Peter Brown; 2. Contents; 3. General information; 4 Parish Community; 4. Parish administration; 5. Communication; 5. Religious Education; 7. Prayer Groups and Prayer contacts; 8. Mission; 9. Third World Groups; 9. Social Concern; 10. Hingham & Mulbarton; 11. Wymondham community; 15. Attleborough community; 17. Hethersett Community; 19. Quidenham community; 22 Watton community; 24. Ecumenical directory; 25. List of parishioners (in the directory)

Brown, Peter Rev

Wymondham Parish Directory. 4th edition.

  1. Title page; 2. Foreword by Fr Peter Brown; 3. Contents; 4. General information; 5. Parish Community; 5. Parish administration; 7. Communication; 7. Religious Education; 9. Prayer Groups and Prayer contacts; 9. Mission; 9. Third World Groups; 10. Social Concern; 11. Hingham & Mulbarton; 12. Wymondham community; 16. Attleborough community; 18. Hethersett Community; 20. Quidenham community; 23 Watton community; 25. Ecumenical directory; 26. List of parishioners (in the directory)

Brown, Peter Rev

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