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[?] to P Scrutton: Talk; Publicity; Arrangements

[Not clear who signed the letter - possibly from SJB Cathedral]
Talk and slide presentaion on 10 November in Parish Hall. Will do some publicity at St Georges and Holy Apostles. Stewards help in 1994 - Cardinal and Apostolic Nuncio may attend the Bishop Alan's 25th Anniversary on 14 May 1994, many other clergy expected. Usual stewarding for Holy Week. Considering how to launch a Norwich branch of the Friends.


Branch reports 1993

A number of summary reports received from Walsingham Association branches as at 6 November 1993
Each report is formatted: Name; members numbers/ renewals /new; Report for 1993; plans for 1994

Walsingham Association

Director's report. April 1989

Introduction - Fr Gerry Rimmer's annual walk from Manchester to Walsingham (devotional and fund raising). 15 November, end of season dinner for volunteers; word processing software purchase, also accounting software; yellow lines in the village an improvement
Walsingham Association - Mass at Westminster (attended with Mark Hackeson), Archbishop Barbarito celebrated
Buildings - winter maintenance; bedrooms being created; common rooms established; building on-going but with delays
Finance - wages review; pension scheme; computer systems for word processing and accounting
Clergy help at the Shrine - Fr Ventham been at shrine since 1984 is going to USA

Allen, Peter Rev SM BA MTh

Director's report. March 1987

Introduction - Pilgrim Hostel opened by Bp Clark (15 November 1986); programme of work now complete - many benefits deriving from it
Pilgrim Club - not successful (Mr Warwick discussions) - discontinue serving alcohol - other licensed premises available
Visits - Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro, Cardinal D Eugenio de Araujo Sales, celebrated Mass on 11 January
Executive Meeting - delay re-roofing of amenity area
Walsingham Association - Hostel fund raising committee disbanded - raised £112,000
Shrive Archives - Fr Brian Ventham, SM has been putting archives in to good order - work well advanced - researcher (Fr W McLoughlin OSM) doing a doctorate on Our Lady of Walsingham
Ecumenical Relations - Fr Roy Fellows is new administrator of Anglican Shrine
Slipper Chapel & re-siting of Blessed Sacrament (C of R) - Tabernacle resiting not finished - discussing design with Architect, Mr Brian Salter
Amenities Area - going to tender shortly
Pilgrimage Programme - Pilgrim bookings up by 2,000 - cancellations at 1,500. This year marks 100th anniversary of the Guild of Our Lady of Ransom. BBC video "A Year in Walsingham" to be shown on Good Friday

Allen, Peter Rev SM BA MTh

Director's report. March 1988

Introduction: Excellent service from Gordon's Builders and Architect, Mr Brian Salter of Martin Hall Associates
Slipper Chapel and Cloister - Redesign, Candle Chapel, painting and cleaning
Pilgrim Bureau: resiting Holy Water, Fire precautions, dry-rot, repository and Book shop (Goodliffe Neale) back with Shrine, conferences
1988 Season: series of events, re-do next year, publish talks as pamphlets, Shrine guide by Fr Ventham
Ecumenism: Clergy of both shrines meet monthly, annual day if Recollection, Archbishop Barbarito
Funding: loan from Mgr Hulme, Walsingham Association fund raising
Other: car parking, estate of Mgr A Hulme, BBC "Songs of Praise2, Archbishop Worlock visit, Thanks to Diocese of East Anglia for sustaining the National Shrine

Allen, Peter Rev SM BA MTh

Director's report. March 1997

Report (1 page)
Property - refurbishment and maintenance
Finance - examined by Executive Committee
Walsingham Association
Spiritual Theme - "Our Lady of Walsingham, Mother of Our Saviour Jesus Christ"
Income & Expenditure (1 Page)

Williams, Alan Rev SM

Director's report. October 1989

Main report (6 pages)
Pattern of Pilgrimage - assessment of pattern and type of pilgrimages - see appendix for numbers
Events and Visitors - variety of clerical and non-clerical visitors; Major of Norwich (David Bradford) and Sheriff of Norwich (Rev Jack Burton)
Ecumenical Scene - pattern of visits by pilgrims of both churches to each Shrine now a regular feature; other details.
Farewells and Welcomes - review of staff joining and leaving; Fr Ventham left for Chicago in August.
Future Planning - 26 major day pilgrimages; visited USAF Chaplain, Fr Lattus with Mr Warwick to discuss a 50th Anniversary pilgrimage for 2nd World War.
Buildings and Maintenance - discussion of range of work required to maintain the buildings and the services to pilgrims.
Walsingham Association - outline of the state of WA - new federations; association's retreat being organised
Finance - wage increase of 6% but Wage Council laid down 10%, hence higher costs; remaining debt to the Diocese is £10,000
Conclusion - glorious weather; pilgrim numbers stable
Appendix I - Estimates of Income & Expenditure - 1989/90 (2 pages)
Appendix II - Pilgrimage Report - 1989 Season (2 pages)

Allen, Peter Rev SM BA MTh

Director's report. October 1990

Introduction - Bp Wheeler; opening of Richeldis House
Youth Pilgrimage - eleven European countries represented by young pilgrims; Walsingham Association to run a youth camp
Guild of Chaplains - is now constituted; Cardinal Hume patron
Staffing - Russell Frost (MC & Sacristan) going to Wonersh; Mark Hackeson to Rome; Mr Warwick's illness leads him to go part-time; Anne Milton now General Secretary of the Walsingham Association
Pilgrim Hostel - some bad behaviour of resident pilgrims; trying to ensure an atmosphere of prayer; various suggestions being considered
Finance - debt will be just under £50,000. car park development; if approved should raise £60,000.
Conclusion - Marist brethren at Walsingham
Annex I - Estimates of Income and Expenditure 1990/91
Annex II - Pilgrimage Report - 1990 season

Allen, Peter Rev SM BA MTh

Director's report October 1993

The season - Easter Mass celebrated by Bp Clark and broadcast by Anglia TV
Ecumenism - Fr Roy Fellows retired and replaced by Fr Martin Warner as Anglican Shrine Administrator
Memorial Book - Commemorative Book of the pilgrimage of the Crosses in 1947
Finance and Major Projects - allowance being made for major items of expenditure next year; property behind Black Lion to be completed soon and accommodation available to pilgrims
Walsingham Trust - donations to Romanian Orphans appeal
Walsingham Association - working with them
Music - Festival funding issues; successful first season for Mr John Jordan as Director of Music
Staff - John Hawkes retires; other staff changes

[no surname] Lucian

Director's report. October 1994

Report (2 pages)
Season - Dowry Pilgrimage led by Bp Clark and Cardinal Adrianus Simonis , Archbishop of Utrecht
New Accommodation - property behind Black Lion completed and open for use on 24 June
Finance - Summary of financial standing. 1994-5 budget approved by Executive Committee
Walsingham Association - decided to raise funds for new accommodation
Ecumenism - good relations with Anglican community; number of Guardians of the Shrine (Anglican) have been received into the Catholic Church
Staff - changes described
Liaison with outside authorities - Police and local Council concerned about coaches in the village
Appendix 1 - Pilgrimage Season (2 pages)
Appendix 2 - Estimates of Income and expenditure - 1995/95 (9 pages)

Williams, Alan Rev SM

Director's report. October 1995

Report (1 page)
Season - good weather; large number of groups; Bp Clark retired; Bp Peter Smith led Dowry of Mary Pilgrimage
Pilgrim Hostel - bar and cold cellar complete; tariff increase of 50p per night; work programme delayed to November
Finance - budget for 1995-6 approved by Executive Committee; essential work required for organ and public address system
Walsingham Trust - Shrine will continue to operate under the Walsingham Trust
Walsingham Association - think tank established for new membership drive
People - changes noted
Appendix 1 (2 pages) - Pilgrimage Report 1995 Season

Williams, Alan Rev SM

Director's report. October 1997

Report (1 page)
Finance & Walsingham Trust - budget approved
Chapel of Reconciliation and use of Shrine site - general review underway
Appendix 1 - Pilgrimage report (1 page)
Appendix 2 - Estimates of income and expenditure (8 pages)

Williams, Alan Rev SM

Director's Report, October 1986

Main report - 4 pages
Pilgrim Report - Season 1986 (J Hawkes) - 1 page
Diocesan & National Pilgrimages for 1987 (as at 6-10-1986 - 1 page
Estimates of Income & Expenditure 1986/86 - 3 pages
Walsingham Trust Statement of Accounts to 5-4-1986 (Tucke/Allen) - 1 page

Allen, Peter Rev SM BA MTh

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