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Fr Davidson to Bishop: Accepting Bishop's decision; Acknowledges he will not be at Thetford for very long

Accepts the Bishop's decision as God's Will. He cannot pay the cost of removal to another poverty stricken place having spent every penny in erecting the Church and dealing with the Convent. Can he have a loan (on easy terms) of at least £50? Has Bishop's word he will not be long at Thetford. Aldeburgh congregation are loyal and very good and will be distressed at his leaving - especially to Thetford.
Manuscript p.s. : "I have just received your second letter - I will do whatever you wish. You know my feelings."

Davidson, Charles Madgwick Rev DD BA

Fr Davidson to Bishop: Asks for another place; depressed

Fr Davidson is asking for a move to a small place. He is depressed and loathes "this place" and the bad influence of Mr Winckworth (staying with protestants). He feels useless and harmful. A fresh outlook in a small place; offers to guarantee to do no harm in such a place.
Manuscript annotation: "Send me acct. of what came in [partial word] annually that I may extract what the Diocese will be liable for when you leave for another mission. Also what functions your successor may have to find; for few in the Diocese have your private means then I'll look around & see who you can exchange with, for you are [several words indecipherable] . Oct. 22/29."

Davidson, Charles Madgwick Rev DD BA

Fr Davidson to Bishop: Assignment to Thetford; Fr Webb going instead?

Text: "I thank you for your letter. Though I am well aware that my discontent through lack of outlet "for my superabundant energies" is rather foolish and unreasonable and worthy of censure, my attitude towards Thetford was in order. Your Lordship offered me Thetford. I took it to means "Stay at Aldeburgh and be reasonable". On hearing that you really wished me to go, I expressed willingness, though it was very distasteful to me. Hence your Lordship must not put a bad mark against me over the Thetford episode. I do not wish to be labelled in your mind as a disobedient priest. I will always carry out your final decisions as soon as they are quite definite. I hope your Lordship is better. Webb seems very pleased to go to Thetford."
Manuscript annotation: "Answered. No black mark against you.; done so well at Aldeburgh. Perhaps did not allow sufficient for you being a canny Scot! I know that when the time comes to move far you will not have a choice but go where your Bishop thinks it is best for the Diocese. March 15/28."

Davidson, Charles Madgwick Rev DD BA

Fr Davidson to Bishop: Convent payment; Sister will go with him

The convent pays £1 per month since last May. Shall make things easy for his successor.
Manuscript p.s.: "My sister will, I expect, come with me to the new place which would eliminate financial difficulties. That of course depends on where I am sent. I repeat I am ready to go anywhere with complete willingness - even to one of the four which strike one as less interesting."

Davidson, Charles Madgwick Rev DD BA

Fr Davidson to Bishop: No news means no replacement

Has not heard from the Bishop after a fortnight and concludes that no-one is willing to take his place at Aldeburgh. Despite having announced his departure he will stay put and say no more about it.
Manuscript annotation: "[indecipherable] exchange with you. [indecipherable] to him till you have written to me. Nov 4/29"

Davidson, Charles Madgwick Rev DD BA

Fr Davidson to Bishop: Stay at Aldeburgh to finish the church; Bishop's letter clarified his mind on this

Fr Davidson prefers to stay in Aldeburgh and see the Church finished - never willingly go to Thetford. Bishops letter helpful in clarifying his mind on this. Invites Bishop to stay and enjoy the sea air.
Manuscript annotation: "Answered. Fear it is definitely marching orders, in 3 weeks' time. All vineyards of the Lord, big or small, as the Lord's, where souls are to be saved. You will not be long at Thetford, for I desire for you far bigger things."

Davidson, Charles Madgwick Rev DD BA

Fr Davidson to Bishop: Summary of his situation at Aldeburgh

Fr Davidson thinks things will be easier for his successor since he is the target of individuals making scandal & maligning him. And their cheating. Encloses an inventory. Corrects the Bishop's view of his income - only small. He had thought Thetford was an offer but after a further year in Aldeburgh he would certainly have gone there. Happy with any place, except four, and will go wherever the Bishop sends him.

Davidson, Charles Madgwick Rev DD BA

Fr Nesden to Bishop: Peter Wynekus keen to move to East Anglia. Thanks for pastoral letter.

Sends completed forms & cheque for £10. Peter Wynekus of Leighton Buzzard saw Fr Nesden to talk about moving to East Anglia. At 50 he thinks that a move by "Charles" (Bishop?) might leave Peter unable to get to East Anglia. Fr Nesden grateful for the pastoral letter since he did not have to prepare a sermon and the congregation received it well.

Nesden, Bernard Rev (-1999)

Mrs Mary Kenyon to Bishop Cary-Elwes: Fr Vermuelen - time for a change of chaplain?

Suggesting since Fr Vermuelen has had the chaplaincy at Gillingham Hall for 9 years that it is time for a change.
manuscript annotation: "Ansd. He cannot look on yr chaplaincy as a [?]. He would do best to back to his monastery for a time his principal vocation. Sorry I cannot take him, or even offer you another man unless Fr Banham has sufficiently recovered to do a little light work because I want to use him when he is fit for mission work [?] [?]. So sorry for long delay in answering June 5/28."

Kenyon, Mary Mrs (-1937)

Mrs Mary Kenyon to Bishop Cary-Elwes: Fr Vermuelen ill; supply at Gillingham

Currently at Stanbrook seeing her daughter who is a nun in the Abbey. Having spoken to Fr Campbell the notice to Fr Vermuelen has been withdrawn. However he has had a stroke, is in Beccles hospital, and it is too early for a prognosis. Arrangements for a supply at Gillingham Hall had been made.
manuscript annotation: "Answd. June 18/28."

Kenyon, Mary Mrs (-1937)

Prior Smith to Bishop Cary-Elwes: Fr Pillot's future

Regrets that any action taken by Fr Pillot may give cause for complaint. After a year's rest at Gillingham, he is saying he wishes to return to the Congo. His superior the Abbot of Postel has other projects for him. The prior will let the Bishop know if anything develops.
manuscript annotation: "Thanks, Pleased that this is a good chance of his being moved quietly & [illegible] to another sphere of activity. July 20/29"

Smith, W Matthew Rev CRP

Suffolk Education Committee to Fr Innes: Reallocation of Children at Beccles RC School

The Ministry of Education suggests proposal to build two new classrooms may not be required if the senior children are instead transferred to Beccles Modern School when its new classrooms are built during 1954-55. There is room for 40 senior children to be transferred right away with the rest to follow when the classrooms are complete.

East Suffolk CC