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Bishop to HQ, Central Force and Eastern Command: Chaplain to the Forces system needs overhauling

Refers to earlier letter from Cpt Middleton. Problem arises when local priests administer to RC soldiers in their parish without Army support or inadequate recompense and a CF (Chaplain to the Forces) is appointed y the Army. Suddenly nothing is advanced to the priest even when his church is used for services. the CF often only administers to his battalion leaving the scattered other men to local parish priests. The "whole system needs overhauling." The Bishop offers to meet when he is next in London, Thursday or Friday.

Keating, William Frederick Rev (1859-1928)

Cpt Middleton to Bishop: Catholic soldiers stationed at Hemsby, Norfolk

Cpt. M Middleton for Major-General i/c Administration Eastern Command writes that 126 RC soldiers stationed at Hemsby, Norfolk are without ministration the nearest church being at Great Yarmouth 7 miles distant. Asks the Bishop of he could suggest a means for the men to have ministration of a Priest of their faith as numbers do not warrant a full time Chaplain.

HQ Central Force & Eastern Command

Fr Beauchamp to Bishop Cary-Elwes: Army Council's "request"

Had both the Bishop's Pastoral Letter and a copy of the Pope's letter on the Russian Question. Read the letter to his congregation and asked for their prayers - anticipating the Army Council's "order or rather request". Protested to the Air Ministry and received a response that the Army Council's order only affected compulsory parades - hence officiating chaplains are not affected by the Army Council's request - not an order - can decide how they respond or not.

Beauchamp, Henry Rev CBE, MC, VG, Group Captain (1891-1948)

Fr Thompson to Bishop: Inadequacies of CFs (Chaplains to Forces) in his parish

An extended and angry letter to the Bishop about the shortfalls of CFs (Chaplains to the Forces) in his area. Describes one as amiable but mutton headed ("the Ornament") given to much talk of the hunt but doing little to administer to the needs of the 700 RC soldiers stationed in the area. Sir Archibald Buchanan (Sutherland & Argyle Highlanders) recently contacted Fr Thompson over the Brigade Chaplain who had mysteriously disappeared. Fr Thompson is angry that he receives no support from the Army despite them using his church (700 wet and muddy men make a lot of mess). He wants the Bishop to write and fix the problem. "P.S. You have perhaps heard that we now have 73 of ours [Jesuits] at the front and that the WO [War Office] begs the Provincial to send more! A good CF at the Front is a perambulating sermon to the non-Catholics. It makes my flesh creep to think of the effect of a slacker there."

Thompson, David H Rev SJ ( -1926)