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Bishop Parker to Fr Brewer: Beccles Presbytery approval; Plans for St Joseph's Modern School, Slough

Cannot see that the Commission can refuse approval for the Beccles Presbytery (despite it being away from the church). Note Beccles has not paid into the School pool.
Asks how Fr Brewer's school is progressing - May 1 pm suitable for Foundation Stone?
Have not seen any plans for St Joseph's Modern School at Slough.

Parker, Thomas Leo Rev (1887-1975)

Fr Davidson to Canon Tonks: House next to Presbytery [Crockerhill?]; rental income

Uncertain about what to do about the house [Crockerhill?]. Not allowed to go in, nor knows the position on letting it. Will try to get £80 rent. Fr Davidson is aware Mrs Simpson has written to the Bishop but has had nothing to do with it. It will be an asset to the parish. He does not know the state of the place which has been vacant for a year.

Davidson, Charles Madgwick Rev DD BA

Ipswich Borough Council to Basil and David Hatcher: St Nicholas, Planning permission - internal alterations, removal of pews

Covering letter for planning permission. Terms of the Listed Building Consent are different to those previously mooted by English Heritage - this shift in position holds out the prospect of a viable formula for the clients [Meryemana Foundation].

Ipswich Borough Council

Mgr McBride to Clifford G Durant: Window at Slipper Chapel Walsingham

Formally confirming, as Chairman of Walsingham Shrine Council, the arrangements for moving the existing window over the altar to the other end of Slipper Chapel over the door. Need to work in conjunction with the new window work - requesting estimate and contract.

McBride, Edward Rev (1919-2011)

Mgr Stark to Chapel Studio: Design for East Window - approval by Shrine Council

Letter 1 (28-3-1995): Design accepted. Medallion to be replaced - decision on what to rest with the artist.
Letter 2 (30-3-1995): Correction. Replacement for the medallion should be the Walsingham monogram. 2 dates should have Ransom crest (red cross on white background, on one side, reversed on the other)

McBride, Edward Rev (1919-2011)

Mgr Stark to Mgr McBride: Arrangements for Project and payment

Mgr Stark delivered the design himself to Abbots Langley. Discussed payment (3 stages); project management (no contract - letters from the main parties giving authorisations to start and work in the window installation).

Stark, Anthony George Rev KHS (1932-2020)

Mgr Stark to Rossi: Work on Slipper Chapel window

Happy to met Mr Rossi for the first time and see the revised design by "Alfie Fisher". Also Russell Frost [Fr?] informed him that approval had been given. Chapel Studio will get on with things. "Cliff Durant" will restore the old window. Mgr Stark has explained the situation to Mr Durant (copy of letter included).

Stark, Anthony George Rev KHS (1932-2020)

Rossi to Historic Churches Commission (HCC): Revised application for work at Slipper Chapel

Forwarding the new application: application form, key drawing, design [not present], report on design by artist.
Quinquennial report not forwarded as constant surveyors due to on 9 May. Reprises the history that leads to this new application. Offers the view that this new window will be a significant improvement to the Chapel. The Annunciation chosen as a subject since it has been associated with the Shrine since 1061. The Twentieth Century Society's (14 December 1995) suggestion is being implemented although he did not appreciate the tone of their comments and hopes this time they will confine themselves to relevant and constructive observations on this proposal. Final comments on the composition and light of this design.

Rossi, Anthony Paul Mr (1932-2020)

Underwoods Commercial to Martin Hall Associates: Land at rear of the Black Lion Hotel, Walsingham

You will have been instructed by Canon McBride to withdraw planning application immediately.
This land belongs to EA RC Diocese Trustee. Toller should have considered any planning application - the Finance Board confirmed this in September. Only discovered this through a chance discussion with Mrs Broughton at the Pilgrim Bureau. Canon McBride will propose a meeting in the New year.

Toller, Christopher FRICS FSVA ACIArb

Underwoods Commercial to Martin Hall Associates: Premises at rear of the Black Lion Hotel, Walsingham

Following meeting last Thursday - confirm re-submission of planning application; not show wall; not show demolished function room. A further application in due course will show demolition of function room and new pilgrim accommodation. Copy plans and applications submitted to him prior to sending to the District Council.

Toller, Christopher FRICS FSVA ACIArb