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Basil and David Hatcher to IHCT; English Heritage letter

Referring to Mr Dodds (English Heritage) letter. David Hatcher is acting for both Meryemana and IHCT; "... still bemused by the number of bodies involved." "...onerous nature of the English Heritage requirements will mean considerable expense ...". Suspect that Ipswich BC will be unable to approve in the light of these comments, hence the Trust cannot agree to Meryemana unless the requirements are satisfied. Meeting required to discuss way ahead?

Basil and David Hatcher

Form 111: Application for Approval of Works...

Form signed by A Rossi providing details of proposed works submitted for approval:

  1. removal of existing unsightly external protection form all windows
  2. Cleaning and if necessary repair of existing stained glass and stonework of east window
  3. Installation of new stained glass West window.

Historic Churches Committee (for RCDEA)

HCC to Rossi: Form II and meeting date

Form II (Receipt Application) forwarded along with meeting date (25 June). The application has been sent to North Norfolk District Council and the Amenities Bodies.

Historic Churches Committee (for RCDEA)

IHCT to Dr Heley: Other Churches for Meryemana

No further point in trying to persuade English Heritage to agree to the removal of the pews. So either modify your proposals or forget St Nicholas. The IHCT cannot contemplate the expense of meeting Mr Dodd's (EH) proposals. Suggests other Churches which Meryemana Foundation might like to investigate instead: St Mary-le-Quay, St Clement, St Peter.

Ipswich Historic Churches Trust