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Analysis of Donors

9 pages of analysis over time. Monitoring approaches to and responses from potential donors: 30 November 1989; 8 February 1990; 8 March 1990; 9 July 1990; 16 August 1990; 24 September 1990; 13 November 1990; 8 January 1991; 5 June 1991.

The Guild of our Lady of Ipswich

Appeal / Donor Pamphlet

Side 1: Landscape drawing of St Nicholas Church; "St Nicholas Ecumenical Centre"
side 2: History
side 3: The project
side 4: Plan drawing
side 5: The Appeal
side 6: The Foundation

The Guild of our Lady of Ipswich

Appeal Committee

1980: Confirmation that the Appeal Committee has been established for the Shrine Council on 24 July 1980
1982: Completed work? Bishop thanks Appeal Committee for raising £465,000.

Birch, Clive Rev SM LGSM

Appeal Committee Minutes

8 in attendance, 1 apology
Situation Report
Trust & Companies
Events Committee - short programme of events listed
Video - aspects discussed. Mr Mellamphy to enquire
Admin/Accs - Tax code incorrect in some cases
International Connections
Membership Scheme - next meeting
AOB - Speakers; Projects; Agenda; BBC Quiz; RAF Cheque; St Nicholas' use; Mr Sparks; Viability

The Guild of our Lady of Ipswich

Appeal Committee Report to Shrine Council

Introduction - Three meetings held and the report represents current thinking
Stage 1 - National collection
Stage 2 - An appeal to individuals, institutions, charitable trusts.
Outline of intent and organisation and resources required to see the Appeal reach out to religious groups and obtain the support of the Pope.
13 August 1980 - Preliminary artwork
26 August1980 - Tender issues
1 October 1980 - Tender receipt
1 October 1981- completion

Birch, Clive Rev SM LGSM

Appeal Pamphlet

6 panels:

  1. Title
  2. Why Development? - Cardinal Basil Hume
  3. What is Happening?
  4. How did it all start?
  5. Patrons / How Can I help / For Further Information
  6. Verse & Map

Hume, George Basil Rev (1923-1999)

Bishop Clark to Bishop Grant

Suggesting that an individual should go to Oscott or Innsbruck for "deepening". manuscript annotation by Bishop Grant - "I think Oscott - as a convert he still has a lot to learn about the Church in England"). Long explanation about why Bishop Clark circumvented his own processes to spend money on a strip of land which joins up Elmham House to the boundary of the Church and which came up a short notice. He and Fr Connelly paid for it out of income.
All this makes it more desirable to establish a management committee at Walsingham:
himself; Roland [Connelly]; Michael Ward (Solicitor, King's Lynn); Col. Cary-Elwes (Thurton); Philip Browning (Poringland); Mr Jameson (N. Elmham).
Turnover at Walsingham is too large for one man. Expenditure must include an annual repayment to the Diocese to offset the debt.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clark to Fr Birch: Executive membership; Policy; Walsingham Appeal

For clarity: the Bishop is not a member of the Executive; he thought he'd made that clear from the beginning. Mgr McBride as Vicar General acts in the Bishop's name and that of Fr Peter Wilson. All efforts are to raise funds and channel them into the basic building and basic equipment for the Chapel of Reconciliation. There is no money to finance any other project e.g. the railway track and the organ - we are in a "poverty trap" to some extent.
This should not undermine morale - lesser items come later, if we can't pay for them and consequently lose them, so be it. It is not too late to send an appeal reminder to parish priests.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clark to Fr Moorcraft: Appeal Account situation

Requesting the financial position with the Walsingham Account. So much to be done and the outside altar cries out for some degree of completion.
Manuscript calculations by Fr Moorcraft?

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

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