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[?] to P Scrutton: Talk; Publicity; Arrangements

[Not clear who signed the letter - possibly from SJB Cathedral]
Talk and slide presentaion on 10 November in Parish Hall. Will do some publicity at St Georges and Holy Apostles. Stewards help in 1994 - Cardinal and Apostolic Nuncio may attend the Bishop Alan's 25th Anniversary on 14 May 1994, many other clergy expected. Usual stewarding for Holy Week. Considering how to launch a Norwich branch of the Friends.


Blessing of Brownies' Trefoil Rosebed

Photograph taken at North East corner of Cathedral site.
Text on reverse: "Fr. Kevin Fox SJ blessing Brownies' trefoil rosebed Aug 1984"
Accompanying document: "2nd Norwich Brownie Pack has presented eight "Peace" rose bushes to the St John's Roman Catholic Cathedral, Norwich to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the founding of the Brownie Guides.
The Pack collected the money from the sale of sweets at their weekly meetings and persuaded two fathers to dig the trefoil-shaped flower bed at the cathedral.
A service of dedication and blessing was conducted by Fr Kevin Fox, and held after the Rememberance Day Church Parade in which all Scout and Guide units from the cathedral took part."

Eastern Daily Press

Catholic Diocese celebrates Tenth Birthday

79,000 Catholics celebrate the tenth birthday of their diocese on Sunday 1 June. Provides a short history and some comments from Bishop Clark, the first Bishop of the new diocese. June will be a "month of festival" ending with a Mass of Thanksgiving attended by church leaders including the Bishop of Norwich, Rt Rev Peter Nott.

Dowsey, Gary Rev (1955-)

Centenary Booklet 1902-2002, Sacred Heart of Jesus, RC Church

Front cover: watercolour of RC Church of Sacred Heart of Jesus; 1902-2002; Centenary Booklet
Inside front: Acknowledgements to: Jane & Bob Latin, Phillip Vine, Elizabeth Barker, Micheal Day. Printed by Mapro Publishing Services, St Ives
Pages 1-4 Advertising; Page 5 Forward by Fr Maddison; Page 6-9 History - early beginnings; Page 10 Fr John Arendzen; Pages 11, 13, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25 History of Pugin's Little Gem; Page 12 Fr Constantine Ketterer; Pg 14 Fr J P Purcell; Pg 15 Fr E A Payne; Pg16-17 Press cutting of handover from Fr Kerby to Fr Maddison, 27 July 2001; Pg 18 Fr Stephen J Doupe; Pg 19 Fr Bernard Nelson; Pg 23 Fr John Patricj Drury; Pg 26 Fr Raymond Henry Kerby; Pg 27 List of Parish Priests & List of Deacons; Pg 28-32 Advertising.
Inside back cover: monochrome images from Design of New Catholic Church of St Andrew's Cambridge
Back Cover: Colour image of "Centenary Window installed in 2002"

Maddison, Paul Rev

Committee minutes

Hold an AGM at the May meeting
Plaque - replacement cost £500 and might require planning permission
Guild formation - party on 22 June to commemorate
AOB - Our Lady's Clock missing from meetings; Dr Heley to bring it along next time

The Guild of our Lady of Ipswich

Diocese of East Anglia - Tenth Anniversary / Church Leaders in Prayers for Unity

pg1: an invitation to News Editors to attend at St John's Cathedral, Norwich, for the Celebration of the Diocese's Tenth Anniversary - includes a programme of the day's events
pg2: description of the context of the anniversary plus a list of church leaders to be present. Collection money (expected to exceed £10m,000) will be given to Mr. Julian Filowski, director of CAFOD. St Thomas More Middle school and St John First school will provide musical entertainment.

Dowsey, Gary Rev (1955-)

Director's report. October 1989

Main report (6 pages)
Pattern of Pilgrimage - assessment of pattern and type of pilgrimages - see appendix for numbers
Events and Visitors - variety of clerical and non-clerical visitors; Major of Norwich (David Bradford) and Sheriff of Norwich (Rev Jack Burton)
Ecumenical Scene - pattern of visits by pilgrims of both churches to each Shrine now a regular feature; other details.
Farewells and Welcomes - review of staff joining and leaving; Fr Ventham left for Chicago in August.
Future Planning - 26 major day pilgrimages; visited USAF Chaplain, Fr Lattus with Mr Warwick to discuss a 50th Anniversary pilgrimage for 2nd World War.
Buildings and Maintenance - discussion of range of work required to maintain the buildings and the services to pilgrims.
Walsingham Association - outline of the state of WA - new federations; association's retreat being organised
Finance - wage increase of 6% but Wage Council laid down 10%, hence higher costs; remaining debt to the Diocese is £10,000
Conclusion - glorious weather; pilgrim numbers stable
Appendix I - Estimates of Income & Expenditure - 1989/90 (2 pages)
Appendix II - Pilgrimage Report - 1989 Season (2 pages)

Allen, Peter Rev SM BA MTh

Fr Arthur to Bishop Clark: Fr Richmond's 40th anniversary

Fr Richmond is having his 40th Ordination celebrations at Burnham Market on 19 March - concelebrated Mass followed by buffet at Hoste Arms across The Green. Bishop is invited (but it is noted that he is in Walsingham on that day).

Arthur, Francis Rev SDS

Fr Heath to Bishop: 175th Anniversary of APF

Fr Heath advising Bishop that next year is the 175th Anniversary of the APF [Association for the Propagation of the Faith]. He is asked to lead a Mass at the Cathedral on 20 October 1997. Other diocesan directors are making similar requests to their respective Bishops. Complain about the Key's coverage which did not mention the support given by schools - £300 this year, £2000 since the Bishop's letter.

Heath, Bernard R Rev (-2013)

Fr J Ketterer to Bishop Parker: 60th Anniversary of Church opening

Suggesting that the sermon preached by Fr Freeland on the church opening in 1904 could be reprinted with the Bishop's 50th Anniversary sermon. High Mass pm 21st at 7.1 pm - perhaps invite the local non-catholic clergy? It would be seen as a good gesture. Did not do so at 50th since had only just arrived and Fr Heptonstall was "at daggers drawn with the local vicar.

Ketterer, John Joseph Rev SJ (-1973)

Fr Kerby to Bishop: Fr Kerby Ordination anniversary - 34 years.

Thanks the Bishop for the card marking the 34 years since Fr Kerby's ordination. All well during Holy Week & Easter - Sunday Masses particularly full - a good core of people who have the interests of the parish very much at heart. Thanks to the ladies, the Church looked splendid on Easter morning with a great amount of flower arrangements. Apologises for not providing warm water, soap and a towel - will do better next time - in October.

Kerby, Raymond Rev (?-2009)

Fr Kerby to Bishop: Thanks the Bishop for his card and good wishes on Fr Kerby's 36th Ordination Anniversary

Thanks the Bishop for his card and good wishes on Fr Kerby's 36th Ordination Anniversary.
A very impressive service in the Cathedral last night.; unfortunately Fr Kerby was too late to join the priests on the sanctuary - must start out earlier next year. Best wishes for Easter.

Kerby, Raymond Rev (?-2009)

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