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Rev Isaacson: Letter to Burnham Sutton Residents

"It is nearly two years now since the Annual General Meeting for Burnham Sutton Church put forward a proposal for the future use of this Church. The substance of this proposal was explained in Parish letter No 76, but in the view of the fact that we now have copies of the Church Commissioners' Draft Scheme on the Notice Boards in the Porch at Sutton, Westgate & Norton Churches (tey [sic] will be there until March 6th) I propose to explain the whole thing again, and how it will affect these parishes."
The remainder of the letter provides the history, rationale and actions taken regarding the potentially redundant Church and giving it to the Roman Catholics.

Isaacson, Cecil J Rev

Rev Dewis to Bishop Clark: Documentation for proposed feast of Our Lady of Walsingham

Asked by the Executive Committee of the Liturgical Commission to prepare a paper on the request to incorporate a feast in honour of Our Lady of Walsingham into the national calendar. Not having any material he asks for material to help in drawing up such a paper - especially any evidence of Anglican devotion and relevance to the feast of Our Lady of Ransom.

Dewis, John P Rev (1912-2019)

Questions for Cardinal Hume - Le Figaro

pg 1: 4 questions in French
pg 2: translation of the 4 questions:

  1. Six years ago, on 25 March 1976, you said of the relationship between the Catholic and Anglican Churches that "our sister Churches can now regard the past as dead and buried." Today, after all the work accomplished by the Join Anglican-Catholic Commission, what moves are possible which would permit a step forward to be taken?
  2. What are the principle obstacles at the moment to a decisive step towards the unity of the two churches?
  3. You have taken part in meetings of the British Council of Churches. What is the present nature of the Catholic Church's participation? Is there a prospect of full membership in the relatively near future?
  4. What do you expect in general from the Holy Father's visit, and in particular, in the field of ecumenism?

Le Figaro

Parishioner to Bishop Smith: Wet Weather; War reminiscences; Wells; Burnham Market

Chatty letter about the misery of wet weather at this time of the year. Thought the pastoral letter too long. Recalls being a child in the second World War (fear at nights, doodlebugs, land mines, incendiary bombs). Describes the help of Canon William Sayers when "Star of the Sea" had its problems. Not yet been able to meet the Celanese priest who is writing a book at Burnham Market.

Dasan, Vima Rev SJ

Parishioner to Bishop Clark: Support for accepting All Saints

Reports that Fr Richmond said the Church Commissioners have consented to passing All Saints as a gift to the Roman Catholics. Writing to support acceptance of the offer. The original suggestion was well received; but disappointment when a different proposition was made.


General Synod 1978 - Cardinal Hume's Address

Collaboration and co-operation in the work of the Lord. Speak in his own name - not an emissary from the Holy See nor the Conference of RC Bishops in England and Wales. A divided Christianity is a scandal.
"When you and I as Christians affirm the dignity of man, we mean more than does the humanist, the Marxist or the liberal agnostic. We affirm two truths." ".. man is made in the image of God....the Word has become flesh and dwells among us." Global problems which seriously threaten the well-being of the human race - hunger, military spending, war. "But even our moral influence as Christians is diminished by our evident disunity." IN the Common Declaration (29 April 1977) Pope Paul & Archbishop Coggan took up the idea voiced by ARCIC which worked closely on the Eucharist, Ministry and Authority in the Church - be reminded that neither Church has ratified the three Agreed Statements. "May I suggest that we must not only listen to each other, but together listen to what the Spirit may be saying."

Hume, George Basil Rev (1923-1999)

Fr Wilson / Fr Richmond exchange: Finance for All Saints

Photocopy of an exchange of letters
Top half: Fr Richmond to Fr Wilson [undated] - Taking over All Saints will involve expenses; expanding St Henry's might involve greater expenditure
Lower Half: Fr Wilson says that with £2,700 on deposit and £1100 in the bank there is sufficient to cover the work recommended by Mr Toller. If not, then the Diocese can help out.

Wilson, Peter John Rev MA FCA

Fr Sloan to Bishop Clark: Reading the Gospel at an Anglican Eucharist

Anglican Eucharist to be celebrated at Blythburgh Church on January 25th. An Anglican clergyman must officiate but Fr Sloan has been asked to read the Gospel. He said no, he can't even attend - was he right?
manuscript annotation: "Answered as indicated (permission given, but no obligation to read Gospel) 24/11/82"

Sloan, James Rev (1913-1988)

Fr Shannon to Bishop: Visit to Acle and Hemsby

Fr Shannon and the Dean, Fr Tony Sketch, visited St Teresa's Social Centre in Acle and St Thomas More's Chapel in Hemsby. The former should be kept to support the growing community in Acle and district. The latter is occasionally used for Mass on Holydays of Obligation. The Anglican Church is rented for Saturday evening Mass at £1100 per annum. Two options: 1. buy a bungalow for a retired priest to live in; renovate and renew chapel at some cost; cease rental of Anglican church. 2. Sell the land. Use Caister instead.
Hemsby folk may be aggravated since they did raise money to extend the chapel some years ago. With a congregation of 50-60 in the Winter rising to 100 in the Summer with holiday makers - Fr Shannon is sure they could all get to Caister (3 miles distant).

Shannon, John Rev

Fr Shannon to Bishop: Induction; restructuring Mass schedule

Fr Shannon details new arrangements, since there are only two priests now, for timetabling Masses in St Mary's Parish, affecting Hemsby, Caister, Acle, Yarmouth. Thanks the Bishop for his induction at St Mary's last week. Will be talking to the Vicar at Hemsby and the Methodist minister at Acle regarding use of their buildings for Masses.

Shannon, John Rev

Fr Richmond to Fr John Smith: All Saints, Terms of Lease

Wondering if the terms of the lease has been given to Bishop Clark or Fr Wilson. The Church Commissioners' letter answers Rev Isaacson's questions to them. The whole project has been confusing. Have the Bishop and Fr Wilson reached a conclusion concerning the lease?

Richmond, Hugh Rev SDS (1912-)

Fr Richmond to Bishop Clark: Options for All Saints

Options available regarding All Saints are (a) buying the church (could cost £10,000 all in); (b) leasing the Church; (c) sharing it. (a) is rejected as too much expense and (b) & (c) leave no scope for adaption to needs. Steam gone out of the project - better to stay at St Henry's

Richmond, Hugh Rev SDS (1912-)

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