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Chatteris desire for a Church

1979 - Fr Smith informs Bishop that the Anglican Vicar offered Catholics first refusal on mission hall in Chatteris. £3000 in kitty; perhaps could sell presbytery. Bishop suggests keeping the two issues apart and think through whether this is needed pastorally. 1981 - Bishop not for a new church in Chatteris; summary (unsigned but probably by Fr Peter Wilson) sets out position regarding loan & anonymous donation - there is friction as some in Chatteris congregation believe they were promised a Church and they were saving for it. Frank Molyneux (parishioner who does the parish accounts) supports Fr Smith's view that Chatteris retention of collection funds (as allowed by Fr Donald Hillier) did not benefit the parish as a whole. Fr Smith understands that this situation arose back in Fr Gaffney's time. Two letters from parishioners (Green & Rudd) set out the Chatteris perspective on the expectation for their own Church. Fr Smith hopes to take a shorthand writer to take notes at a meeting with parishioners in April. He will make his & the Bishop's position clear. It was a difficult meeting. Bishop asks Fr Smith to "Cool it": concentrate on Sisters' arrival and Presbytery nearing completion. Fr Peter Wilson will be brought in to aid Fr Smith. FR Smith is disappointed in the Chatteris people who cling to the desire for their own Church - but not enough to form a sustainable congregation. But at least he now knows who the agitators are. 1988 - suggestion of sharing Church with the Anglicans - this would replace the community hall they currently use in Chatteris. The vicar, Fr Myhill, will discuss it with his council and understands the Bishop makes the final call. Bishop good with the idea; there are a few considerations, but Fr Smith can explore the opportunity. The PCC meeting minutes support the idea but "no poaching by either side" and "no incense at any time"! Bishop says go ahead for a 3 to 5 year trial.

Smith, James M Rev

Fr Chapman to Bishop: Use of Wymondham Abbey Church whilst own church being worked on

Fr Chapman advising the Bishop that due to on-going works at his Church he will be saying Mass at Wymondham Abbey for first 3 Sundays of December. The Vicar there has already obtained his own permissions. Since Fr Chapman already uses Anglican churches at Attleborough and Hethersett, he assumed that this would not cause a problem to the Bishop.

Chapman, Kenneth S Rev ( -1983)

Fr Shannon to Bishop: Induction; restructuring Mass schedule

Fr Shannon details new arrangements, since there are only two priests now, for timetabling Masses in St Mary's Parish, affecting Hemsby, Caister, Acle, Yarmouth. Thanks the Bishop for his induction at St Mary's last week. Will be talking to the Vicar at Hemsby and the Methodist minister at Acle regarding use of their buildings for Masses.

Shannon, John Rev

Fr Hyland to Bishop: St Mary's listing by Dept of Environment; results of vote at Hemsby re use of Anglican Church

Fr Hyland encloses a letter from Dept of Environment advising that the Church and Presbytery are to be included on the Historical Buildings list. He also mentions the "final score" of the votes for use of the Anglican Church in Hemsby - 4 to 1 in favour. But will continue with present arrangements until Spring Holiday.

Hyland, John G Rev OSA

Fr Shannon to Bishop: Visit to Acle and Hemsby

Fr Shannon and the Dean, Fr Tony Sketch, visited St Teresa's Social Centre in Acle and St Thomas More's Chapel in Hemsby. The former should be kept to support the growing community in Acle and district. The latter is occasionally used for Mass on Holydays of Obligation. The Anglican Church is rented for Saturday evening Mass at £1100 per annum. Two options: 1. buy a bungalow for a retired priest to live in; renovate and renew chapel at some cost; cease rental of Anglican church. 2. Sell the land. Use Caister instead.
Hemsby folk may be aggravated since they did raise money to extend the chapel some years ago. With a congregation of 50-60 in the Winter rising to 100 in the Summer with holiday makers - Fr Shannon is sure they could all get to Caister (3 miles distant).

Shannon, John Rev

Bishop to Hemsby congregation: Survey on Mass Centre / Chapel use

Page 1: Letter from Bishop referring to "last Sunday, November 14", when he celebrated Mass at the Chapel. He had spoken about the attached questionnaire regarding use of the Mass centre which needs an agreement from the congregation. Points raised: 1. No church will be built in Hemsby; 2. Offer of use of Anglican Church all year round; 3. Preserve own Chapel - as a fall back option - for community use.
Page 2: Questionnaire with 3 Yes/No questions to be returned to Fr Hyland

Hyland, John G Rev OSA

Rev Dewis to Bishop Clark: Documentation for proposed feast of Our Lady of Walsingham

Asked by the Executive Committee of the Liturgical Commission to prepare a paper on the request to incorporate a feast in honour of Our Lady of Walsingham into the national calendar. Not having any material he asks for material to help in drawing up such a paper - especially any evidence of Anglican devotion and relevance to the feast of Our Lady of Ransom.

Dewis, John P Rev (1912-2019)

Fr Hibbert to Bishop Clark: Student Cross pilgrimage at Easter

Student Cross pilgrimage to Walsingham. Easter celebration will have Anglican Eucharist (to which the Catholics have been invited) and a Catholic Midnight Mass (to which the Anglicans are invited). Unfortunately Good Friday may involve a single service at which both Anglican and Catholic forms of Eucharist are offered (at either end of the church). Parish priest cannot authorise this - so he is asking for the Bishop's approval and authorisation.

Hibbert, Giles Rev OP (1923-2013)

Fr Green to Bishop Clark: Permission for Retreat in Walsingham

Has been asked to give the Anglican nuns at the Priory of Our Lady in Walsingham their retreat in November. Asks Bishop's permission to do this. All services will be conducted by an Anglican minister. Mother Julian, the superior, assures him that the parish priest would allow him to say Mass in the Catholic Church.

Green, Maurice Rev OSB

Fr Allen to Bishop Clark: Request to say Anglican mass

Requests for saying Anglican mass at the Shrine are received from time to time. The Vicar of St Martin's was told the Bishop would be contacted. Fr Allen asks for the Bishop's expertise and experience to help deal with this request and the whole ecumenical dialogue in Walsingham
manuscript annotation 1: better say no because the only option is the Holy Spirit Chapel (which might appear insensitive) as the Bishop makes it a rule not to have non-Catholic Eucharist at the altars.
manuscript annotation 2: "Yes, I spoke to Peter. GD"

Allen, Peter Rev SM BA MTh

Fr Rear to Bishop Smith: Blakeney - extension - options

Summarises meetings on 18 February 1999 and 16 September 1999.
In the first he describes following up on Bishop's suggestion for an extension - plans drawn up, planning permission obtained; cost £25,000.
In the second a number of options [listed] arose following a suggestion from the Vicar of Blakeney to share St Nicholas' church and use St Peter's as a combined hall. Need to discuss with the Bishop on next steps.

Rear, Michael Rev

Bishop Clark to Fr Richmond: All Saints offer

Having a church would be a great blessing, but need to be cautious with ancient buildings. Will need to examine the quinquennial reports of the Anglican Diocesan surveyors.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Fr Richmond to Bishop Clark: All Saints offer

Advising the Bishop that All Saints, Burnham Market, is becoming redundant and is being offered to Fr Richmond. The Bishop of Lynn is in favour. It is in very good condition, heated, 12th Century.

Richmond, Hugh Rev SDS (1912-)

Fr Richmond to Bishop Clark: All Saints condition; Visitation

Rector assures Fr Richmond that there is no structural weakness - but no written report. Catholic architect looked this week and Fr Richmond is assured on this matter. The church will eventually need attention on the inside - plastering and repainting.
Looking forward to the Bishops visit on 8th June, an Anglo-American buffet on the lawn arranged.

Richmond, Hugh Rev SDS (1912-)

Bishop Clark to Fr Richmond: All Saints; Visitation

Issues about the church: suitable for today's liturgy, etc,; whether a financial transaction is involved; enough money for necessary restoration. No diocesan funds at the moment - the bishop has his own roof problem!

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

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