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Bishop Clark to Fr Butler: Walsingham advances

Agrees that the Chapel of Reconciliation is a "wonder". The gift [£25] will be sent to the Appeal committee.
"The Pope, of course said what I wanted him to say 0 and then did what I never imagined he would! Put the statue like an icon on the altar (the liturgists were embarrassed - but when HH says "put, you put)..."

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Fr Clare from Bishop: New altar boxy but if it works for Fr Clare then have it

Bishop returns drawing of Altar. He does not like it; it is too like a couple of boxes. Those he showed it to thought it was a vestment chest & liked it as such. But, if Fr Clare wants it, has found money for it & subscribers like it, he can have it.

Cary-Elwes, Dudley Charles Rev (1868-1932)

Fr Clare to Bishop: New altar changes in design proposed

Pleased Bishop agrees with him about height of altar piece. He has had great tussle with artist as she made it higher in the sketch & some priests were in favour. Architect agreed it should be lower. Sacristan will then be able to put candles on altar without using steps.

Clare, Wallace George Rev FRSA, FIGRS (1895-1963)

Fr Clare to Bishop: New altar in memory of Fr Allen (deceased)

Proposing new altar in memory of Fr Allen. Sends sketch. It will be suitable for new church when built. Describes it. No difficulty in raising money for it. Artist is the one who did the Stations of the Cross. Total cost about £50. Sorry about Bishop's indisposition.
Bishop annotation: "gradine too high in proportion to the altar. Whole is ??? Sent back drawings March 10 1931".

Clare, Wallace George Rev FRSA, FIGRS (1895-1963)

Fr Healey to Bishop Clarke: Guild of St Stephen

Request from Jonathan Salt to establish a branch of the Guild of St Stephen at St Peter and All Souls, Peterborough. First branch for both sexes in the Diocese. Rules of the Archconfraternity require that the Diocesan Bishop makes the request in writing to the Cardinal. The National Director (in Wembley) will arrange for the parchment to be written for the Cardinal's signature and approval.

Healy, Richard Rev

Fr Hulme to Bishop Parker: Maintenance; Privileged Altars

37 High Street must be modernised. £939 cost; grant from District Council of £400; grant on own house of £400; plus whatever from pools. Has the tablets for the privileged altars at Wells, Walsingham, Burnham Market and the Slipper Chapel. Can the Bishop grant a faculty for one or all of these?
manuscript ps: "The wording for the altars is ALTARE PRIVILEGIATUM"

Hulme, Gerard Rev (-1978)

Fr Ketterer to Bishop Parker: Extension roof; Altar and Tabernacle; visit to new Cathedral

Roof soon to be finished. Considering a new Tabernacle for £25 and a new simple oak table with four supports for the altar - this will suffice until a more permanent can be obtained. In discussion with Mr Hastings about the provision of altar rails which had been ruled out to save cost. Hopes that the new (it will be so after so many changes) is nearing completion and will visit next week. Offers to say masses for the Cathedral Fund - only ten Mass intentions at present.

Ketterer, John Joseph Rev SJ (-1973)

Fr Langley to Bishop Clark: Mass times at Blakeney

Puts forward a number of reasons for having a change in Mass scheduling to include anticipatory masses, to space them out to allow for the tide and parishioners crewing boats, to assist visitors to attend Mass. Confirms central heating is "to be done commercially!" Planning permission is needed for a boiler house. Wants a garage but cannot have the wood and asbestos construction as there are restrictions set by the planners. to protect the Conservation Area. Describes changes within the Church: tabernacle moved; wood oiled; wall painted; new Stations of the Cross installed (awaiting the fifteenth from Florence); re-siting of altar planned. Bishop of Lynn has given permission for the use of St Nicholas Church (but must wait for the new vicar to arrive).

Langley, Gerard Rev (-1992)

Fr Martindale to Bishop: Altar available for the East of the Diocese

Mrs Eyre of Hampstead has to give up her private chapel and has offered an altar. Fr Martindale believes that the East is very poor and might it be of use there?
Manuscript annotation: " Ans. Many thanks. Am writing to the East coast. Have written to [indecipherable], Aldeburgh."

Martindale, Cyril Charles Rev SJ (1879-1963)

Fr Martindale to Bishop: Altar dimensions

Glad the Bishop likes the idea of the Altar and provides dimensions for the altar and predella. 6 candlesticks and 2 side-curtains come with it.
Manuscript annotation: "Let me have this back when I see you"

Martindale, Cyril Charles Rev SJ (1879-1963)

Fr Mason to Bishop Keating: Electric light; Altar; Ship explosion

Need £14-5-0 out of Mission's funds to pay for electric lighting in the new church and presbytery. Altar, awaiting estimates, can be built for when the church is opened and consecrated by the Bishop. Lack of labour hinders work progress. Accepted masses from Fr Demford of Westminster [list not present]. "We have been left in peace here for some time now, but a ship was blown up off here last Saturday."

Mason, William Rev (1928-2017)

Fr McCormick to RCDEA Archives: Annotated images of Altar #4

pg1: Photo 1 - annotations about placement and use of the altar as a whole
pg2: Photo 2 - annotations regarding the use of the drawer and setting up
pg3: Photo 3 - view inside the altar - placement of chalice, cruets, crucifix, candle stands, collection bowl, ciborium, missal stand. Altar cloths and vestments were put on the top and provided 'padding'
pg4: Photo 4 - view of altar with four people stood behind it (one a nun "in pre Vat II habit"). Fr McCormick still has the altar cloth for 'house mass' use.
photograph of the assembled portable altar within the RCDEA Archives.

McCormick, Robert L. Rev (-2015)

Fr McCormick to RCDEA Archives: Travelling Mission; altars; Museum donation

Having spoken to Fr Fears, Fr McCormack thinks that the folding altar is his 3rd version. He wonders how it came to be in the Brandon garage. At one time he gave it to Mr Eric St John-Foti who had bought a farm, restored it ("Hermitage Hall") and opened a museum there. A while later it was all sold but Fr McCormack was not contacted about this at the time.
He is known as "Mac2" as Fr McBride is also known as "Mac".

McCormick, Robert L. Rev (-2015)

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