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Bishop to Fr Delaney: Aldeburgh & Leiston chapels

Excellent start: rent-free house and gardens; sites for Aldeburgh & Leiston chapels secured. Need to check on conveyance restrictions and re-convey the buildings to Diocesan Trustees (suggested names: Bishop, Fr Delaney, Fr Hugh Parker, Fr Austin O'Sullivan), take your solicitor's advice. Model Trust Deed available. Leiston chapel seems cheap - but need to consider extension in the future, hence make the walls higher to avoid tunnel appearance. For maintenance, use Mission receipts, but in the intervening months Bishop would provide funds through the Poor Mission Fund (Canon Ashmole will send an application form).

Keating, William Frederick Rev (1859-1928)

Bishop to Fr Delaney: Poor Mission Fund application; Deeds; Funding

Application for Poor Mission Fund, make it payable from 1st Jan. but not it is retrospective so first instalment will be April 1st. Restrictions on plots: Trust deeds to be kept in Diocesan safe. Cannot start building until you have half the money, Bishop will give a substantial donation. Hire Town Hall or similar to obtain a breathing space? Talk to your friend about his intentions for the house - do not risk reversion by being too precipitate - could make use of the chapel as a school or parochial hall.

Keating, William Frederick Rev (1859-1928)

Bishop to HT Argent & Son: The Top House, Aldeburgh - Chapter to be consulted

Bishop confirming that the property (also known as "The Cockerill" [sic] [aka "The Cockerhill" - see other correspondence] was not for sale whilst Mrs Simpson was alive, but, he did not imply that it would be for sale when she was dead. However, he will be consulting with his Chapter in March.

Parker, Thomas Leo Rev (1887-1975)

Bishop to Jackaman: Crockerhill, Aldeburgh - best if Client stays in the house for her own health

It would please the Bishop to see Mrs Simpson installed in the house for her greater comfort and good health. Grateful that she wishes to benefit the mission at Aldeburgh. Bishop not yet fit to do business and hopes to be out of bed by the end of the week.

Cary-Elwes, Dudley Charles Rev (1868-1932)

Bishop to Pope: Petition to close Convents in Aldeburgh and Woodbridge

A (rough) summary translation from the Latin:
Leo, by the grace of God and of the Apostolic See, Bishop of Northamptonshire, on his knees at the feet of Your Holiness, humbly sets forth the following:
In 1923, three sisters of the congregation of the diocese, "Sisters of Mercy", with the permission of their Ordinary and of the Bishop of Northampton and Minever, arrived at Woodbridge in the Diocese of Northampton, and set up a home and school.
In 1927, the number of the sisters grew, now in Aldeburgh in the same Diocese of Northampton, in a rented house and founded the school. They seemed to be always in a better financial state than might be is they had been carefully monitored. In 1935, some sisters left and founded a convent in the Diocese Plymouth.
Taking on his diocese last year, the Bishop of Northampton discovered the sisters in two Convents: in Woodbridge and Aldeburgh. Because of the problems (of their own making) they have gone to the Archdiocese of Birmingham to start again leaving one sister in Woodbridge. The Bishop of Northampton has visited this sister and heard that the sisters are in debt to £1450. Two sick sisters are there and the religious life is disrupted.
There is little hope of addressing these difficulties, except to release these few simple sisters from debt. The Bishop of Northampton deems it necessary for the seven sisters to be assigned to the same order in the Archdiocese of Westminster.
The sisters themselves and the Superiors-General of the Congregation of Westminster gives their consent. The convent of this Congregation in Crispin Street, London, had lately been a refuge for the sisters from the Woodbridge and Aldeburgh.
For that reason, the Ordinary in Westminster and Bishop of Northampton most humbly implore the help of the Bishop of the Apostolic See to recognise these extremely difficult circumstances and allow that the sisters are provided for, and through the sale of the house and its furniture to pay the debt for Woodbridge.

Parker, Thomas Leo Rev (1887-1975)

Fr Davidson to Bishop: Account of activities to get Oblates of St Benedict's to Aldeburgh

Has been to Strood to see the sisters at work - impressed by them. The finances depend on the Chatham nuns buying the place as a going concern. He believes they will be successful after the first year. He mentions a "University Pilgrimage" which he thinks won't come off. He encourages the Bishop to visit to show / demonstrate solidarity with him as parish priest.

Davidson, Charles Madgwick Rev DD BA

Fr Davidson to Bishop: Oblates of St Benedict; possible house for them; asking Bishop's support

Encloses reception forms for two people under instruction for last six months.
Abbot Egan and others speak highly of the Oblates of St Benedict who could take on a house, Eaton Lodge, for a school. It has enough rooms, grounds and a separate street entrance. Two nuns visited and are pleased with the house. Fr Davidson can guarantee their rent for three years, He has asked them to write to the Bishop. Asks the Bishop to approve of the foundation which could be in place by the time the church opens.
Manuscript PS: "It is a fact that a man from Yorkshire is coming to see the house next week and is not the usual estate agent stunt."
Manuscript annotation: "Answered. Written to Bishop Brown and Abbot Egan. Let me have any other letters you may have about them. Feb. 2/25."

Davidson, Charles Madgwick Rev DD BA

Fr Davidson to Bishop: Secured a £250 loan; Tenant at Eton house offered a quarter's rent; invitation to Confirmation

Persuaded a friend in London to lend £250 at 5%, Abbot Egan to guarantee the interest. Mr Fookes [sic] a hard and immovable man. The current tenant at Eton House, Mrs Galsworthy has offered the first quarter's rent for the sisters to set up school; eager to see the nuns here because she wants to send her daughter to the school. Invites the Bishop for a Confirmation in August. Requested faculties for Fr Hogan SJ (at St Edmunds) who is visiting for 10 days. Asks for approval to attend a retreat at Parkminster.
Manuscript annotation: "Yes to all. May 11/25."

Davidson, Charles Madgwick Rev DD BA

Fr Davidson to Canon Tonks : House needs painting; Loan of £30 to cover bills sent; Tower an expense

Mr & Mrs Hutchinson are the right sort of people. The house will want painting on the outside - but not an expensive job. Asks for a Diocesan loan of £30 to cover the bills already forwarded. The Tower has been such a source of expense - most of which he has tackled.

Davidson, Charles Madgwick Rev DD BA

Fr Davidson to Canon Tonks: House next to Presbytery [Crockerhill?]; rental income

Uncertain about what to do about the house [Crockerhill?]. Not allowed to go in, nor knows the position on letting it. Will try to get £80 rent. Fr Davidson is aware Mrs Simpson has written to the Bishop but has had nothing to do with it. It will be an asset to the parish. He does not know the state of the place which has been vacant for a year.

Davidson, Charles Madgwick Rev DD BA

Fr Davidson's draft letter to Sisters of Oblate of St Benedict

Not addressed or signed but referred to in Fr David's letter of 2-5-1925 to Bishop.
Fr Davidson very concerned that the Nuns may go bankrupt and leave him with the debt. He says his letter s written in the spirit of common sense. The lease for Eton House is not yet signed and he does not feel inclined to raise the rent of £110 (a very large sum) if they cannot raise the £500 to move and get the school started.

Davidson, Charles Madgwick Rev DD BA

Fr Reeman to Bishop: "The Top House", Aldeburgh - spoken to tenant, Mr Argent

Fr Reeman has seen the tenant in Top House, Mr Argent, about the price of £6000. He is interested but also has an interest in another house in Aldeburgh at an auction. Mr Argent wants to discuss this with the Bishop when he visits Aldeburgh.
Fr Reeman is willing to act as Extraordinary Confessor t the Lowestoft sisters.

Reeman, Sidney G Rev

HT Argent & Son to Bishop: The Top House, Aldeburgh - request to buy

Mr DET Argent had contacted Canon Hunting in September 1961 about purchasing The Top House in Aldeburgh. He was told that whilst Mrs Simpson is alive the chapter would not consider selling the house. However, he has heard that Mrs Simpson has died and would like the opportunity to buy it.
Manuscript annotation: "For the next Finance Board"

HT Argent & Son (-2015)

Mr CM Hutchinson to Canon Tonks: Interested in renting Crockerhill

Father Davidson suggests he should write. Returned from India and looking for somewhere to lease - for a year with a possible extension for three or five years. After 27 years in India he might not find the climate agreeable in Aldeburgh. Crockerhill would suffice if he could install gas in kitchen and bedroom (local gas company will do it for free). Refers to his banker, The Iania Office, and current edition of Who's Who. p.s: understands rent £75 with rates and taxes £17 10/-

Hutchinson, Claud Mackenzie Mr CIE (1861-1941)

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