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Finance Committee Treasurer to Bishop: Addressing matters relating to financial transparency - not miss-management

Treasurer is surprised at the tone of the Bishop's letter; the committee was offering constructive advice based on their experience in the financial world. Perhaps the Bishop is unaware of the depth of experience parishioners have in such matters? Finds it ludicrous that a part-time consultant with a pastoral priest could replace the services of a fully qualified accountant . Offers several examples relating to the lack of transparency in financial matters offered at parish and Diocesan levels - no diocesan accounts in 10 years; parishioners are asked/required to contribute to schemes for which there is no visible accounting. He believes that every penny in the collections should be accounted for - currently the laity (across the diocese) are ignorant and uninformed. There is a lot more information that the laity are entitled to but not seeing. This is not about dishonesty but about lack of financial management and consultation. Not related to this exchange, he is resigning at the end of the financial year and will have no more to do with these matters in this parish. He thought it worthwhile to express these thoughts and hopes the Bishop will bear them in mind during his financial reorganisation.

Aldeburgh Parish Finance Committee

Fr Back to Bishop: Pancreatitis hospitalisation described; Parish report

Fr Back has been in hospital for 3 days with pancreatitis. Description of his condition and stay in hospital. Sees in his diary that he has been out to 40 meals since just before Christmas! Situation report about the Parish: re-heating done; repair programme for presbytery (no longer up for sale); site at Leiston; more children at liturgy; 2 receptions for Eater; assemblies at school; contacting B&Bs and hotels; expects to be chaplain to the Mayor; coach booked for Chrism Mass. Forward look to exchange with priest in London; Verona for a week; first Communions and then Aldeburgh Festival.

Back, Christopher G E Rev (-2014)

Fr Bull to Fr Reeman: Covering letter for a Petition to the Bishop about saying Latin Mass

Undated/unaddressed letter (assumed to be about 1966) in which Fr Bull encloses a petition to the Bishop from "priests who are disconsolate at the loss of the Latin Mass". He asks for support but recognises that Fr Reeman may be "indifferent of a confirmed vernacularist". Priests included are: Alfred Bull, Ildephonsus Flannery OSB, Bryan Houghton, Quentin Johnston OP, Michael Kennedy, John Ketterer, Bertram Sammons, James Sloan, Joseph Sweeney and George Walker.

Bull, Alfred Stephen Rev (-1980)

Fr Davidson to Bishop: Leiston Debt; managing debt; Dedication to St Peter suggested

Leiston debt is £115, advice sent by Canon Tonks. Offers a number of options to deal with the debt - e.g. his own life policy. Wants to clear as much of the debt as possible so as not to encumber the next priest into Aldeburgh. Parishioners have given £10 for Masses to be said. Building fund stands at £194. The Conference suggestion is for St Peter to be the saint to whom the church is dedicated. FR Davidson continues in manuscript on side 2 to say that he has no obligation to leave the money to his family, they will get his capital anyway.
Manuscript annotation: "Leave old debts alone. [?] at A. & L. pro [?]. If you are minded to be generous I'd prefer it to go towards building question for the time being. Make a list of those who leave £10 or [?][?], say Mass yourself. Don't be frightened. Don't fall into panic or be moved to sentiment!"

Davidson, Charles Madgwick Rev DD BA

Fr Davidson to Bishop: Payment due; Religious Instruction; Parnell issues

£400 due at end of month. Has asked Mr Reade to send bill to Canon Tonks. Arrangements for payment may involve a post-dated cheque as Fr Davidson wishes to see this small builder paid early. [Bishop manuscript annotation: "Do with this (Canon Tonks) as you see fit, i.e. send cheque at once or wait till Davidson's return"]. Fr Davidson will try to raise more money in Spain with help of the Spanish lady here. Lost the Bishop's questions regarding Religious Instruction - but says there are 14[13?] in Aldeburgh and 12 in Leiston who attend Catechism; he does extra help for individual cases. [Bishop manuscript annotation: [?] another copy [?][?]full up!]. Parnell trouble: with the Bishop's support Fr Davidson will have the strength to deal with her (described as a bully and ultimately a coward) and be friendly but not discuss parish business. A Real hope for the Church by December.

Davidson, Charles Madgwick Rev DD BA

Fr Davidson to Bishop: Accepting Bishop's decision; Acknowledges he will not be at Thetford for very long

Accepts the Bishop's decision as God's Will. He cannot pay the cost of removal to another poverty stricken place having spent every penny in erecting the Church and dealing with the Convent. Can he have a loan (on easy terms) of at least £50? Has Bishop's word he will not be long at Thetford. Aldeburgh congregation are loyal and very good and will be distressed at his leaving - especially to Thetford.
Manuscript p.s. : "I have just received your second letter - I will do whatever you wish. You know my feelings."

Davidson, Charles Madgwick Rev DD BA

Fr Davidson to Bishop: Account of activities to get Oblates of St Benedict's to Aldeburgh

Has been to Strood to see the sisters at work - impressed by them. The finances depend on the Chatham nuns buying the place as a going concern. He believes they will be successful after the first year. He mentions a "University Pilgrimage" which he thinks won't come off. He encourages the Bishop to visit to show / demonstrate solidarity with him as parish priest.

Davidson, Charles Madgwick Rev DD BA

Fr Davidson to Bishop: Apologises for behaviour; Mrs Battams will be writing for a loan

Apologises for being spiritually misbehaving with discontent and goes on to say ".. I am determined to act as though I was remaining here forever and leave the future in the hands of obedience." Mrs Battams will be writing to request a loan for the Leiston Church Building Fund and is likely to lodge securities for it. Fr Davidson says he will work hard to pay the debt off as rapidly as he did for the Aldeburgh loan.
Manuscript annotation: " Sorry. No money to lend or grant! Mch 25/25."

Davidson, Charles Madgwick Rev DD BA

Fr Davidson to Bishop: Asks for another place; depressed

Fr Davidson is asking for a move to a small place. He is depressed and loathes "this place" and the bad influence of Mr Winckworth (staying with protestants). He feels useless and harmful. A fresh outlook in a small place; offers to guarantee to do no harm in such a place.
Manuscript annotation: "Send me acct. of what came in [partial word] annually that I may extract what the Diocese will be liable for when you leave for another mission. Also what functions your successor may have to find; for few in the Diocese have your private means then I'll look around & see who you can exchange with, for you are [several words indecipherable] . Oct. 22/29."

Davidson, Charles Madgwick Rev DD BA

Fr Davidson to Bishop: Assignment to Thetford; Fr Webb going instead?

Text: "I thank you for your letter. Though I am well aware that my discontent through lack of outlet "for my superabundant energies" is rather foolish and unreasonable and worthy of censure, my attitude towards Thetford was in order. Your Lordship offered me Thetford. I took it to means "Stay at Aldeburgh and be reasonable". On hearing that you really wished me to go, I expressed willingness, though it was very distasteful to me. Hence your Lordship must not put a bad mark against me over the Thetford episode. I do not wish to be labelled in your mind as a disobedient priest. I will always carry out your final decisions as soon as they are quite definite. I hope your Lordship is better. Webb seems very pleased to go to Thetford."
Manuscript annotation: "Answered. No black mark against you.; done so well at Aldeburgh. Perhaps did not allow sufficient for you being a canny Scot! I know that when the time comes to move far you will not have a choice but go where your Bishop thinks it is best for the Diocese. March 15/28."

Davidson, Charles Madgwick Rev DD BA

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