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Bishop to Fr Davidson: Support for the establishment of a Guild of St Felix and St Edmund

Delighted that Fr Davidson in contemplating setting up a Guild and sends his most cordial blessing for it. The Holy Father has commanded that wherever it is possible that such Guilds be established in a parish. Provides some views on the value and effects of such a guild. Also cannot attend for the Annunciation, but will be there in spirit.

Cary-Elwes, Dudley Charles Rev (1868-1932)

Bishop to Fr Davidson: Will inaugurate the Guild of St Felix and St Edmund

Will be there on 23rd March to inaugurate the Guild. Hopes it will do much good in spreading the Faith in Suffolk (and East Anglia) where Fr Davidson and Fr Mason have been doing such excellent pioneer work. What role is the Bishop to play? The sanctuary is a bit small for a Pontifical High Mass even if you could get the servers on a week day. We'll see what wonders you can manufacture out of the blue!

Cary-Elwes, Dudley Charles Rev (1868-1932)

Bishop to Fr Delaney: Granting faculties; visit to Aldeburgh; Reredos design

Grants faculties to: Fr Pearce - for convents in Aldeburgh & Woodbridge; Fr Fabian Dix for Aldeburgh, Leiston and the Convents
Does not know how he will get to Aldeburgh with getting to and from Cromer and Woodbridge - a case for an aeroplane!
Regarding the Coats of Arms [on reredos design] does not know what the Cardinal has to do with it - but put in his arms if you wish!
Thanks for looking after church for Jim Mullett

Cary-Elwes, Dudley Charles Rev (1868-1932)

Bishop to Fr Hammond: Consider retirement

Bishop thanks Fr Hammond for being a splendid host and working it all out for him. It is hard but Fr Hammond should consider being looked after himself in retirement as a Nursing Home or a Residential home. Bishop has written to Harry Wace as a member of the Sick Clergy Fund board to ensure all is settled properly in Fr Hammond's favour. Bishop meant what he said at Mass and was pleased how the congregation clapped Fr Hammond.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop to Fr Hammond: Retirement to Park House; "Golden Oldies"

Bishop was with fellow Bishops in London Colney. Hopes Fr Hammond will retire to Park House and be very comfortable and that he has contacted members of the Sick Clergy Board (Harry, Philip and John McNally). Lists various clergy on the move or retiring - "The Golden Oldies are on the move!"

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop to Fr Hammond: Visitation - 13-14 October 1990

Bishop thinks the programme is excellent. One request. He wishes to administer a Baptism in Brantham on 14 October (part of St Mark's parish, Ipswich). Ann has organised well and arranged supper on Saturday with John & Pauline Matthias - are you coming too?

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop to Fr Jolly: Admonishment over inviting another Bishop to Dunwich pilgrimage

He has not participated in the St Felix pilgrimage because he considers the blessing of the sea, success to sailors and fishing, prayers against coastal erosion, as being sensational and meaningless adornments (witness headlines in the Universe) to the pilgrimage. Also, having asked Bishop Rudderham to lead the pilgrimage and do what the Bishop disapproves of is a tacit criticism of his own attitude. If this item is dropped from the agenda then he shall be pleased to tell the Bishop of Clifton that he will be welcome to come .

Parker, Thomas Leo Rev (1887-1975)

Bishop to HT Argent & Son: The Top House, Aldeburgh - Chapter to be consulted

Bishop confirming that the property (also known as "The Cockerill" [sic] [aka "The Cockerhill" - see other correspondence] was not for sale whilst Mrs Simpson was alive, but, he did not imply that it would be for sale when she was dead. However, he will be consulting with his Chapter in March.

Parker, Thomas Leo Rev (1887-1975)

Bishop to Jackaman: Crockerhill, Aldeburgh - best if Client stays in the house for her own health

It would please the Bishop to see Mrs Simpson installed in the house for her greater comfort and good health. Grateful that she wishes to benefit the mission at Aldeburgh. Bishop not yet fit to do business and hopes to be out of bed by the end of the week.

Cary-Elwes, Dudley Charles Rev (1868-1932)

Bishop to M E Parnell: Who is using his name to spread rumours? Suggest you see Fr Delaney, talk to him and give him the cheque

Bishop would like to know who is using his name in such a manner. He denies ever having mentioned Mrs Parnell other than to ensure F Delaney could understood her better than the foreigners [sic] who preceded him. Suggests that her writing to delay the cheque shows a concern fro Fr Delaney. Hence she should take the cheque herself and talk to Fr Delaney and commiserate with him on his accident, otherwise reconciliation will be more difficult.

Keating, William Frederick Rev (1859-1928)

Bishop to Mrs Simpson: Arrangements for meeting the Holy Father; suggested paragraphs for inclusion in her Will

Letter of Introduction [not present] for Mgr Redmond, Vice Rector of English College in Rome, to make arrangements to meet the Holy Father. 2 suggested paragraphs for inclusion in her Will to assign a sum to the RC Diocese within which Aldeburgh is situated. £10 to the Sick Clergy Fund will ensure a Mass is said for her by every priest in the Diocese on her death.

Cary-Elwes, Dudley Charles Rev (1868-1932)

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