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Agreement for Projection over Highway - Bronze Relief & Bronze Plaque

Agreement for the installation of the bronze relief ("the projection") and associated plaque in Lady Lane Ipswich. Three seals on the document with signatures from the parties concerned: Ipswich Borough Council, Meryemana Foundation and Bowhill & Elliott. Blueprint created by R N Mellamphy

The Guild of our Lady of Ipswich

Agreement to provide for the governance of the Parish of St Mary, Great Yarmouth

Agreement between the Order of Saint Augustine and the Diocese of Northampton for the former to provide governance for the parish of Saint Mary, Great Yarmouth:

  1. Remains a Secular Parish
  2. Committed to the Order of Saint Augustine
  3. Priests appointed have same emoluments as Diocesan Clergy
  4. Canon Law 454.5, 456, 476.4 and 477.1 apply
  5. 3 year agreement with cancellation period of 1 year form either side.
    Stamped and signed by the two principles.

Grant, Charles Alexander Rev LCL BA (1906-1989)

An Agreement concerning the Lynford Monstrance

Signed by Bishop Clark / Emmanuel Sullivan, Parish Priest, Clive Birch, Administrator of Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham.
The Lynford Monstrance, [property of the parish of St Thomas of Canterbury with Our Lady of Consolation and St Stephen (Brandon cum Lynford) shall be considered on indefinite loan to the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham. Assuming prudent care and attention to its safety and security, exoneration to loanees for its loss/damage. Agree to respect ownership and right of use by the parish.

Sullivan, Emmanuel Rev SA

Buildings / Rent / etc.

Relating to the March Presbytery and rental properties: Letters from Fr W Clare (7), Fr L Allen(7), Canon Tonks(1), GF Stokes(1), AP Peacock(1), Ollard(2); Postcard from Fr Clare; Bills/invoices (15) from Insurance Co., Utilities & Councils; Agreements for construction and rent; Rent Account (1910 & 1911); Inventory (1941 - Fr Mortimer J Hanagan); Inventory (1948 - Rev W J Gaffney); Fr Gerard Collins to Bishop (Parker) - his critical survey of Chatteris house (11-7-1953).

Allen, Louis Rev (-1931)

Chapel Studio to Mgr McBride: Agreement for signature

Page 1: cover letter to agreement to be signed for Slipper Chapel window work. Original quote was in 1994 for £18,000 plus VAT - Mr Fisher charged an additional £500 for design changes; 3% per annum increase applied.
Page 2: Agreement for payment terms; signed Chapel Studio & Mgr McBride (Chairman of Executive)

Chapel Studio

Memorandum of Agreement - Erection of March Presbytery on St John's Road

MoA between Bishop Cary-Elwes and Edward Eggitt, builder dated 8 October 1922 with completion date 15 March 1924 (£5/week late delivery forfeiture - decision by J W Stallebrass ). Signed by Eggitt, Bishop & witnessed by Canon Tonks. Assumed to be drawn up by Ollard & Ollard, solicitors.

Ollard & Ollard (1903-2013)