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Anglia Television Limited

  • CB282
  • Corporate body
  • 1959-

Launched in 1959, ITV Anglia, previously known as Anglia Television, is the ITV franchise holder for the East of England. Based at Anglia House in Norwich, with regional news bureaux in the region. ITV Anglia is owned and operated by ITV plc under the licence name of ITV Broadcasting Limited

Banham, R E

  • P679
  • Person
  • 1924

1924: Correspondence regarding father's Will and an Endowment for Beccles.

Batten, Bettina

  • P585
  • Person
  • 1991-

Sculptor in Norwich; parishioner at St John the Baptist
15 July 1992: Exhibiting 35 pieces at the Assembly House, Norwich
May 1994: article in the Key: "Sculptress Bettina Batten of Norwich has just completed her interpretation of God the Father from clay and fired in a kiln. taking a classical view of God looking down from his creation, the figure is an addition to a religious collection which is winning fans for Bettina all over the country. Her figure of Mother Teresa now graces a school in Liverpool. She has completed a nativity set for her home parish of St John's in Norwich. And there are many more commissions on the way and ideas which she wants to follow up. One of the most poignant figures she has created was inspired by a remembrance card. It is Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane being comforted by an angel. Bettina has also produced a welcoming figure of Christ the King with hands outstretched to gather in his people. This is a features statue in one of the parish chapels in Norwich. The baby Jesus in one of her nativity sets was once held by one of the visionaries at Medjugorje when she visited the centre there. Many of her figures can be seen on sale in Walsingham and other places so look out for this example of home fired religious art. An early piece of Bettina's sculpture is a bust of Bishop Alan Clark which is kept iin his office in the White House. Her art developed from a hobby with Bettina taking up drawing in the early stages but developing onto sculpture later."

Cawthorne, Garard (Gary) Rev

  • P697
  • Person
  • 1981-1993

1982-1985 - St Edmunds, Bury St Edmunds
1986-? - St George's, Norwich
1988-1989 - Our Lady and English Martyrs, Cambridge
1990-1993 - (Our Lady of Lourdes), Dogsthorpe, Peterborough

Cramaro, Olindo Rev (1928-)

  • P658
  • Person
  • 1928-

1928: born. Italy
1954: Ordained
1958: came to England
~1983: (16 months) curate at St John the Baptist, Norwich
1984: PP in Southwold at 56yrs
2018[?]: Retired

Creed, Oliver

  • P587
  • Person
  • 2010

2010: Boss acquired for SJB Narthex Bar
2020: Boss passed to RCDEA Archive

Cushing, Sybil Mrs

  • P405
  • Person
  • 1984-1998

1984-1998: Treasurer of the Walsingham Association, Norwich Branch

Drury, John Patrick Rev (-2011)

  • P046
  • Person
  • 1977 - 2011

1977 - 1981 PP St Ives
7-1981 - 5-1986 PP at Woodbridge
25-7-2011 died, buried at Miltown Malbay, Co. Claire, RoI

Fennell, John Rev (1929-1977)

  • P166
  • Person
  • 1929 - 1977

Father John Fennell died on Sunday 28th December 1997 of a heart attack whilst on holiday in Dublin. Born in Dublin in November 1929, educated at Belvedere College, Dublin, and at Clonliffe Seminary (University College, Dublin); later at the French College and the Scots College, Rome. He was ordained on 17th April 1954. His first appointment was as curate to Kettering then as a curate in Norwich and as chaplain to the University of East Anglia. He had of appointments as parish priest in Sawston, St Patrick's, Corby, St Anthony's, Farnham Royal, Biggleswade and Wellingborough. He is buried In Dublin.

Francis Hornor & Son (-1996)

  • CB142
  • Corporate body
  • 1970-2010

1970: Contacting Diocese over land in Walsingham

2010: The Francis Hornor Memorial Archive ( comprises records of160 years of land deals and estate administration across Norfolk, Suffolk and parts of Essex has been donated to Norfolk Record Office. The archive records manorial court proceedings, rent accounts, correspondence and surveys. It also contains thousands of maps and plans, most with detailed notes about crops and changes in tenancy. ( - accessed 14-4-2020)

Fressanges, George Arthur Rev D. Litt. (1907-1944)

  • P527
  • Person
  • 1907-1944

1907: born
1936: ordained
1944: died

Fr Fressanges was born in Simla, India in 1907. Left India when 12, as his father retired from the Army and returned to England. Fr Fressanges was educated at Douai and London, went to Oxford, and Paris. Took a doctorate in letters in Paris. Unable to complete his novitiate for the Dominican Order due to ill health.
Fr Fressanges was ordained in 1936 and became a curate six months later at St John the Baptist Church in Norwich. He assisted Father Carter at Parish of Our Lady and St Joseph in Sheringham as a curate for 6 months before re-locating to St. John’s in Norwich. He continued with that parish when Fr Carter died. In Norwich he was secretary to Mgr Squirrell. There are two accounts of his death: 1. He was killed in 1944 when the train in which he was travelling plunged into a bomb crater at Ilford, London [cf. parish site]; 2. Alternatively his death, in the King George V Hospital, may have followed the train crash in Ilford on 16 January 1944 when the Norwich and Yarmouth trains collided in dense fog at 2.40pm [see other citations].
In 1957 a new High Altar was constructed in St John the Baptist, Norwich, and dedicated to Fr Fressanges. This was paid for by public subscription, which commenced shortly after his death, but was delayed by intent until after the end of the war.

Howes, Tony Mr

  • P397
  • Person
  • 1987-1997

1987-1997: Chairman of Walsingham Association, Norwich branch

Husenbeth, Frederick Charles, DD Rev (1769 – 1872)

  • P539
  • Person
  • 1769 – 1872

Father a Bristol wine-merchant (emigrated from Mannheim, Germany, to England); mother (a Miss James from Cornwall).
At seven years old he went to Sedgley Park School in Staffordshire, and at fourteen entered his father's counting-house. After three years, he returned to Sedgley, and thence to Oscott College to study for the priesthood, and in 1820 was ordained by Bishop John Milner.

After serving the Stourbridge mission, near Oscott, for a time, he was sent to Cossey Hall, Norfolk, as chaplain to Sir George Stafford Jerningham (became Baron Stafford in 1825). He lived in residence in a cottage in the village and ministered to the Catholics of the mission from there until a few months of his death.
In over more than half a century, he is said to have been absent for only three Sundays. Seven years after his appointment to Cossey he became grand vicar under Bishop Walsh. In 1841 he opened St. Walstan's Chapel, for which he had collected funds, and in 1850 he received the degree of Doctor of Divinity from Rome.
Shortly after the restoration of the English hierarchy by Pope Pius IX, Husenbeth was nominated provost of the Chapter of Northampton, and Vicar-General of the diocese. In the spring of 1872 he resigned his mission, and he died at St. Walstan's Presbytery on the last day of October that year.

Between 1823 and 1849, forty-nine works written or edited by him appeared in London, Dublin, and Norwich. Many were controversial publications, written in refutation of George Stanley Faber and Joseph Blanco White, while others treated of historical, liturgical, or doctrinal matters. Perhaps his most important work is the Life of Bishop Milner, published in 1862; defective as biography, it was a contribution to the history of Catholicism on England.

In 1852 he brought out, assisted by Archbishop John Polding OSB, a new edition with abridged notes, of George Leo Haydock's illustrated Bible. The "Emblems of Saints" (1850) was one of his best original works. From time to time he printed various of his sermons which show his rhetorical style.

He contributed a large number of uncollected verses to periodicals; published articles on a great variety of subjects in different Catholic journals; was a lifelong writer in the columns of Notes and Queries (more than thirteen hundred contributions ); a voluminous letter-writer, exchanging correspondence with various literary celebrities, and with many distinguished converts of his time. Husenbeth's valuable library collection of crucifixes, reliquaries and similar objects and of letters chiefly on religious subjects, were sold at Norwich a few months after his death. Most of his letters passed into the possession of the Bishop of Northampton.

Leeder, "Sam" Francis A Rev (1940-2022)

  • P035
  • Person
  • 1973-2022

1963-1970: Curate, St Pancras, Ipswich
1970-1973: Curate, St John the Baptist, Norwich
9-1973 - 7-1981: PP at Woodbridge
1981-2019: Assistant priest / PP, St Pancras, Ipswich
2019: retired
2022: died

Manley, Robert Rev (-1983)

  • P684
  • Person
  • -1983

1977-1983: Diocesan Information Officer
1983: died, St George's Norwich

McBride, Edward Rev (1919-2011)

  • P118
  • Person
  • 1919-2011

20 June 1919, born at Rosyth, Fife. He studied at Blairs College, Aberdeen, then Scots College, Rome, in 1939 awarded a Bachelor of Philosophy. Ordained in December 1943. 1 February 1944, a curate to St John’s Cathedral, Norwich, before going to High Wycombe. 1951 Parish priest at Sacred Heart, Southwold for seven years and built a new church at Halesworth. 1958, priest-in-charge at St Peter’s RC Church, Gorleston - parish hall built and in 1964 the church was consecrated on the 25th anniversary of its opening. 1967, Dean of Ipswich and was responsible for opening St Mark’s Primary School and completing St Alban’s Secondary School. 1976, Canon McBride became administrator when St John’s was made a cathedral and became Vicar General. October 1980 he became Parish priest in Dereham for 2 years before going to St Mary Magdalane Parish in Ipswich. Before retirement he spent 12 years at St Joseph’s, Sheringham.
24 April 2011: died

McShee, J E Rev (1912-)

  • P144
  • Person
  • 1912-

1912: ordained
1921: Costessey, Norfolk
1953: letters re March Church

Perowne, Bernard Mr

  • P394
  • Person
  • 1984-1987

1984-1987: Chair of Walsingham Association, Norwich Branch

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