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Brewer, Arthur T Rev BCL (-1972)

  • P468
  • Person
  • 1949-1972

~1950: Secretary to Northampton Diocesan Schools Commission
1972: Retired from Our Lady's, Luton
1972: died

Burditt, Noel Rev (-2000)

  • P132
  • Person
  • 1944-1978

1944: Bishop's Secretary and writing from Bishops House, Northampton
1978: member of the Council of the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham
1990: retired from Winslow
2000: died

Diamond, Frank Rev (-1992)

  • P310
  • Person
  • 1962-1992

1962: Mentioned as taking over as Parish Priest at St Mary's Yarmouth
1990: retired from Great Billing
1992: died

Duckett, Richard Rev (1833-1910)

  • P031
  • Person
  • 10-5-1833 (born) - 7-7-1910 (deceased)

1856 Ordained at English College Lisbon - was Vice president for many years; 1859 - Pope Pius IX conferred Degree of Doctor of Divinity on him; 1876 - Priest at Chapel of St John the Baptist, Norwich; 1878 Encouraged 15th Duke of Norfolk to build a new church; 1881 Duke told Bishop Riddell & George Gilbert Scott Jnr. to plan church and demolish goal; 1883 - Dr Duckett appointed Rector; 1894 - moved to new Rectory, blessed nave and aisles of new Church of St John the Baptist; 1910 Died

Eeles, Charles Rev (1868-1926)

  • P073
  • Person
  • 1923-1924

Born on April 5 1868, in Exeter, where his father's regiment, the 12th Royal Lancers, was quartered.
June 1926: Died

Evans, Michael Charles Rev MTh (1951-2011)

  • P002
  • Person
  • 1952-2011

The Right Reverend Michael Charles Evans was ordained as a priest for the Archdiocese of Southwark on 22 June 1975. He was an Assistant Priest prior to studying for a Master of Theology degree at the University of London for four years (1975–1979). He returned to his seminary, St John’s Wonersh, for eight years as lecturer in Doctrine. From 1995 to 2003 he served as Parish Priest at St Augustine’s Church in Tunbridge Wells before being appointed as the third Bishop of East Anglia on 14 February 2003 by Pope (now Saint) John Paul II. Bishop Evans received Episcopal consecration at the Cathedral Church of St John the Baptist, Norwich on 19 March 2003.

An energetic and prolific writer and spent much of his time trying to organise and consolidate the Diocese with a series of Diocesan Policies and long-range plans for parish mergers in response to a decline in the number of priests and vocations. In November 2006 he was diagnosed with prostate cancer but decided to stay in post until his death on 11th July 2011 at the age of fifty-nine.

Flint, James Rev (-1936)

  • P149
  • Person
  • 1908-1936

~1908/9: PP High Wycombe
retired: 1933 from Lynford
died: 1936

Garnett, Ernest Edmund Rev (1872-1948)

  • P108
  • Person
  • 1872-1948

1872: born
1898: ordained
1903-1919: PP at Hunstanton Mission
1919-1925[+?]: PP at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, Wellingborough
1929-1943: PP at St Edmunds, Bury St Edmunds
1943: PP at Felixstowe
1943-1945: PP at St Felix, Felixstowe
1945: retired
1948: died

Hackeson, Mark A Rev

  • P007
  • Person
  • 1988-2000

1988: Written to as National Secretary of Walsingham Association

Haggerty, Kevin Rev

  • P601
  • Person
  • 1995-2002(?)

Haggerty came to the priesthood late. A former army officer, he took a degree in politics and history at King's College London, then a masters in war studies, then became a housing officer on a North Peckham estate.

Higham, Joe Rev

  • P541
  • Person
  • 1962

1962: Moving to Blakeney

Hulme, Anthony Rev DD DCC MA (1908-1987)

  • P434
  • Person
  • 1908-1987

1908: born
1939: ordained
1949-1959: Diocese of Northampton Travelling Missioner
1959-1984: Parish priest of St. Joseph’s, Bedford
1981: Member of Shrine Council
1987: died

Hulme, Gerard Rev (-1978)

  • P436
  • Person
  • 1951-1978

Canon Gerard Hulme lies in the same plot with his twin brother Mgr. Anthony Hulme. They were born in Salford, Lancashire. Their brother, Len, also became a priest. All six Catholic priests lying in Bedford Cemetery were born in England. Canon Gerard Hulme tragically was killed in a car crash aged 69. He was a priest of Walsingham (1951-1968). When Canon Hulme died he was priest of Our Lady’s church at Kempston.

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