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Bishop to Fr Hyland: Visitation feedback

Bishop thanking Fr Hyland and the brethren for an excellent weekend, and for the generous offering. Acle - Fine / ship-shape; Hemsby - working to consensus takes time, do use it as a chapel for Mass, keep the fitments although the pews will have to be replaced by stacking chairs.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Fr Dennis to Bishop: Parish Trip to Rome; Evening Masses; State of Caister, Hemsby, Acle; Development fund

Pastoral letter hit nail on the head. Local M (Mr Anthony Fell of Yarmouth) in Acle congregation - wonder whether he digested the passage about exports and unnecessary industries!
Saved a few items for a convenient time to write to the Bishop:

  1. Parish Trip to Rome - permission to accompany them from April 8th to 23rd; Fr Evans would be Vicarius Substitutus.
  2. Permission for Friday weekday Evening Mass/
  3. Mass Centres at Caister, Hemsby & Acle: Caister - Centre badly situated. Acquisition of a site and erection of a chapel indicated; Hemsby - suffices except in Summer. Extension urgently desirable. A new church would be costly but several more wealthy people have expressed willingness to help financially. Sufficient funds for a temporary enlargement; Acle - chapel adequate now, needs minor repairs. Housing development happening so may need a more permanent Church.
    Suggests a Fund for Future Development. Makes estimates for first and second collections at each centre plus need for other donations and fund raising activities. Currently a net surplus of £2000.
    Caister Catholic Cemetery much improved - tidy and cared for.
    Mission run jointly with Gorleston disappointing - "It was the good who came, and profited; the luke-warm and bad stayed away. I wonder what is the modern approach to the tepid in the face of TV and over-time?"

Dennis, Norman Rev SJ

Fr Shannon to Bishop: Induction; restructuring Mass schedule

Fr Shannon details new arrangements, since there are only two priests now, for timetabling Masses in St Mary's Parish, affecting Hemsby, Caister, Acle, Yarmouth. Thanks the Bishop for his induction at St Mary's last week. Will be talking to the Vicar at Hemsby and the Methodist minister at Acle regarding use of their buildings for Masses.

Shannon, John Rev

Witham, Weld & Co to Bishop: Acle - Right of Way

Michael Kelleher, Witham, Weld & Co writing to Bishop: This property and other property in Great Yarmouth is vested in the Jesuits, but it is proposed to convey all properties into the name of the Diocese Trustee. He will arrange for the Memorandum to be sealed by the Jesuits at the Diocese' request.

Witham, Weld and Co