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Canon Peacock account with respect to Fr H Irwin SJ - supply at Aldeburgh

Page from the middle of an exercise book. Accounts for Fr Irwin's supply at "Aldeburgh cum Leiston" from 12 August to 16 September 1923. Includes sum of £7 requested by Fr Irwin for supply. Also "Charwoman for scrubbing down house on Aug 6, 7, 8th - 13/6d.
Canon Peacock owed £9.1.2 1/2 [presumably from the Bishop?]. "Accounts sent herewith... 26 September 1923." [to Canon Tonks?]

Peacock, Augustine Peter Rev (1864-1956)

Canon Tonks "workings" at Bishop's behest

Bishop asked Canon Peacock to check out monies paid by the Ursuline Nuns in 1919 and subsequent payments associated with that. The workings are split between Aldeburgh and Leiston and cover the period from 13 December 1919 to 10 September 1922.
13-12-1919: Nuns £100 received
2-10-1920: "Yorke purchase" £110
10-9-1920: "Advance to Fr D [Delaney] for Hut as chapel [Leiston] £100

Tonks, Joseph Rev (1863-1943)

Fr Irwin SJ to Canon Peacock: Honorarium balance outstanding

Explains that his superior considers an honorarium of £1 per Sunday and £1 for obtaining a supply for the Assumption is £7 but the difference between collections and expenses is £4.6.9 1/2, leaving £2.13.2 1/2 owing. He provides 3 pages detailing income income and expenses during stay in Aldeburgh parish:
Page 1: Offertory receipts from Aldeburgh / Leiston from 12 Aug to 16 Aug inclusive - £14.17.9 less expenses £10.11.0 1/2 leaves £4.6.9 1/2
Page 2: Travelling expenses for Stonyhurst to Aldeburgh and back - £6.14.0
Page 3: Home expenses (Ink, Housekeeping, Removing organ & statue) - £10.11.0 1/2

Irwin, Henry Rev SJ

Jackaman to Canon Tonks: Aldeburgh Land - Conveyance to be signed; request details of any charges

Canon Peacock informs them that the Bishop is in the area - he can be asked to sign the Conveyance to Mr Smith. The deed will be forwarded to Fr Parker. Any charges on the land? The vacant land is assumed not to have rates or taxes and Mr Smith will provide the balance of the purchase money. Supporting statement received from Mr Reade for his commission: "I beg to say that I was asked to find a customer for the land and having done so am entitled to usual commission for the same. As nothing had been said about commission I thought it best to mention the matter before deducting the amount but I did not suppose for one moment but that your client would be willing to pay it." Jackaman say that if this is the case then the commission seems fair and reasonable.

Jackaman & Sons