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1968 Balance sheet (covering letter by Claude Fisher); Oct 1969 Statement of Funds; 1969 Income/Expenditure; 1970 10 Year Cash flow spreadsheet (including Diocese and Bishops' individual donations listed); 1971 Income and expenditure analysis; 1972 Administrator's report and accounts; 1973 Administrator's report and Accounts; 1974 Administrator's report and Accounts (plus usage statistics); 1975 Balance sheet plus notes; 1976 1st Quarter summary sheet; 1976 2nd Quarter summary sheet; 1976 3rd Quarter summary sheet; 1975-1976 Insurance specification (Walsingham properties); 1975/6 Accounts; 1977 accounts; 1977 budget comparison; 1978 accounts; 1979 accounts (draft); 1980 accounts (audited); 1979/1980 manuscript spreadsheet outgoings; 1981 accounts; 1981 Estimated Cash flow - Slipper Chapel; 1982 Accounts; [c October 1982 - auction] Analysis of Expected revenue and expenditure; 1984 Walsingham Trust Accounts; 1984 Accounts; 1985 Accounts; 1986 Accounts; 1987 Accounts; 1988 Accounts; 1989 Walsingham Trust Accounts; 1989 Accounts; 1990 Accounts; 1990/91 Income & Expenditure estimates; 1991 Accounts; 1992 Accounts; 1993 Accounts; 1994 Accounts; 1995 Trust Annual report and Accounts; 1995 Accounts; 1996 Accounts; 1997 Trust Annual report and Accounts

Fisher, Claude MBE KSG (-1985)

Audit comments on Accounts for 1997

Comments form audit cover:
Overall Summary (page 11)
Activities (Page 11)
General income and Expenditure (page 12)
Administration/Bureau (page 13)
Shrine (page 14)
Hotel and dining room (page 15)
Slipper Chapel Shop (page 16)
Walsingham Association (page 17)

MacIntyre Hudson

Bishop Clark to Cardinal Hume: Australia; Gulf Crisis; Dersingham

Returned from Canberra, Australia, after heading up the Vatican delegation for VII Assembly of the World Council of Churches - chaotic but epic. Thanks the Cardinal for his leadership in the debate on the Gulf Crisis.
Francis Selman: happy for the Cardinal to see him (provides a short pen picture) - thought he had settled at Quidenham - but that is obviously not the case.
Fr Andrew Morley at Dersingham: Asks the Cardinal to withdraw him as he has caused offence and gone to the provincial press.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clark to Fr Moorcraft: Appeal Account situation

Requesting the financial position with the Walsingham Account. So much to be done and the outside altar cries out for some degree of completion.
Manuscript calculations by Fr Moorcraft?

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clark to Fr Moorcraft: Walsingham Fund statement

Some questions over entries in the statement. Needs to know what the fund has been debited with - it is important.
manuscript p.s.: "I'm grateful (?) to contribute to Admin but isn't this something of a poll tax??"

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Bishop Clerk to Fr Moorcraft: Cheque for Walsingham Trust

£1000 Cheque for Walsingham Trust signed by Bishop Clark and is being sent to Michael Ward for signature. Account for £3000 received from Fishers?
manuscript note: "Start a new account please Joan - Walsingham Shrine - Emergency Fire Work"

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Director's report, November 1984

Opening paragraph: Last report to Shrine Council before Fr Peter Allen SM takes over.
Preamble: The final report is intended to be as objective as possible "for the sake of 'building the Kingdom of God'"
Staffing: difficult times in reducing staffing levels for financial and managerial reasons. Manager employed to handle Bureau aspects. Guestmasters - included a Job description and recommendations about the role alongside the Manager's own
Faint and Trust: Bishop Clark wrote in 1981 "It is only because of mutual trust that we can collaborate." problems over trust has caused unhappiness, insecurity and concerns over the future. The Shrine Council has not maintained confidentiality as it aught.
Position and Authority of the Director: Urgent need for a clear job description and to have clear reporting/authority lines. Similarly for financial matters. Gives examples of where these have all failed.
Review of Management Situation: Financial, Staff administration, General Administration.
Walsingham Association: a growing organisation with certain influences and potential to become an independent commercial enterprise. The Shrine Council need to be aware and respond appropriately.
Golden Jubilee: expenses breakdown, Celebrations, Income.
Finances 1984/85
Walsingham Community
Piety Shop: Concern over service and articles sold. Goodliffe Neale experiment operating for a year (a year to go) and the promise to "eliminate 'plastic rubbish' has not been fulfilled.
Conclusion: Much achieved; administrative side leaves much to be desired; staff relations to be addressed; summary of Fr Birch's time at Walsingham "I shall never forget this unique experience and opportunity to grow in all respects. Thank you for that."
Note A: Staffing; comparison of 1981 and 1984 ; suggested organisation/reporting hierarchy diagram
Note B: Staff who left
Note C: [description of a personality clash and resultant implications]
Note D: Proposed Job Description for the Director of the Shrine
Note E: Job Description of Manager of Pilgrim Bureau
Note F: Suggestion for Central Banking System for Shrine and Bureau - to separate Shrine and Bureau monies and financial management
Note G: [Job Description for] Guestmaster/mistress
Note H: Estimates of Expenditure and Income - Shrine 19845

Birch, Clive Rev SM LGSM

Fr Birch to Canon Mc Bride and Fr Wilson: Clarifications on items in last Executive Committee meeting

Requesting clarification of points from last Executive meeting:

  1. Extension of overdraft at Lloyds - monies to be infused into this account from the sale on Wednesday
  2. Conversion of Aelred House, building of garages, tarmacadam works - decision on first and financing of other two
  3. Estimate for running Bureau between November March is £30,000 - how to be financed?
  4. £50,000 debt to Diocese not frozen - Canon Kieran bequest to help look after that?
    Constant reassurances to Lloyds Bank in Fakenham - would appreciate a float in current account at least

Birch, Clive Rev SM LGSM

Fr Birch to Fr Wilson: Accounts; Insurance claim

Agency in Fakenham looking after the accounts. Burst pipe claim is fine - whose account does the money go into? Been told that the Bishop had told Fr Wilson to "take over" - is this true?

Birch, Clive Rev SM LGSM

Fr Connelly to Fr Moorcraft: Accounts and Appeal Fund

Shrine Accountants asking for value of Appeal Fund for the 1975 accounts. Also insurance dated February 1976 values buildings at £413000 and contents at £25,708 - correct? What are the debts owning to the Diocese?
manuscript annotation: "Shrine Capital re National Shrine "E" A/c = £56457.76"

Connelly, Roland William Rev SM MA (1921-2004)

Fr Farrell to Bishop: Financial statement to 31 December 1982; employment situation of Housekeeper

Covering letter for the enclosed 1982 financial statement. The parish is overspending and £70 per week for a housekeeper for one priest is excessive. Miss Scarfe, the housekeeper, had intended to retire on her 60th birthday but the death of Fr Chapman had led her to offer to stay on for a couple months. Fr Farrell considers voluntary help will be sufficient. He has asked Peter Wilson to provide forms & leaflets to promote a covenant drive to address the lost revenue. He closes by saying these steps are necessary.

Farrell, H J Rev

Fr Farrell to Parishioners: Financial statement for 1982; steps to reduce costs

A letter to parishioners setting out the steps taken by Fr Farrell to address the financial problems with the parish: Housekeeper leaving, cancelling Sunday Bulletin, Re-calibration of electricity meters, Hall hire increase, covenants. The reverse side provides an account for the year to 31 December 1982 detailing income and expenditure - showing a deficit of £638

Farrell, H J Rev

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